Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tater Tot Attack in Spud Central

It was good that Firefighters of Boise, Idaho Station 8 were already in their turnouts on Christmas Eve. When they returned from a medical call, they saw a glow emanating from the station house kitchen.

Before the call came in, reports The Oregonian, three crewmen were cooking up a mess of Tater Tots and apparently forgot to activate the computerized safety system which shuts off all appliances automatically when the firefighters are called to duty. The highly trained and buffed fire guys are unsure if they logged onto the computer system. An investigation is on-going.

The fire was quickly extinguished when the station crew used a hose from one of their Engines. The cabinets were burned, and there was smoke and water damage. The economic damage is not available.

"We are still trying to determine exactly what happened," Assistant Fire Chief Dave Hanneman said (great stories require great quotes.) No fireman were injured in the incident.

The Tater Tots were a total loss.

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