Monday, August 06, 2007

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Sauna

After having searched the world high and low for a return story appropriate to my blogosphere stature, I have found the perfect story.

On this August 6, while the rest of the world is condemning America (again) for the first atomic bombing of a civilian populated city - Hiroshima, Japan in 1945 thereby saving millions of lives potentially lost in perhaps years of close quarters fighting - and preparing to condemn America for the second atomic bombing of a civilian populated city - Nagasaki, Japan in 1945 thereby .... (see Hiroshima above) - as well as condemning America for selling arms to Saudi Arabia (HEY! what about France selling arms to Lybia?); America's war in Iraq (well, maybe it was not such a bad idea after all, say the Democrats, as we now seem to be making headway; in fact, maybe we should bomb and invade Pakistan, too); America's war in Afghanistan, America's war on Terror (because these three wars are separate wars, you know; at least, that's what the Dem leadership wants us to believe); continued condemnation of America for the handling of Hurricane Katrina that damaged an area the size of England (while England garners praise for failing to evacuate flood victims from an area the size of Rhode Island...okay, Connecticut); condemning Hillary Clinton for exposing herself on the floor of the Senate, cleavage has its place and it apparently isn't the floor of the Senate (hear that Ted Kennedy - NO cleavage, and that includes butt cracks! On the other hand, we might find Jimmy Hoffa in there); and condemning America for having structurally deficient bridges (ONE fell down; one for goodness sake, and at least we don't have a song about our bridges falling down); and finally, condemning America for potentially having a chance of winning in Iraq because that would be really bad for the Democrats.

So the great story I found? The World Sauna Championships were held in Finland recently. Seventy-one entrants from around the world competed in the sweat-soaked competition in Heinola. Battling it out for God and country inside a glass panelled sauna placed on a stage, men and women from Sweden, Australia, Morocco, Germany, and Egypt. The simple rules are to remain seated and don't wipe the sweat from the face. The temperatures increased from the starting low of 110 degrees Celsius (230 degrees Fahrenheit) and ended in the final round at 130 degrees C (266 degrees F.) and every 30 seconds, water is poured over the hot stones.

Two individual contests caught the imagination of the international audience. Competition became heated in the men's division when the two Finns, Timo Kaukonen and Markku Mustonen, went head-to-head. Proving to be the more heat resistant, Timo Kaukonen beat out the competition with a time of exactly 12 minutes and 26 seconds when Mustonen escaped the hellish sauna after only exactly 12 minutes and 23 seconds.

In the women's division, another Finn-on-Finn battle royal played itself out between Leena Kautianen and Leila Kulin. Kulin held on for as long as she could, but went down to defeat and exhaustion to Kautianen. The winning time for Kautianen was a very respectable 10 minutes and 31 seconds.

The parboiled contestants said the real challenge was not the high heat, but rather, the high humidity.

In a world gone mad, it's good to know that some people still have a firm grasp of the important and life affirming.

Spiegel Online

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Did ya know that the KOS are full of shit!

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Good to see ya back Indi. I was "sweating it out."