Sunday, January 06, 2008

AQ/Taliban Slaughter 8 Tribal Elders

Al-Qaida and Taliban gunmen killed eight tribal elders in the mountainous area of South Waziristan. The tribal region near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border has long been believed to be a region in which Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri are holed-up.

The eight old men are thought to have been murdered because they were brokering a cease-fire between the Pakistani security forces and Islamofascist thugs hiding in northwestern Pakistan. The elders were killed in eight separate attacks late Sunday and early Monday.

Apparently, it is the hope of AQ and Taliban brain trusts that the continued slaughter of the people that have sheltered them for years is a good way to win hearts and minds. Good luck with that.

Back in the 1920s and '30s, Chicago's Al Capone was prone to kill, or have killed, anyone who got in his way, didn't buy his illegal product, bought his enemies product, or just looked at him funny. One of his trusted confidants, Meyer Lansky, I think, looked at the dwindling customer base and advised Alphonse, "You don't kill your customers; it's bad for business!" I think this would be good advice for OBL and his Taliban minions. It's good for us that OBL doesn't learn much outside of the koran and hadith. He'll continue killing the people that support him and they will continue defecting. Good plan.

Yahoo News/ Sadaqat Jan, Associated Press Writer

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Mike's America said...

It's that same bloodlust by the jihadis that turned Iraqis against them.

I hope they keep it up.

Indigo Red said...

Like Lincoln said, " You don't change horses in mid-stream."

It worked for Lincoln, but bin Ladin, you're no Lincoln.

dcat said...

but bin Ladin, you're no Lincoln.

Not even close! jihadis will be cornered.

Indigo Red said...

Seems jihadis are not signing up as quick as they did a year ago. The bad guys are running out of folks wanting to be blown to smithereens.