Thursday, September 20, 2007

HillaryCare, My Sister, and Me ... and Everyone Else

My younger sister, Indigo Rose, wrote in response to the last article on HillaryCare:

I don't understand how a person could be carrying insurance BEFORE looking for a job? Most of us work to get the insurance benefit. Rural area, State of California, we share the cost of $925.10/mo for 2 people (our share $276- and it raises 6% in January). A family plan is $1,202.63/mo right now.

After a visit to British Columbia in the 1990's the Canadian's were telling us to DO WHATEVER NECESSARY TO NEVER ALLOW UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!! The wait for surgery, any surgery... tonsils, heart.., took too long. Lives were being lost.
I got carried away with a 'short' response.


Your concern is a common one and one with which we should all be very clear.

Currently, as you state, most workers obtain their insurance through their employer. In my case, the employer pays 100% of the insurance premium while I pay a small deductible - $15 office visit, $25 prescription drug, $200 ER usage, $2000 hospitalization. Of course, these are not the actual costs of the medical services, but merely the part I pay; the insurance company pays the difference.

Our Dad paid all of the insurance premiums while he worked in the late 20th century. It wwas expensive for the time, but everyone paid their own way. During the 1980s, employers could not afford to pay larger salaries to everybody, so they began offering health and dental care as inducements to work for company X, rather than company Y. Soon, employer paid health care was assumed to be a "right" instead of the benefit it truly was.

As the cost of health care increased for employers, many companies began transferring a portion of the cost to the employee - the deductible. However, employees had become accustomed to health insurance paid by others and the concept that health care is a right had taken firm hold. Employers began lobbying Congress to help them out with tax breaks. This action got government into the mix.

Currently, health care and health insurance as a right guaranteed by the Constitution (...provide for the common Welfare...) to all persons in America is a belief that will not be easily debunked, if it's at all possible. Employers have successfully transferred the responsibility from the employee to the employer and finally to the government. Under government auspices, health care is moving toward not just a right guaranteed to the citizens, but an obligation of each citizen. The responsibility has come full circle, but where it was once a free choice, it will be a government requirement for living here like paying taxes. Most assuredly there will eventually be penalties for not having health insurance.

Hillary Clinton's plan would require all workers have a health identification card much like a license - hunting, fishing, driving, etc. Without the health care license, a prospective employee would not be eligible for employment. Conceivably, this license could become the standard ID used for all transactions, especially if our individual genetic code is used as our ultimate identifier, much as fingerprinting is used today. Let's be very honest here, Hillary Clinton is not a Democrat, she is not a Socialist. Hillary Clinton is a Communist and complete control of our lives is the ultimate goal to be achieved through incremental 'give-backs' by the citizenry to the central government.

I know this sounds very paranoid and Big Brother-ish, but it's not unprecedented. The Social Security card was not supposed to be used as a primary ID, but that is what has happened and is now issued at birth. The drivers license was never supposed to used as a primary ID, but it is. Credit cards definitely were never meant to be used as a primary ID, but try renting a DVD without one.

Our medical records have been the last of our private data that is private. Under universal heath care, like all of our other private information, the medical records of all Americans will be available to anyone with the money to purchase access. Supermarkets keep records on what we eat through in-store discount membership cards. By signing on to a political party roll, we identify our neighborhoods enabling political operatives to target likely voters per household rather than general geographic area. Credit card companies and banks track every purchase, location, and the time the issued card is used. Our locations are tracked when we use our automated toll-pass. Phone companies know where we are and with whom we talk every time we make a phone call; some folks even advocate issuing a "phone-number-for-life" to every newborn child. Even information on our pets is compiled when we use the Petco and PetSmart discount cards and our pets can be tracked by satellite by use of an implanted chip; the same chips are being touted as an anti-kidnapping tool to be implanted in children, and the military is toying with the idea implanting the chips into soldiers so they are easier to find if lost in the fog of war. How long before we are all required to be implanted with the satellite tracking chips?

This is all very saddening. The even sadder truth is that no matter how much we may protest or resist, all of these "progressive advancements" will eventually be commonplace. Our treasured freedoms and liberties will be just quaint memories for those who survive and long ago history for the futures children. History demonstrates that people are more likely to entrust more and more of their unalienable rights to governments than to embrace the much more difficult habits of the heart of freedom and personal responsibility. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776, "all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

Technology has changed, mankind hasn't.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Indigo Rose said...

well, s**t!! Logan's Run.
Thanks, Red ---- or should that be Thanks, Big Brother?

Indigo Red said...

I guess I should see Logan's Run someday.

Oh, you got the Big Brother double meaning ... fabulous!

Mike H. said...

If you think that the drivers license is an ID card take a look at a Commercial Drivers License. It has been standardized in the continental US. And is registered with a database held by DOT. If you want to get rid of it in Washington state you have to write a statement as to why.

Indigo Rose said...

Red, I'm sure your were pretty busy in the 70's when Logan's Run came out. Cheesy sci-fi, but in the 70's I couldn't fathom turning 30 (in the movie that is when you were "re-newed").
As for tracking.... my oldest daughter works at an Urgent Care. Some regulars, some one time visitors, but all can have their medical history tracked on the hand-held computers. Helps keep track of abusers of the system, and a persons health records, last visit to a doctor or hospital and what meds. they are/have been using. It is also another step in the direction of "Big Brother is Watching".

Indigo Rose said...

I should add an addendum to the above. The hospitals, doctors and urgent care must be connected. They cannot pull up just any medical records. There is still SOME privacy involved in our medical records.

Mike's America said...

If you haven't seen the Ronald Reagan audio from the time when he was an actor and addressed socialized medicine you will appreciate how very true these words are today:

As he points out, the liberal plan is socialism and communism in diguise.

Democrats are masters of using fear to control the agenda for political debate. Fear of falling ill and not having insurance, like fear of global warming, etc.

Another thing: The figure about how many millions of Americans are uninsured includes illegal aliens who are NOT American citizens, but citizens of a foreign country here illegally.

Anyone who thinks Hillary care or anything like it would be an improvement is a FOOL!

dcat said...

And they will have to operate on themselves!

You can empty your own g-damn bed pan I quit!