Thursday, February 22, 2007

Never Think Ahead Says Hillary

"I never think ahead," Senator Hillary Clinton told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She was in Nevada on an early voting state walk through. This was in answer to a question as to whether or not the First Whorehound would have a West Wing office in a Hillary Administration.

"I never think ahead."

The Senator added, "I'm like the person sitting in the dugout. I don't want to talk about it during the game."

"I never think ahead."

Hillary admitted she not much of a gambler, but has dropped a few bills at the blackjack tables. An honest admission of vice from a Clinton, any Clinton, is refreshing.

"I never think ahead."

When asked about mining in Nevada, she said environmental protection is "critical", she does not oppose any large mining operations in the state. Hillary said mining has a role to play and she isn't against any industry. "I just think everybody has to be held to certain standards because the world and our beautiful country, particularly here in the West, is a common good that we all have a stake in trying to preserve."

"I never think ahead."

The original AP news story focused on the gambling in a gambit to gloss over that one small seemingly insignificant quote. The AP even started their story with, "Here's a good bet."

"I never think ahead."

That's the story; that's the money quote - "I never think ahead." Is this what we really want in a President of The United States of America? The nominal leader of the Free World who doesn't think ahead? A Presidential candidate of either sex, any shape, or color who doesn't think ahead?

"I never think ahead."
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Carson City, Nev. Feb 21, 2007.

Or just a coy ploy to counter the agenda driven schemer image?

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Civilization IS Hamburgers, BBQs, Beer and Boobs

Planck's Constant blogger, Bernie, received this comment mocking Western Civilization followed by his rebuttal:

Systematic torture and sexual abuse at Abu Graib Jail and UK forces mindlessly beating innocent children in Iraq!!! The results of western civilisation? Is that what it taught you? These are definitely not isolated events. By browsing through the blogosphere one can smell the scent of hate for muslims gushing out from jewish and christian people. The muslims are just recovering from the political games of the cold war, which were instigated by western countries. Being civilised is not about hamburgers, BBQs, Beer and boobs, not to mention high tech living. It is about raising the level of human understanding. Being able to think and think about ones own thinking and actions. Both the Christian and Jewish societies, not all though, are behaving barbaric."

OK, let examine the issues he brought up:

Systematic torture and sexual abuse at Abu Graib Jail

I'm devastated as an American to see some of our soldiers doing this; hopefully we will train soldiers to react better when confronted by those who would destroy us; but I am certain much of the Muslim reaction to it is a sham. Islam will take any incident or perceived slight to stage some sort of outrage to hide the disgrace it feels from being a failed civilization. "boo hoo - we could have been this Great Empire but for the Crusader dogs!". Yes, and the Yankees could have gone to the 2004 World Series but for the Zionist Boston Red Sox!" You lost. Get over it.

But back to Muslims' feigned outrage at Abu Graib:

Ask any person in the entire world if they had to be a prisoner and there was no choice but to pick A or B, which would it be:

A) to be a Muslim and have US soldiers guarding you, or
B) be a US soldier and have Muslims guarding you?

No sane person would ever pick B. Why? Because modern Western Civilization even in torture is humane. Any Muslim that tells you he would rather have his head chopped off than have an American female brushing her breasts against him is either a lunatic or pulling an al-taqiyya on you.

Are there people guarding prisoners that should not be or that are excessively cruel? No doubt; and we certainly need to root them out. But you can't argue results: 0% of Muslim Prisoners are beheaded as against almost 100% of Prisoners
taken by your team. Go ahead, Farook, explain to me how B is more civilized than A.

UK forces mindlessly beating innocent children in Iraq

That's an outright lie. They weren't children, they weren't innocent, and they weren't mindlessly beaten. Read Thugs Beaten by UK soldiers deserved it.

These are definitely not isolated events

That's an egregious exaggeration. Since 9/11 one can count on one hand the very few isolated incidents of Americans going nuts. The count for the Muslim side? Currently it is over 7500 at the ReligionofPeace.

If you really want to see who is mercilessly beating the crap out of Muslims look in your own backyard: it is your fellow Muslims:

A Pakistani policeman beats a protester during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, in Peshawar, 15 February 2006.

Extreme Muslim groups did protest at the violent reactions of their own police against "peaceful" protesters, but I only see the officer here doing what is expected of him to maintain peace. All soldiers and police react harshly against those who disrupt public order. Those are the rules. You break them - don't ask for sympathy - even from a fellow Muslim.

Being civilised is not about hamburgers, BBQs, Beer and boobs, not to mention high tech living

It would have been more alliterative to have said, "Burgers, BBQs, beer and boobs are barbaric". But regardless, I disagree with you. What made Christians and Jews civilized is precisely that. At one time Jews were just like you: primitive, barbaric, cruel and superstitious. But they evolved and now ignore the barbaric portions of the Old Testament. Christians not too long ago burnt witches at the stake and buried adulterers alive. But they grew out of that. The more a country appreciates burgers, BBQs, beer and boobs, the more civilized it is.

Islam still has to grow out of this:

This picture was sent to Dr. Homa Darabi from a woman in Iran. This picture was taken 20 days after she was lashed fifty times for being present at a family gathering where men other than her father and brother were present. Her crime? She is a single woman. It is forbidden for women to be present under the same roof with men other than their close relatives (father, brother and son) without a proper hijab.

Islam civilized? Don't be ridiculous.

Now, Farook, go out there and get yourself drunk and laid. Perhaps then Islam can become part of the modern world.

Now, I don't normally rip-off another blogger's posts wholesale, but Bernie is a much better writer than me and he's much smarter too, but don't go blabbing that all about. And this was such an excellent post, I didn't want to chop it up. However, I did use some different photos because I can do that. For all the links that are associated with the original post, click on the link at the start or visit Planck's Constant here.

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Miracle Baby in Miami

Born Amillia Sonja Taylor, Oct. 24 after gestating for fewer than 23 weeks will leave the hospital today. Amillia is the first baby known to survive such a short womb residency; full-term births are considered to be between 37 to 40 weeks. She was 10 ounces and 9-1/2 inches when delivered by Cesarean section.

The tiny feet are to be expected for a baby so young. However, doctors at Baptist Children's Hospital gave no explanation for the incredibly large hands.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mark Daily Had a Good Life and a Good Cigar

Mark Daily was laid to rest a month ago, and I covered the memorial here. Today in the Orange County Register has published a letter of gratitude from the Daily family, gratitude for their son, the city and county which has shown so much love for Mark, and a country which could produce such fine men and women who believe in duty as their son did.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Letters: Thankful for a rich life with clear vision

On the 4th of July, 1983, our son, Mark Jennings Daily, was born. Twenty-three years later, on Jan. 15, 2007, another day the American flag is flown, Mark lost his life in Iraq.

He would have found this poetic, and yet we have found it heartbreaking.

Prior to his Iraq deployment, he shared expansively, as he was known to do, about the richness of the life he had.

Mark so appreciated his wife and family, his neighborhood and friends, the teachers and professors at the schools and colleges he attended, the mailman along his route and the friendly wave of an acquaintance driving by.

He explained that his need was to now serve the larger world community because he had enjoyed such freedoms and liberties himself. He was undaunted by the possible personal outcome and willing to trade it for making a positive difference on the world stage.

As Mark wrote in his departing letter to family and friends, "Don't forget that human beings have a responsibility to one another and that Americans will always have a responsibility to the oppressed."

Armed with the love of family and friends, a college education and a purpose larger than himself, his vision was clear.

In these dark days following Mark's death we have found great comfort recalling our conversations. You, our "neighbors," have collectively lifted our family up off our knees and held us when we could not imagine how we could stand.

Your outpouring of thoughts, prayers, and seen and unseen deeds have cradled us and shown us with great clarity that Mark was right about community.

We are so very grateful for each and every one of you who celebrated Mark's life with such kindness and regard.

Thanks to those of you whom have done something to ease our heavy hearts, however seemingly small; it has not gone unnoticed. You have shown that within this city and county of this great state and nation lives a powerful and passionate community.

Your actions have affirmed Mark's passion and purpose for serving the world community. In another morale boosting e-mail to us Mark said, "Never forget that you can be a positive force for change."

We have been humbled and inspired by your positive actions during this very difficult time for our family.

We look forward to seeing the many positive acts you, our community, will continue to grace upon each other.

Linda and John Daily
Janet, Christine, Eric and Nicole

[Orange County Register] Editor's note: Mark Daily volunteered to go to Iraq and was killed after three months there. He was posthumously awarded Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart.
I would like to extend my sypathies to the Daily family. But, mostly I want to thank them for making such a fine man who would offer up his life to save mine. That is an extraordinary thing to do for one's fellow man. No greater love as the saying goes.

Go to the LA TIMES (yes, the LA Times) for a very coverage of Mark Daily and more pictures. As Wordsmith said when he sent me the link, "Sometimes even the worst paper in the country can carry something right."

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