Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

No matter the size of the flag, freedom is no small thing.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Mike's America said...

Happy 4th of July Indigo!

This is such a great country! I wouldn't live anywhere else.

dcat said...

It's the best!

Indigo Red said...

Happy Independence Day to you, Mike.

As dcat says, it's the best. I watched Good Morning, America this A.M. About a thousand people were being naturalized at Disneyworld, an ideal spot for such an event. One woman had come from Israel and was working in NYC on 9/11. On that day, she said, she felt she had been attcked, her country had been attacked. She knew then that she was already an American, she only needed to make it official.

So many others only need to make their Americaness official. I'm often envious of the naturalized citizen because they have first hand knowledge of both tyranny and freedom. I only know freedom and the unpleasant thought that people like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosy and Ted Kennedy could gain true power here. May it only remain an unpleasant thought.