Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fred Thompson Wins in Iowa

Fred Thompson won in the Iowa caucuses. No, he didn't finish with the majority of the votes; that would be Mike Huckabee.

From last September, the pundits and the MSN have declared that Fred was dead and the mantra has continued through to tonight in Iowa. Thompson was given enough slack to finish fifth at best, maybe a distant fourth. But, Fred Thompson has flummoxed all prognostications by beating out the favored John McCain for the third spot.

As I am writing this, 95% of the Republican votes have been counted and only 273 votes (a statistical tie at 13%) separate Thompson and McCain. There is every possibility McCain can pull ahead. Even if that were to happen, Fred still wins because he wasn't supposed to do well at all. Indeed, earlier in the evening there were rumors that Thompson would drop out of the race tomorrow, rumors that Fred quashed personally and immediately.

Hillary Clinton was the big loser in Iowa. She entered the race as the "inevitable nominee". Barack Hussein Obama handily out ran the Clinton machine by pandering to the "Opie Vote." Obama got 38% of the Democrat vote compared to only 29% for Sen. Inevitable. Even John Edwards beat Clinton with 30%.

Of course, the Iowa vote means very little in the total scheme of primaries. It's just the first vote. The winner in Iowa doesn't always win the party nomination to run for President or win the Presidential office. Only half the Iowa winners have gone on to win the high office.

Christopher Dodd who had moved his family to Iowa for the primary campaign, finished well out of the Democrat race with only .02%. The Connecticut Senator dropped out of the race after the counting was over.

Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, also called it quits tonight after garnering less than 1% of the Democrat caucus votes. He will return to the Senate Chairmanship of the Foreign Relations Committee.

The field narrows.

The most noteworthy fact to have come out of Iowa caucus history was in 1976. Former Governor Jimmy Carter finished a distant second to an uncommitted Democrat slate. He went on the win the White House. Pretty sad.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


wyocwby said...

We're going to do our best to make sure that Fred wins the Wyoming caucus tomorrow!!!

Marie's Two Cents said...

I LOVE that Fred came in 3rd in Iowa.

I myself wasnt expecting him to come in at all and he did :-)

I'm all jazzed!

Gayle said...

Go Fred! He did great! :)

Yes, the MSM had it that he was going to drop out and they had it all wrong. Who's surprised by that? LOL! It will be astounding if Huckabee wins the nomination, Indigo. More often than not the Iowa front runner doesn't get the gold ring, but unfortunately that means we can not count Hillary out either... not yet. Only time is going to tell, and it's going to be quite interesting.

By the way, you won the Awesome award on my Fractured Friday post.