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No Saddam WMD - Indigo Red, March 2006

Saddam Hussein didn't have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam, and only Saddam, lied to the world about his 'stockpiles' of deadly chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. That's what the CBS program, 60 Minutes and Scott Pelley will tell the nation Sunday night.

In an interview with FBI agent George Piro, Pelley will also reveal "Saddam Hussein initially didn't think the U.S. would invade Iraq to destroy weapons of mass destruction, so he kept the fact that he had none a secret to prevent an Iranian invasion he believed could happen."

All this and Andy Rooney.

There's just one problem: we already know the story, at least those of us who were paying attention and not inanely shouting "Bush Lied, People Died' to anyone who agreed with the the lunatic fringe. Apparently it's only news to liberals and the MSM (with the ironic exception of The New York Times.) It is quite obvious from Scott Pelley's reactions to Agent Piro's statements that Pelley was ignorrant of the truth until now. Watch the 60 Minutes video clip here.

In the pages of Indigo Red, Saturday, March 11, 2006, War Plans, WMD, & Saddam, I wrote the

" entitled "Iraqi Perspectives on Operation Iraqi Freedom, Major Combat Operations," shows that Saddam dismissed the possibility of a full-scale American invasion. "A few weeks before the attacks Saddam still thought the U.S. would not use ground forces," former Iraqi deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, told the Americans. "He (Saddam) thought they would not fight a ground war because it would be too costly to the Americans."
( ... )
"When it came to WMD, weapons of mass destruction, the interrogators were told Iraq didn't have any. So secretive was the Iraqi dictator and tightly compartmentalized was information that his top military commanders were stunned when told by Saddam in December 2002, three months before the war started, that Iraq possessed no stockpiles of poison gas, no germ weapons, and no nuclear bombs. The commanders were completely demoralized. They had planned the defense of Iraq around those weapons and late in the game they were told the WMD did not exist.

"The WMD were lies Saddam concocted to deter Iran and homegrown enemies. He had hoped the possibility of WMD would also deter the US and the Coalition forces. The goal Saddam sought was cooperation with the UN inspectors while preserving WMD ambiguity. General Hamdani of the Republican Guard called the strategy "deterrence by doubt."
In the comments section, Indigo Red wrote:

My original supposition about Saddam was that there were large quantities of WMD in Iraq. Then, after an e-mail exchange (which I foolishly deleted) with an Iraqi physicist, Imad Khadduri, before he got famous, I started seeing other possibilities, but none could be proved without full access to the Iraqi records. Obliquely, he told me things were not as they seem in Iraq, that the science sector knew things that others didn't, that the scientist were pocketing most of the research money and telling the military overseers the weapons programs were right on target.

It was then possible to think the scientists were hiding the truth from Saddam with the collusion of the top brass. That was hard to believe given the security apparatus Saddam had set up.

With the new evidence from translated documents, it is very plausible and easier to believe that Saddam was fooling his Army with the cooperation of the scientists. So long as the world, particularly Iran, thought there was the smallest chance of WMD and SH would use them kept his international and internal enemies at bay.
It's a good story, Mr. Pelley, one well worth tell and retelling. But the fact is, 60 Minutes, you, and the Liberals to whom this is news, you are all late to the dance. The story is almost two years old and told already. I can understand that my little ol' blog wouldn't be read by the likes of 60 Minutes, but not reading The New York Times! My goodness. The NYT, from which I got the story, is a Newspaper of Record. Was it simply that the NYT was telling a story that backed the President and all you Liberals out there didn't want to hear the truth, or were you off to some rally to shout Bush Lied, People Died?

Now that CBS, 60 Minutes, and even Katie Couric has discovered the story, it is now gospel - Saddam Lied, People Died.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Oh man Indigo!

Talk about a butt ugly face!

It's amazing how long it took them to have that sink in to their little pea brains!

Indigo Red said...

Given the history of truth recognition by rose-glasses wearers, it is surprising to me that they caught on so soon. I didn't expect this for another 20-30 years.

There is the possibilty that the Liberal's new found skepticism and observance of the Clinton Machine with it's incredible knack for bald-faced lying is proving to be a catalyst for a new appreciation of truth no matter what it may be, where it may lead, or whom it may prove right.