Monday, February 18, 2008

Denmark's Muslims Despair

Feisal was born in Denmark, works in marketing, is a Muslim, and does not feel accepted in his native land. He despairs.

Feisal was one of several Muslims interviewed by the BBC during another week of turmoil in Denmark resulting from the reprinting of one of the Mohammad cartoons. He believes the rioting is the fault of the Danish media that "should have learned from their previous mistakes and the only thing the Muslims are asking for is respect, nothing else".

"It's the media who started it this time, so I feel a lot of it is their fault. When the same thing happens again it's tiring and we despair," said Kamran. That is, they have lost all hope, are overcome by feelings of futility and defeat.

"I am hurt, as I was the first time," says Feisal. He says he can't understand why the media stresses the idea that Muslims want to take away their freedom of speech.

Okay, hold it just one stinkin' minute. The Danish press reprinted the stupid cartoon because three Muslims - one Dane, and two illegal aliens - were plotting to kill Kurt Westergaard who had dared to practice his right to freely express his opinion about Mohammad and the reign of terror his religious cult has unleashed on the world.

The press was reiterating their right, the right of all people, to freedom of speech. Muslims threatened to stop freedom of speech again and somehow the rioting is the fault of the press!

Feisal says, "the only thing the Muslims are asking for is respect, nothing else". And the head of any journalist who prints the truth about the butcher of Islam, or draws a dumb picture of the famed terrorist, as well as any other infidel they fancy killing today.

What is this respect that Muslims keep demanding. I was taught that respect is earned, not bullied out of others. "Respect" is an expression of respect of deference. "Deference" is a yielding of judgment or preference from respect to the wishes or opinion of another, submission. "Submission" is the state of being submissive, acknowledgement of inferiority or dependence, humble or suppliant behavior, meekness, resignation. "Islam" is to submit, surrender, resign. Respect to deference to submission to Islam ... consider the dots connected.

"I am hurt," says Feisal. Really? Has Feisal been hurt like the Serb, Blagoje Blagojevic, who was decapitated by this Muslim jihadi in 1992 Bosnia? I doubt it very much. Instapundit has many more examples of real hurt committed by Muslims.

Imran Hussein, who runs 'Network', an advisory body for Muslim organisations in Denmark, says he "will never feel one hundred percent accepted here in Danish society ... Before it was my clothing was not correct, the food I ate wasn't good enough, the way I expressed myself wasn't good enough - now my Prophet is not good enough. The next would be I am not good enough." Note that Imran places himself above the Prophet here. Insulting the Prophet is bad enough, but next Imran might be insulted!

Again, Feisal cannot understand why the media, Danes, and the West focuses on the idea that Muslims want to destroy our freedom of speech.

Well, Feisal, maybe it's because Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark, a radical Islamist group the aim of which is the restoration of the caliphate, organized the demonstrations and riots in which hundreds of good mohammadans marched through the streets on Copenhagen chanting "Khilafat" and "Allahu Akbar" while surprised Danes looked on.

And maybe we get the idea that Muslims don't really like freedom of speech much from slogans like the one shouted in Copenhagen - "Freedom of Speech is a plague!"

To me, that just sounds down right unfriendly.

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Mike's America said...

Yes, what does "respect" mean?


Did you report on the Archbishop of Canterbury who said that Brits should accept some form of Sharia Law?

At least the Danes are fighting back. Time to tell Feisal that if he wants to live in a Muslim country he should move to one.

Indigo Red said...

Yes, I did do a piece on the Archbishop. I published the entire lecture and read it, too. the AofC got a raw deal from the media, old and new.

The Danes are indeed fighting back. I wonder if that's part of the reason they are the world's happiest people?

dcat said...

The muzzies are assholes nothing more and a lot, lot less!

Indigo Red said...

And they clean themselves with a bare left hand.