Monday, September 24, 2007

Global Warming and Evolution

Mother Goose & Grimm


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Global warming controversy take new picture when a writer say that temperature increase is actually a good thing as in the past sudden cool periods have killed twice as many people as warm spells. He accepted global warming issues is big but he said not our fault.

Gayle said...

LOL! Poor penguins! I like the Tuxedo look better too. :)

I believe that the earth is warming up, and that it would do so whether we people were on the planet or not. It will also cool down again, whether we are here or not. Cycles are part of nature and the earth is a living oranism. I don't understand why so many people don't understand that.

Gayle said...

I also believe if we all quit driving cars and went back to sitting around campfires picking fleas off of one another's heads, the cycles would still happen.

Indigo Red said...

You're right, Gayle. The tuxes did look better. AND the cycle would continue as it has for 67 cycles before. We are in the 68th cycle now. Most of the cycling happened long before industrialization and many before mankind's existance (that can include the evolutioanry time frame of millions of years and the Creationist scale of thousands of years.)

The climate we've known for what we think of as the norm of the past 60 years, really was an abnormal weather pattern. It's now gone.

I'm experiencing global cooling for about the past week. Two weeks ago, I was in shorts and t-shirts and sweating constantly, but now I have to dress warmly, pull the blankets up, close the window at night, and turn off the fans in the day. Yep, global cooling is coming on.

Or is it just winter?

Mike's America said...

Penguin thongs? YIKES!

Ah well, they're all be qualified as interns in a second Clinton Administration.

dcat said...

LOL :D :D :D

Or ron paul's group! LOL

bernie said...

I hate to do this but here is a photo of a thong even worse than the penguins: South Beach Thong - Priceless

dcat said...


Gayle said...

ACK! I went to Bernie's link. The penguins look better! LOL!

Indigo Red said...

I'm sorry, Gayle. I was remiss not to leave a warning about Bernie's link.

Attention - if you value your eyesight, DO NOT follow the link.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Too late! I didn't scroll down in time.

Serves me right for being quick on the click.