Tuesday, September 11, 2007



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Gayle said...

This is the strangest 9/11 post I've ever seen, Indigo. The people in the picture look like they don't even know what's happening!

Indigo Red said...

Thanks, Gayle. That's exactly what I hoped folks would see. The apparent obliviousness of this small group of people on the very day of the attack has infected thousands of others six years later.

dcat said...

Same kind of awareness is still going on today!

Same people are still saying it was a conspiracy!

Indigo Red said...

That is what has happened, dcat.

Now, I don't know the people in the photo and there was no discriprive caption with the photo. My feeling is that on the original 9/11, the people pictured are discussing the unbelievable sight before their eyes and the possibilities for the near future like the rest of were.

But, this small photo with nameless people seems more iconic of today's rejection of reality by a good many people.

It's a strange and ambiguous image into which a whole panopoly of scenarios can be injected. The good photos all do that.