Monday, December 31, 2007

Hillary Clinton Risked Life of Innocent Child

Photo: Chelsea Clinton and Sheryl Crow, Bosnia 1995

Hillary Clinton risked life and limb on official White House missions in the 1990s. On one mission, she had to make a hair-raising, "corkscrew" landing into Bosnia, capped with a sprint from the tarmac to escape and evade snipers. Wow, is that what happened to her hair?!

Ever the puckish First Lady and Presidential candidate, she said last Saturday night in Dubuque, Iowa, "I don't remember anyone offering me tea!" OMG, she is like so-o-o heroic!

"Clutch" Clinton was not alone on this dangerous March 1995 mission, or any other. And she didn't actually fly and land the plane, nor actually sprinted, but rather sat as a passenger and walked really fast. She had taken along funnyguy Sinbad, musician Sheryl Crow, and First Child Chelsea Clinton.

You read that right - Chelsea Clinton! Fifteen year old child, Chelsea Clinton!

President Bush has been chided for not sending his twin daughters into combat or even on "dangerous White House missions" (doesn't the Rio trip count?). But, Clutch Clinton was willing and eager to drag her minor child along into a war zone without any self defense training, without a weapon...nothing, just a babe in the woods.

If Hillary Clinton was willing to risk the life of her own 15 year old daughter, what kind of dumbass risks might she have in mind for the kids of other's who have voluntarily enlisted in the military, have received the proper training, and have been issued a weapon? The soldier in the photo indicates by crossing his fingers, that he is under duress in shaking the hand of Sen. Clinton, and that we should not trust Senator Clinton either. When it comes to trusting the judgement of one of the two, I'll trust the soldier.

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