Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Dark Ages of Islam is Now

Muslims are loathe to criticize other Muslims no matter how heinous the offending act. More and more of late, members of the umma are willing to step up and speak out about the violations of decency perpetrated by others of their faith.

Today, in my home town newspaper, The Orange County Register, Syed Hussaini offers a rare critique.

The 'dark ages of Islam'

Islam is a religion of compassion and mercy but when one looks at the recent behavior of Muslims in Sudan or Saudi Arabia, there is little evidence to support the religion's tenets. It just goes to show simply a name or a label does not make a good Muslim, much less a good human being.

These are the dark ages of Islam. Whereas the purpose of the religion is to enlighten and guide people, it has become a tool to suppress debate and discussion. Only supreme ignorance can justify the sentencing of a teacher for naming a teddy bear "Muhammad" or for a victim of rape in Saudi to be publicly flogged because "she brought it upon herself" by her attire.

– Syed Hussaini of Anaheim Hills
The letter from Syed Hussaini is a very welcome addition to the struggle against the stupidities offered by Hamas, Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (blog page), Osama bin Laden, and a whole host of unsavory character.

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