Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Berkeley - USMC Rumble Tonight

The Berkeley City Council is slated to revisit the Marine recruitment office eviction tonight. Activity began early this morning at 6 A.M. when supporters of Code Pink and supportes of the United States Marine Corp clashed on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. According to the San Jose Mercury, the crowd had begun to gather at 5 A.M. Police were called to keep the two groups separate, but equal.

The resolution passed two weeks ago in a 6-3 vote spark a nation wide campaign that has made Berkeley a bigger laughing stock than they already are. Berkeley is often referred to as "Berzerkely" and "The People's Republic of Berkeley" because of the far left, socialist politiacal social stances the city and residents have taken over the years.

This time it's a little different. A long time ago, when Vietnam veterans were returning from the battle zones of Southest Asia, they would often meet with hostility and violence in Berkeley, the home of the peacenic Univesity of California at Berkeeley. This time around, the City Council and Mayor Bates, a retired Army Captain, bullied by Code Pink, have attacked the Marine Corps by rescinding their license the occupy office space for recruitment within town.

The community has responded in defense of the Marine Corp and that seems to have been a big surprise to the elected officails and the Code Pink bullies. In just the past week, Councilman Gordon Wozniak, who opposed the original eviction action, has received 26,000 emails concerning the Marines. And he is just one of nine council members.

Gordon has logged 24,000 emails supporting the Marines while the Code Pinkos and city council were supported by only 2,000 email senders. He says, "On a hot issue, we sometimes get a couple hundred e-mails. I've never seen anything like this. I'm getting one every five minutes. It's huge."

For the Council meeting tonight, some 500 people are expected for a meeting room that only holds 123. There will be protesters in the streets well into the darkness because the Marine issue is number 25 on an agenda of 28 items. It will be near midnight before any action is taken or possibly even discussed.

Right out of the Lenin playbook, the Code Pink group is already claiming a victory. Said Zanne Joi, a Code Pinko, "We trust the council will not be swayed by this vicious right-wing attack. This violent reaction of the pro-war forces shows how threatened they are by a small group of people working against recruitment. They claim the Marines fought for our freedom of speech, and how dare we use our freedom of speech against them."

A spokesman for Move Americ Forward, Danny Gonzalez, pointed out that only the one item will possibly be rescinded, but no apology will be issued. The City Council is still "attempting to get the Marines to leave. They're just trying to get the heat off, and that's not going to work. It's empty; it's not a genuine apology."

The Council will also vote to request Canada to offer sanctuary to war resisters. Apparently the City Council of Berkeley is stuck on stupid as well as stuck in the 1960's - there is no draft, so there's no reason to run to Canada. The U.S. military is an all volunteer force. Morons.

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