Sunday, August 26, 2007

Desert Viking Ghezali Gives-up on Sueing U.S.

Algerian-Swede Mehdi Ghezali spent more than two years imprisoned at America's Guantanamo Bay enemy combatant facilities. He was captured in Pakistan near the Afghan border in December 2001 only three months after the dastardly Muslim 9/11 attacks upon America. After his release, Ghezali returned to Örebro, Sweden where he had grown-up.

Ghezali filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government for unlawful imprisonment shortly after being released in July 2004. He told Swedish media he did not know why he had been detained, no charges were brought against him, and he had not seen a lawyer while in detention. Ghezali also claimed he had been tortured, a charge the Pentagon denies. All he wanted was to get on with his life ... oh, and monetary compensation for the time spent at Gitmo. Lots of money.

The former terror suspect contacted a Stockholm law firm to sue America. Anton Strand, Ghezali's lawyer, and his partners at Peter Althin and Associates found a U.S. firm that could pursue a case against the U.S. government, but the Americans dropped the case just before the filing deadline explaining the chances of obtaining any compensation were "very small."

Let's review: Ghezali, born in Algeria and raised in Sweden was caught in Pakistan near the Afghan border three months after the 9/11 attacks; he was detained at Guantamo Bay for two years and returned to Sweden; in Sweden he tried, but failed to sue the United States for unlawful detention, torture, and other evil stuff; Ghezali was informed he would not get any money for his ordeals.

What does Ghezali do now? Go to the U.N. World Court in The Hague to bring war crimes charges against the Great Satan? Does he try to appeal the deadline as being unfairly short because most of the time available to file charges he was behind bars without legal counsel? No. He did none of these.

So, what did Ghezali do? Well, when he was told there would be no money, no riches, no windfall treasure, the noble Mehdi Ghezali according to lawyer Strand, "lost interest in proceeding."

Lost interest! Nothing about proceeding on principle, no proceeding because what America had done to him was wrong and uncivilized, no continuance for the sake of the other former and current Gitmo residents. No, no, nothing like that. If Ghezali can't get his hands on bundles of good old American greenbacks, he has no interest in proceeding.

The mind reels!

Whatever you do, dear reader, do not condemn this fine upright Muslim as a money grubbing avaricious fool. No sirree, don't do that. Only Americans lust after money, don't you know.

And oil.

The Local - Sweden's News in English

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Mike's America said...

How long will it be before Democrats do their trial lawyer masters a favor and make it easier for these louts to sue the U.S.???

Indigo Red said...

Oh, I'm sure they're working on it.