Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Dark Ages of Islam is Now

Muslims are loathe to criticize other Muslims no matter how heinous the offending act. More and more of late, members of the umma are willing to step up and speak out about the violations of decency perpetrated by others of their faith.

Today, in my home town newspaper, The Orange County Register, Syed Hussaini offers a rare critique.

The 'dark ages of Islam'

Islam is a religion of compassion and mercy but when one looks at the recent behavior of Muslims in Sudan or Saudi Arabia, there is little evidence to support the religion's tenets. It just goes to show simply a name or a label does not make a good Muslim, much less a good human being.

These are the dark ages of Islam. Whereas the purpose of the religion is to enlighten and guide people, it has become a tool to suppress debate and discussion. Only supreme ignorance can justify the sentencing of a teacher for naming a teddy bear "Muhammad" or for a victim of rape in Saudi to be publicly flogged because "she brought it upon herself" by her attire.

– Syed Hussaini of Anaheim Hills
The letter from Syed Hussaini is a very welcome addition to the struggle against the stupidities offered by Hamas, Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (blog page), Osama bin Laden, and a whole host of unsavory character.

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dcat said...

"Muslims are loathe to criticize"

Well it's about damn time and I still don't trust em!

dcat said...

It took tooo f@!#ing long! The assholes!

And NOW (womans movement)(it seems to need a Dulcolax!) is on my shit list more so then ever!!!

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

there are a few peaceful Muslims, but they are peaceful despite Islam, not because of it.

dcat said...

Ah yeah right what the hell ever!

Indigo Red said...

It's because there are so few peaceful Muslims that makes trusting Muslims in general impossible. As Doug points out, peaceful Muslim are so in spite of Islam.

Expressions of disgust, as the one posted from Syed Hussaini, may be too little, but I do not think it's too late.

The period we call the Dark Ages was anything but dark. Ours was a time of confussion, yes, but also one of great progress materially, philosophically, religiously; a time when great strides were made which set the foundation for the Enlightenment.

If this is truly Islam's Dark Ages, we should all do what we can to help steer Islam toward the more peaceful verses of the early Koran. Muslim would, however, have to show the same grit that got Christians and Jews imprisoned or burned at the stake as in our Dark Ages. It's not easy to buck the system, especially when a god, absent any common sense and humility, is the ultimate authority.

dcat said...

You know what they can just keep kissing my ass and I won't care!

I don't have time for their conditioning stupidity in my life! I don't take to well to bullshit!

Tom said...

In some respects, I agree with dcat. If the Muslims don't get their own religion under control, then they will have lost everything. There is only so much PC spin that we can take before the radicals get the holy war that they desire so much.

Indigo Red said...

I appreciate the comments, but in all honesty, did anyone, other than Doug and myself, actually read the letter offered? That is what the post is about, not some beef someone may have with NOW.

And Tom, since you somewhat agree with dcat that, if "...Muslims don't get their own religion under control, then they will have lost everything[,]" then you actually are agreeing more so with the letter writer, Syed Hussaini, who has written the same thoughts.

dcat said...

That is me free association!

I am just going off on them my own way!

They are in the dark ages!

I for one will not change my attitude on them or anyone who will not say anything against the little shits!

In other words I have had it and I'm fed up and we need to press on to take them down!

dcat said...

I will not be suppressed by no one!

There is nothing to debate I made up my mind! I don't need a stinken letter from someone else LOL!

Indigo Red said...

Then do so on your own blog, free associate to your hearts content, without any suppression. Don't clog up mine with irrelevent free association bile.

I don't come on yours and vent my spleen, claiming free speech rights, declaring I will not be suppressed. Remember, I control the delete key. This is my property and I will suppress anyone who cannot or will not contain themselves within the bounds of common courtesy.

You don't want to read the letter, that's fine. I don't really care what you do and do not want to read. Neither do I care much what you have or haven't made up your mind about. You don't want to debate, that's fine , too. I truly don't care.

When readers come here, I expect a certain level of intellect and decorum. Often, dcat, I haven't the slightest idea what you are even talking about. It's like the old days when I was a phone counselor taking calls from kids stoned out of their gourds, spewing loads of words that are supposed to be profound, though seemingly vague, which are, in reality, totally meaningless.

You "don't need a stinken letter from someone else". I don't need stinkin comments that have no point but to spew. I will print whatever I choose. So cast your inane spells if you wish. Just do so somewhere else. Here you will control yourself, remain somewhat on point, and attempt to behave as a civilized individual rather than as the savages you purport to hate.

But that's just me free associating. LOL.

Gayle said...

You did a good job with that "free associating" thingy, Indigo! LOL!

I read the letter, and I feel that the more Muslims who come out against Wahabiism the better. One must remember that those Muslims who do so put their very lives on the line, especially those who go public. Syed Hussaini's letter is a welcome addition to our struggle, and he should be commended for having the courage of his convictions.

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Gayle. You're right that the letter writter has put his life in danger.

He and I live in area of Orange County, CA that has a growing Muslim population. This is where the American Taliban Goatboy grew up and converted. The Mosque in Irvine had at least one of the clergy arrested at LAX for smuggling terrorist literature.

I swear, Gayle, on 9/11, the local newspaper above the fold frontpage photograph was of little Muslim girls attending thier first day of schoool at the newly built Irvine madrassa. While their preacherman was distributinting terror literature to the kids, making nice with the local yokels, his confederates were bombing New York. The juxtaposition of that photo on the kitchen table while I watched the TV when the Towers came tumbling down - it was just too ironic.

When anyone within a religion is willing to stand and take the slings and arrows to criticize the evil his brethren wreak upon others, that person should be hailed as honorable.

dcat said...

They come out just don't turn your back on them!

dcat said...
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Indigo Red said...

I've no intention of turning my back on anyone, particularly a group of people whose religion tells them explicitly to lie in order to get what they want. As Reagan said, "Trust, but verify."

Tom C said...

Hmm I can't leave you guys alone for a minute! ;) I'm not sure that Islam was ever meant to enlighten. I will give the writer the part about guide though. Problem with guideng is it's subjective.

Indigo Red said...

We could say the same about the Bible, Tom, which is also a guide to 'right living', as in "What would Jesus do?" That, too, is subjective.

I think the difference is, for example, the difference between Christianity before the Enlightenment and Reformation and after. Before E&R, Christianity was in the hands of the all knowing priest class and no one was allowed to question anything religious or church, not even the taxes raised to assuage the greed of the priest class.

The Enlightenment produced a philosophy of questioning authority, that even the lowly peasants could think and interpret for themselves. The Reformation, in large part, was the physical institution of the principles of the Enlightenment.

Islam has allowed no questioning, no alternative interpretation. no doubt for the past 700+ years. Time, globalism, and technology have caught up to them. Muslim are in a bind with the world they experience and the world they were promised. There is obviously a dissonance between the two. As in all Enlightenments and Reformations of the past, that dissonance must be harmonized.

For our part, we have to defend ourselves and our way of life from the radical elements while encouraging those who are questioning. Other than that, we have to just stay out of their way.

Or, we can simlpy nuke them to kingdom come and be done with it. And hope the philosophy of Mohammad can be burned out with radition. Good luck with that.

dcat said...

Yeah yer right on that Tom C!

Tom C said...

I find most forms of guidence to be subjective, including the bible. What I take from it mightn't be seen by the next person. I believe tha muslims have to stop the radicals within their religion. We couldn't ever run them all to ground as they just make more. A change of mindset is what's needed.