Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Woman Made Hillary Cry Then Votes Obama

Marianne Pernold Young made Hillary cry. All she did was ask a simple question, 'How do you do it, how do you get up every day and do what you do? Who does your hair?'

Mrs. Clinton got all choked up, her voice quivered, her eyes got moist, and her expression turned wispy and wistful. It was all very touching and I have no reason to doubt that the moment was absolutely genuine. Then she ruined the moment when she realized the political value of the moment and proceeded to wring every ounce of decency right out of it.

A lifelong Democrat, Young was still undecided when she asked her simple question. She told the Guardian, "It showed us that she is human and manages to still perform in the way she does, and still has a person inside of her. She is a human being. She is not a robot."

Although the near tear moment was powerful and moving, it wasn't powerful or moving enough to move Ms. Young to actually vote for Hillary Clinton. She cast her vote later that day for Barack Obama.

Marianne Pernold Young made Hillary cry...again.

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Marie's Two Cents said...

Hillary's Tears did it alright!

Hillary lives to fight another day.

God help us all.

Indigo Red said...

Yep, she's going to be around for awhile.

Gayle said...

The Pernold woman is about as loyal as Kerry who is endorsing Obama! Of course he's probably doing Edwards a favor. If I were a Democrat running for any office I would be begging Kerry to not endorse me.

Americans seem to love an underdog, thus Hillary gets much sympathy, poor dear. We had better be careful, because if Americans elect an underdog to the White House, America will wind up being the underdog!