Saturday, February 10, 2007

Take the Mudkitty Challenge

In the previous post, Mohammad Descendant Christian Convert, rather than decrying the intolerance afforded to a Prophet kinsman, the death threats delivered in the name of the "Religion of Peace", the refusal of the German government to grant protection especially given the recent intolerant past of NAZI Germany, in very few words, Mudkitty, has managed to create a moral equivalence case between Islam and Christianity. Of course, I disagree.

Here is the original simple and eloguent comment exchange followed by what started as a simple reply that grew into the post you are reading now.

mudkitty said...
From one delusion to another.
2/09/2007 08:29:00 PM

Indigo Red said...
Perhaps. But one of those delusions is a whole lot less fatal than the other.
2/09/2007 10:14:00 PM

mudkitty said...
Not historically.
2/10/2007 08:12:00 AM

Yes, even historically, Mudkitty. There is no edict -none - in the Christian faith that commands killing unbelievers, atheists, non-believers, homosexuals, apostates, adulterers and adulteresses, mockers of the faith, heretics, rape victims, disobedient girls and women, as there is in Islam. That Christians have killed is undeniable, but that was not a function of the faith; it was a function of the people doing the killing who, oh, by the way, were Christians.

The killing today by Islam is far more immediate than historical references to killings done by Christians. You cannot provide even one instant example of Christians, as a whole, killing others just and simply because their beliefs differ from the common dogma. I highly doubt, Mudkitty, you are trying to convince us that, because Christians killed despite the strictures during the past two thousand years, it's now Islam's turn to kill willy-nilly for we all know turn-about is fair play and all's fair in warfare, et cetera. However, if that is your argument, then, at least, have the brass balls to distinctly say so.

Islam says, 'KILL, KILL, KILL!', 'kill the unbelievers wherever you find them and chop at their necks', 'the rocks and trees will say, Oh, Believer, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him', 'women caught in adultery (even being raped) shall be stoned to death', 'homosexuals who are caught shall be put to death by having a brick wall toppled upon them', 'apostates shall be thrown from the highest building.' I'm not making any of this up. It's all there in the Quran and/or the Traditions, and Sharia. And the practices continue unto the present hour.

Christianity says, 'Love your enemy,' 'if you are struck on the right cheek, turn to him also the left,' 'do unto others as would you would have done unto you.' The fact that Christians have killed millions DESPITE the objections of the religious teachings and the Muslims have killed millions and continue to kill BECAUSE of their religious teachings is a very telling and significant point. That people on your side of the debate, Mudkitty, can't distinguish any difference at all is also exceedingly telling about your philosophies and the lack of morals therein.

Nowhere in all of Islam, the religion or tradition, is there any mention of "loving" one's enemy. The references to the violence of Islam, by Islam, and for Islam are numerable and easy to find. Mudkitty, you cannot show us any reference in Islam, Quran, or Hadith that says don't kill your enemy - not one. Killing in the name of their god, Al'lah, Mohammad, and for Shi'ites, Ali is not only acceptable, but required to get into Paradise. Otherwise, one's fate established at one's creation is already determined. Whether a good life or an evil life is lead, the fate of one's soul is predetermined by the god, only by killing a member of a proscribed group can the fate be changed and Paradise found.

Neither can you find anything even closely resembling a command, hint, or suggestion in the Christian New Testament in which the Messiah ever says or hints it is alright, just, and good to kill or cause harm to others even if they are not of the same kinship group or religious philosophy in the name of Adonai or Jesus.

Go ahead, Mudkitty, prove me wrong. And maybe along the way, you'll learn a thing or two.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Muhammad Descendant Christian Convert

(Swords of Mohammad, Prophet of Peace and Tolerance)
Sedar Dedeoglu is undeniably a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad's daughter Fatima and her husband Ali. Muslims in his hometown in Turkey revere the Dedeoglu family as holy. Sedar now lives in Germany with his wife and daughter. He is trying to gain asylum because he will be killed if he must return to Turkey. In fact, he may be killed if he remains in Germany.

You see, Sedar Dedeoglu, descendant of the Prophet, has converted to Christianity. He is involved in Christian outreach to the Muslim community. That community, a community that prides itself on it's acceptance and tolerance, has threatened the lives of Sedar, his wife Husniye, and their daughter Isil. Even his own relatives are ashamed of Sedar's conversion and regard him as an apostate. The punishment for apostasy is death. His lawyer says if Sedar is returned to Turkey, he will be killed.

The German Federal Migration Office and several courts of justice have rejected Dedeoglu family asylum applications. The German authorities claim Christians in Turkey are free to practice their religion. Sedar's lawyer, Oswald Seitter, it is impossible to overlook the extraordinary danger facing the Dedeoglu family. "We should rejoice that a such a person has become a Christian, and we should avoid any actions which could put his life in additional danger," Seitter has told a news agency.

It is unfortunate that the same country that matter of factly murdered millions of human beings because of their faith would even consider denying this family safe haven. But, Islam and the German ethos have much more in common than Judaism or Christianity so it shouldn't be surprising. Andrew Bostom, writing for the American Thinker today wrote "Jung on Hitler and Islam":

Karl Jung, The Collected Works Volume 18, The Symbolic Life (1939), Princeton University Press, p. 281. The chapter is itself called "The Symbolic Life", and Jung was asked two questions, the first of which is the most relevant:

First, had he any views on what was likely to be the next step in religious development?

"We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. (He is already on the way; he is like Mohammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god). That can be the historic future."
Despite a German Pope in Rome and 50 years of soul searching since the mass killings called the Holocaust, the apple still does not fall far from the tree. Unless a miracle occurs, Sedar Dedeoglu will die at the hands of the religion of peace and Germany will again be drenched in the blood of the innocent.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Cavity Magnetron and Morning Coffee

A long time ago, the world found itself at a dangerous nexus of chaos and change. The chaos was World War II, the change was the rapid increase of discovery and invention to meet the chaos.

One of those inventions saved the lives of thousands by detecting the approaching enemy before they could be seen, and allowed Naval ships like my Dad's, to target the enemy with extreme accuracy. At breakfast today, I used that invention to heat my morning coffee.

Briefcase 'that changed the world'
By Angela Hind
BBC Radio 4's The World in a Briefcase

In the summer of 1940, the war with Germany was at a critical stage. France had recently surrendered and the Luftwaffe was engaged in a concerted bombing campaign against British cities.

The United Kingdom was being cut off from the Continent, and without allies to help her, she would soon be near the limit of her productive capacity - particularly in the all important field of electronics.

On the morning of 29 August, a small team of the country's top scientists and engineers, under the direction of Sir Henry Tizard and in conditions of absolute secrecy, was about to board a converted ocean liner.

With them they carried possibly the most precious cargo of the war - a black japanned metal deed box containing all of Britain's most valuable technological secrets.

They were on their way to America - to give them away.

This high-powered team included representatives from the Army, Navy and Air Force, along with specialists in the new technologies of war.

Earlier that morning, radar expert, Dr Edward "Taffy" Bowen - a vital member of this Tizard Mission and responsible for looking after the metal deed box that was to become known as "Tizard's briefcase" - almost lost it.

When he had arrived at London's Euston station, the Welshman had handed it to a porter while gathering up his remaining luggage, then watched helplessly as the man headed off to find the 0830 boat train to Liverpool without waiting for his customer.

As he struggled to keep the porter in sight above the wartime throngs, Eddie Bowen would not have drawn much attention from the busy Londoners. Only his face would have betrayed his concern.

Short distance

Just five days short of the war's first anniversary, Britain faced one of its most desperate hours.

The Battle of Britain was raging, and bombs were falling nightly on Liverpool. Nazi armies ringed the country from the Norwegian coast down to France; an invasion was expected within weeks.

As Bowen knew, the seemingly ordinary solicitor's deed box - for which he was personally responsible - held the power to change the course of the war.

Inside lay nothing less than all Britain's military secrets. There were blueprints and circuit diagrams for rockets, explosives, superchargers, gyroscopic gunsights, submarine detection devices, self-sealing fuel tanks, and even the germs of ideas that would lead to the jet engine and the atomic bomb.

But the greatest treasure of all was the prototype of a piece of hardware called a cavity magnetron, which had been invented a few months earlier by two scientists in Birmingham.

John Randall and Harry Boot had invented the cavity magnetron almost by accident.

It was a valve that could spit out pulses of microwave radio energy on a wavelength of 10cm. This was unheard of. Nothing like it had been invented before.

The wavelength for the radar system we were using at the start of the war was one-and-a-half metres. The equipment needed was bulky and the signals indistinct.

The cavity magnetron was to be the key that would allow us to develop airborne radar.

Kitchen technology

"It was a massive, massive breakthrough," says Andy Manning from the Radar Museum in Horning.

"It is deemed by many, even now, to be the most important invention that came out of the Second World War".

Professor of military history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, David Zimmerman, agrees: "The magnetron remains the essential radio tube for shortwave radio signals of all types.

"It not only changed the course of the war by allowing us to develop airborne radar systems, it remains the key piece of technology that lies at the heart of your microwave oven today. The cavity magnetron's invention changed the world."

Because Britain had no money to develop the magnetron on a massive scale, Churchill had agreed that Sir Henry Tizard should offer the magnetron to the Americans in exchange for their financial and industrial help. No strings attached.

It was an extraordinary gesture. By September, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had set up a secret laboratory; by November, the cavity magnetron was in mass production; and by early 1941, portable airborne radar had been developed and fitted to both American and British planes.

The course of the Second World War was about to be changed. It was, says writer Robert Buderi, possibly the most important development of the 20th Century.

In fact, it was so important a development that the official historian of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, James Phinney Baxter III, wrote: "When the members of the Tizard Mission brought the cavity magnetron to America in 1940, they carried the most valuable cargo ever brought to our shores."

The newest use of this ancient technology is in the US military's ray gun. The blaster shoots an invisible millimeter beam that makes people feel intense, but harmless heat. The 130-degree F. beam is supposed to cause the enemy to drop their weapons and civilians to run away. The millimeter waves penetrate only 1/64th inch of skin, causing discomfort. A common kitchen microwave will penetrate several inches of skin.

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