Friday, June 15, 2007

Paris Hilton Brings Cookies to Jail

Paris Hilton's star treatment by the the LA Sheriffs Dept. is being extended to the other inmates of the womens' facility in Lynwood, California. It proved impossible to lower the standards of the famous heiress, so the Sheriff raised the living conditions for all the women.

Starting last week, guards are providing extra goodies and services. The Sheriffs Deputies don't like to look bad to the public. Sheriff Lee Baca, who released Hilton early to house arrest violated a court order that Hilton was to remain in jail for the full term. Hilton began an incredibly fast slide into life threatening illness caused by her fear that someone would photograph her sitting on the stainless steel toilet and release it to the internet. That didn't fly as there were already such photos on the internet provided by Paris herself.

Once she decided to take her punishment with a modicum of class, Paris received a very different reception from the women in prison mates.

"Since she was here last week, they started giving us double bologna, double apple juices. Two blankets instead of one - and a sheet, too! Everyone has cookies coming out of their pockets,” Rosemary Gibbons, 35, who was released from the jail on Thursday, told the New York Daily News.

"Now we feel like we are in the Hilton Hotel,” she added.

"The whole facility is benefiting from her. We all thank her,” Soraya Lopez, 35, who served a week for failing to appear in court for repeated traffic violations, told the New York Post.

“She's the talk of the jail. I'd call her 'top dog.' Everyone is thanking her because people are getting fed more and the food is being left behind longer for people to finish.”

Waynnisha Brown, 19, who was also released yesterday, agreed.

“There is extra food everywhere, and now they take you at the clinic right away if you are sick and they don't charge you. It's usually three dollars for medical, now it's free,” she told the Daily News.
Paris' little sister, Nicky, said that the whole episode is "tough" and "sad". Referring to the wife of LA city attorney Rocky Delgadillo had been fined only $186.00 for failure to obey a traffic signal while driving with a suspended license, Nicky said,

"She's [Paris] not in jail for DUI. That's a big misconception. She's in jail for driving on a suspended license, just like the D.A.'s wife was. ... She got a 186 dollar fine.”
That's right. Paris is not in jail for driving under the influence on alcohol. Neither is she in jail for driving while her drivers license was suspended. She is in jail for driving on a suspended license not once, not twice, but three times. The first two police stops, Paris Hilton was warned not to drive. She even had the legal paperwork with her signature in the glove box of the car she was driving. The third time she was stopped for the same violation on the same DUI sentence, the judge ordered her to court. Paris chose to "phone in" her appearance forcing the judge to wait on her. The judge, so angered by Hilton's contempt, ordered the Deputies to go get her with the police unit siren and lights activated. This wasn't the first time she refused the judges instructions. The first time she was to appear in court, Ms. Hilton arrived late forcing the judge to wait on her arrival.

Paris Hilton was not sentenced harshly because she drove while intoxicated, nor while driving on a suspended license. No; Paris Hilton received a stiffer than usual sentence because of her flagrant disregard for the authority of the judge and willful contempt for the law. By her actions, she demonstrated that the criminal justice system was to operate at her whim, that she was better than all the little people who have to play by the rules, rules that do not apply to the rich and famous. Well, sorry, sweety. Eventually, the law applies to all.

Paris Hilton just happened to be at the end of the long arm of the law. Perhaps had it not been for the many celebrities who had come before - O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Robert Blake, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, and the famous many more - using their star status to avoid punishment, Paris Hilton would probably have served only the three days normally served. But, at some point, the system and the little people get fed up with celebrity bullshit and drop the hammer. Paris Hilton just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in a town that doesn't really like her in the first place.

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China Rescues Hundreds of Adult and Child Slaves

Poisoned pet food, contaminated rice, adulterated toothpaste, hundreds of thousands of people displaced to make way for the 2008 Olympic, and now slavery on an industrial scale - China is having a very difficult time joining with other advanced nations in the 21st Century.

The Daily Telegraph of Australia is reporting that Chinese authorities have discovered and shut down a slave labor racket that currently enslaved up to 1000 children. Police have rescued and freed 217 people thus far.

UP to a thousand children were sold into a brutal life of slave work in a labour "prison" in China, police have revealed as the shocking racket was exposed today.

The victims endured maiming and brutality in primitive brick kilns, Chinese media have reported amid an expanding scandal about official neglect.
The owners ran the prison-like kilns with fierce dogs and thugs who beat the children at will, state television said. One accidentally killed a child with a shovel and buried the body at night, it said.

An army of 35,000 police in central China had so far rescued 217 people, including 29 children, the official China Daily reported today.

But state television said many more may be trapped, making bricks for little or no pay in brutal conditions in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

As many as 120 suspects had been detained.

"Now our conservative estimate is that at least 1,000 minors from Henan have been trapped and cheated into back-breaking work in these Shanxi brick kilns," a reporter from Henan said on the current affairs program Oriental Horizon.

The program showed workers who had been recently rescued – ragged, emaciated and mute and some bearing injuries.

But even amid the high-profile rescue effort, criticism is rising of official indifference to the poor farming families.

Local media reports and websites have cited what they say is a petition from fathers of boys kidnapped from Henan.

They complained that Shanxi police were unwilling to help Henan authorities to find and rescue the children.

"We are too weak and our children face constant threats to their life. We can only beg the government," said a copy of the document.

The China Youth Daily noted that local officials had apologised for failing to rescue the workers.

"But we have even more reason to ask why was it only after the case was widely reported by the media and shocked the central leadership that the local government then thought to apologise to these poor rural workers," it said.

"What were they doing before?"

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Can't Stop the War? Launch Personal Attack!

Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, called Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Peter Pace "incompetent". Reid was being interviewed Tuesday by a group of liberal bloggers when he made the boneheaded comment. His comment has yet to be picked up by the MSM.

But, he didn't stop there, nosirreebob. Reid also made disparaging comments about Gen. David Petraeus.

Read the original article at Politico.

Boy, you just know a guy is getting desperate when the attacks become personal and frenzied. We have to cut Harry some slack, though. It can't be easy getting out of bed each morning knowing Nancy Pelosi will be waiting at the office.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Suicides Outpace Executions on Death Row

Suicide is now the leading cause of death on California's Death Row. It's true. I'm not making this up.

On Saturday, there were 667 inmates on Death Row. Then Tony Lee Reynolds used a bed sheet to hang himself on Sunday. Now there are (cue eerie music) 666 inmates on Death Row. Is anyone else hearing "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" in their head? You are now, right?

California reinstated capital punishment in 1978. Since then there have been 13 executions. Reynolds' death is the 14th suicide. Kent Scheidegger, director of the victims rights group Criminal Justice Legal Foundation and master of the obvious said, "The number of executions is absurdly low."

Reynolds was diagnosed as a paranoid-schizophrenic. He was sentenced 30 days ago to death for the murder and rape of a pregnant woman. "This guy didn't give us any indication," Lt. Eric Messick said.

Let's see... paranoid-schizophrenic, rape and murder of pregnant woman, and that "didn't give us any indication." Okay, exactly what would constitute an indication that a crazy man recently sentenced to death for pregnant woman rape/murder is a danger to himself and/or others?

I can't speak for all the citizens of California, but personally, something should be done to put a stop to death row inmate suicides. Where do these prisoners get off thinking they can kill themselves before the State can waste 17.5 years on appeals and an estimated $2,000,000 before killing them? Where's the justice? It's not fair. It's not fair, tell ya.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Star Trek Lives!

The search for Spock is over. The famous Vulcan turned out to be a 42-year-old Canadian man. The science journal, New Scientist, says that during surgery, dark-green blood was discovered flowing through the man's arteries. Normally, healthy human blood is dark-red because of the iron and oxygen enriched hemoglobin, but due to a migraine medication the patients blood had turned green.

Tests revealed that sulphur atoms had attached themselves to the hemoglobin, sulfhaemoglobinaemia, causing blood discoloration. The Canadian doctors said the condition usually will correct itself through the natural production and loss of blood cells.

Mr. Spock, however, will forever have green blood because of his dominant Vulcan half is copper based rather than iron based, and he is not real.

In other science news, New Scientist also reported that, for the first time, data has been successfully stored in living neurons. This feat makes possible the combining of human brain cells and computer chips ushering in the age of the truly modern Prometheus - cyborgs.

Neural networks of cultured neurons, any of the nerve cells that make up the the brain, spinal column, and nerves, consisting of a nucleated cell body with one or more dendrites and a single axon, spontaneously fire in specific patterns. Researches have been trying to duplicate natures work, but have not been able to reprogram the patterns with new data without erasing the old data. Electrical stimulation of individual cells acts as a disruptor to the spontaneous firing pattern.

The complex neural firing patterns may be templates the brain uses to store data as memories. By "imprinting" the memories onto artificial neural nets could potentially be the pathway to cyborg chips which could then be implanted into humans to replace damaged nerve and brain tissue. This "borg" technology could also be used to enhance the normal human abilities as was done with Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager. With further work, perhaps completely cybernetic function could be achieved and many Mr. Datas will walk among us - if we survive the clone wars.

It is, indeed, a brave new world. Resistance is futile.

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