Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Not McCain Expanded Edition

The Republican candidate slate got shorter today when Sen. Fred Thompson bowed out of the process. Too bad. So what are the remaining choices?

Ron Paul is a loon, if not a lunatic. Rudy Giuliani had a good day on 9/11 and all the other days are to be ignored; Mitt Romney has already done the don't-judge-me-by-my-religion schtick ala John Kennedy and just today played the vote-for-me-because-my-wife-has-MS card ala John Edwards; John McCain is a bona fide war hero because ... because, umm ... he was shot down and spent most of the Vietnam War as a prisoner.

Immediately dismissing Ron Paul, I'm undecided amongst the other three - Rudy, Mitt, and John. I've pretty much ruled out McCain (unless he's the only one left.) Previously in these pages, a short list of reasons not to vote McCain was presented. Investors Business Daily expands and explains those reasons more clearly.

Consider Michigan, home of the beleaguered American auto industry. McCain, together with Democrat John Kerry, were initial co-sponsors of the 35-mpg Corporate Average Fuel Economy mandate that just passed Congress. Estimates are that it will cost the domestic auto industry $85 billion over a decade and imperil thousands of jobs.

McCain's campaign says he has never voted to increase taxes. Yet General Motors Vice Chairman Bob Lutz says the bill will add an average of $6,000 to the price of a new car, in effect a 21.4% tax hike on current average car prices.

It gets worse. McCain supports an energy tax in the form of a bill co-sponsored with Joe Lieberman that would cap the amount of carbon dioxide that energy-producing companies could emit. It is essentially an energy-rationing scheme not unlike Bill Clinton's infamous BTU tax.

Companies wishing to increase energy production above the cap would have to purchase unused emission credits from other companies. In a letter to McCain in July 2007, the EPA estimated that the "tax" would amount to 26 cents per gallon by 2010 and 68 cents by 2050. The EPA says the McCain energy tax would increase electric bills by 22% in 2030. This is hardly the way to avoid a recession.

It gets worse. In April 2002, McCain joined John Edwards and Hillary Clinton in defeating a measure to open an area the size of Washington-Dulles Airport in the frozen tundra of ANWR to energy production.

He has voted against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge no fewer than four times. In expressing his opposition, McCain equated ANWR with the Grand Canyon, a national monument. But as we have said repeatedly, the drilling area is in fact what hell would look like if it froze over.

Aside from supporting higher taxes and energy dependence, McCain shares the disdain of Democrats for America's pharmaceutical industry. Never mind the miracles it has produced.

In ABC's New Hampshire debate. McCain asked: "Why shouldn't we be able to re-import drugs from Canada?" He blamed high drug costs not on regulation and litigation, but on "the power of the pharmaceutical companies." When Mitt Romney argued that they weren't "the big bad guys," McCain replied, "Well, they are."

McCain has joined forces with Ted Kennedy to support amnesty for illegal aliens and with Russ Feingold to restrict political speech. He also backed the Sarbanes-Oxley monstrosity that makes American business less productive and competitive.

"John McCain was not only against us, but leading the charge on the other side," former Sen. Rick Santorum noted recently. "There's nothing worse than having a Democratic Congress and a Republican president who would act like a Democrat in matters that are important to conservatives." And to all Americans.
Except for Paul the loon, the remaining Republicans have all shown clear Liberal governing and personal tendencies. At the moment, RINO vs Democrat Liberal is really just a Hobson's Choice. With a RINO one votes for one thing and gets another, sort of a bait and switch scam. With Democrat Liberals, one gets exactly what one votes for - an authentic scam.

We can still draft Fred at the Convention, can't we?

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


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