Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Technology is a wonderful thing -- until is doesn't work

I am writing this from work. I am also typing very quickly as blogging from work is frowned upon. I am doing so because my computer at home died. There is no Internet connection anymore and I am, for the first time in a couple of years, totally without access to the world except short periods at work. I feel lost and disconnected.

My machine is a DELL and I've been very happy with it. This is my first computer so I didn't know what I really wanted in the guts of the thing. Now I have a better idea of what I want and need. So, while I have the Internet card replaced and other necessary repairs worked on, I will also have some upgrades installed that will bring me kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

I'll be back soon. Now, if anybody wants to send me a million dollars and a nickle, please feel free to contact me through the Indigo e-mail provided in the profile section. Such a gift would be doubly appreciated as today is my birthday and I am now 53 years old. I am on the downside of the hill and could use the money in lieu of the problematic Social Security and my paltry 401K.

As it is my B-Day, I'd like to thank all of you readers, many of whom have become trusted friends, for the recognition of my views, opinions, and work. I derive great satisfaction in knowing that my puny words are read by people from U.S.A. to Australia to India to Iran, Iraq, Kazachstan, Mongolia, Japan, China(where I am banned), South Africa, Israel, Great Britain, France, Russia, Canada, to ships at sea, and even the Imam who left a comment from Tehran when I posted to the Mo'toons. My life has been greatly rewarded by contact with all of you. Thank you.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.