Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fair Anti-Imigration Laws

Illegal immigration to the United States of America has surpassed epidemic proportions. With something between 12 million and 30 million illegal individuals in this country, new laws are required to deal with the intolerable circumstances.

These ideas should be seriously considered as future law in the U.S.:

1) The immediate expulsion of any alien the presence of whom the government deems objectionable.

2) Aliens may be excluded from the country if their presence upsets the equilibrium of the national demographics. When aliens are deemed detrimental to economic or national interests, when they have broken laws, they should be jailed or deported.

3) Illegal immigration should be a felony. Any citizen who helps illegals enter the country should be themselves considered criminals. A citizen who marries an alien with the sole objective of helping the alien live in the country should be subject to five years in prison. And no alien may engage in political affairs, in any manner.

4) If an alien wishes to reside in this country, they must have a guaranteed job or be financially independent, and must prove an income from abroad consisting of pensions or investments four hundred times the monthly minimum wage.

5) We welcome only aliens who are useful to society.

6) Only citizens by birth or naturalization and citizen associations shall have the right to own land, water, and their accessories, or to have mining or ground water concessions. The government can concede the same rights to legal aliens if the government can verify they will respect the property as nationals would, and not invoke the protection of their home governments. The penalty for violating the terms of concession should be the loss of concession benefits and privileges.

7) No alien should be granted land, water, or mineral concessions within 100 miles of land borders, and 50 miles of coastal borders. Within these zones, no aliens should be permitted to acquire direct ownership of land or water for any reason.

8) Citizens will be preferred to aliens in equality of circumstances, for all classes of concessions and all employment, duties, or commissions of government for which the quality of citizenship is not indispensable.

9) In time of peace, no alien may serve in the Army, or in police or public security forces. To belong actively to the Army in time of peace, or to the Navy or the Air Force at any moment, and discharge any duty or commission in them, one is required to be a citizen by birth. The same quality is indispensable for captains, pilots, owners, machinists, mechanics, and in general for all personnel who staff any ship or aircraft that carries the National flag or merchant insignia. Also, citizenship by birth is necessary to exercise the responsibilities of port captain, and all the services of director of an airport.

Difficult times require difficult decisions to be made and sometimes harsh laws must be enacted. Some readers may think the above suggestions are too harsh and cannot work because they are too draconian. However, each of the nine suggestions are already successfully executed laws.

In fact, each of the above are laws of the Constitution of the United States of Mexico.

Read the entire ridiculously long Mexican Constitution at Indigo Continuum.

Original news source:
NewsMax, George Putnam, One Reporter’s Opinion — Mexican Laws Are Strict on Illegals

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don said...

Politicians keep talking about the horribly complex problem of illegal immigration and frankly I find it simple. Secure the border, immediately deport any illegal who has commited a felony or who commits voter fraudand then systematically go about enforcing existing laws.

dcat said...

Yeah there is a problem when they do shit like this!!!

Gayle said...

Perhaps we should adopt the Mexican's constitution, at least for illegal immigrants in this country. It makes more sense than ours!

Decat's link is truly upsetting! #@&%!

Mike's America said...

It's getting pretty bad when the illegals are trying to kill us.

Thanks for that link DCAT:

Tom C said...

Indi thanks for sharing your Fathers words with me. God willing one day he and I will be able to sit by the water with a couple of poles and the time to chat! I believe you were very blessed to have had him for so long.