Monday, January 07, 2008

Adam Gadahn Renounces His U.S. Citizenship & Points His Finger

American Taliban, Adam Gadahn, in a rambling 50 minute videotape message, renounced his U.S. citizenship and tore his passport in half saying, "Don't get too excited -- I don't need it to travel anyway." Read the whole story at CNN.

He spoke of the up coming trip by President Bush to the Middle East and made a not so veiled violent wishes for the President,

"We raise an urgent appeal to our mujahedin brothers in the Muslim Palestine, the Arabian Peninsula in particular, and the region in general, to be prepared to receive the crusader butcher Bush on his visit to Muslim Palestine and the occupied peninsula at the beginning of January," he said. "They should receive him not with roses and applause, but with bombs and booby-traps."

Gadahn, also known as "Shazzam the American", "Goatboy", and sometimes "Bob", (pictured at right) taunted the American President by pointing his finger at the video camera saying, "Woooo, looks like it's coming right at you - wooooo-ooo!" and "pull my finger!"

Nothing is beneath this man - not even his wife. His citizenship should have been taken from him years ago. Had it not been for the fact that he was a registered Democrat and protected by Nancy Pelosi, he might have been stripped of the passport already. Maybe even captured and being tortured at Guantanamo right now.

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Gayle said...

"Nothing is beneath this man - not even his wife." LOL! You're funny!

Yes, he should have been stripped of his passport long ago! You raise a very good point about Pelosi. I detest that woman even more than Hillary, and that's saying a lot!

bernie said...

The photo, art_gadahn_afp_gi.jpg is not showing up in your post. You may have to upload it again.

If you are having problems with blogger you can hotlink the photo from my site

I don't mind.

Tom C said...

Goat boy huh? Might explain the bit about his wife......
Lets invite him to good ole Lexington County South Carolina. He would be begging for gitmo in an hour.

Indigo Red said...

I've tried the link from several locations today, Bernie and they all work fine. I know the I've experienced the same problem on other blogs and it was just my system.

Mike's America said...

What do you want to bet Goat boy reclaims his U.S. citizenship the minute we catch him and demands we hire him a lawyer?

Indigo Red said...

I won't take that bet, Mike. We all know the ACLU will be all over the case.

Hey, you're right, Bernie! The pic just disappeared on me.