Monday, December 31, 2007

Sweet Death

The Israeli Army seized 6.5 tons of explosive material marked 'SUGAR'. The bags were labelled as aid from the European Union for Hamas controlled Gaza. The explosive material was actually saltpeter, black powder, Potassium Nitrate - KNO3.

The mineral salt is used for making bombs and as a homemade rocket accelerant. In civilized areas of the world, it is used as fertilizer to grow the crops that feed the hungry who are often Palestinians who use their KNO3 to kill Israelis and each other. Potassium nitrate is not generally used to sweeten coffee and tea, or to make donuts and candies.

The truck transport was stopped at an IDF checkpoint several weeks ago while in the occupied West Bank, as reported by Reuters. Military and economic restrictions were reinforced after the the inter-factional war last June in which Islamist Hamas captured the territory from the more, but not much more, secular Fatah.

The European Union supplies the greater part of humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip. When informed of the six and a half tons of potentially deadly material, an EU official said,

"We are looking into this report ... If it is found to be accurate, this is an illegal act that should be condemned."
I'm heartened the EU is willing to stick their collective neck out and "condemn" the "illegal act." That will surely stop criminals from committing "illegal acts", because we all know it has always worked so well in the past.


The EU told the Jerusalem Post today that the fake sugar bags were not part of the EU aid program. They don't ship sugar, an EU official said.

"...the bags could not be confused with bona fide EU aid for several reasons: the EU does not export sugar as part of its aid to the Palestinians and food assistance to the PA - funneled through UNRWA or the World Food Program - clearly carries the 12-star symbol of the EU and the name of the European Commission on the bags."
The IDF released a photo of the potassium nitrate filled bags (left) and I have found a photo of a genuine bag for comparison (right).

H/T: Atlas Shrugs

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