Friday, June 01, 2007

No License, No Insurance, No English, Home Free

I drive a PT Cruiser. Two days ago, my Cruiser was rear-ended, smashing the bumper and crumpling the fender. Sure, insurance will cover the repairs, but what is to be done beyond that?

You see, the young woman who rammed into my car while I waited at a full stop at a traffic signal, has no driving license, no insurance, no English; all she has is her illegal alien status and all the protections afforded her by the PC laws and society we have created. The new "It's not an amnesty" Immigration Bill will only reinforce those privileges to which I, as a lawful U.S. citizen, am not privy.

I am being scammed by my government, I am being scammed by the illegal aliens, I am being scammed by the whole damned bunch of liberal bozos who think that if only we allowed illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses this auto collision would not have happened. Well, you clowns claimed that illegal aliens would be perfect drivers if they had insurance. For many years, Californians are required by law to have car insurance in order to drive; no illegal alien would dare drive without insurance, so problem solved. Hurray!

So, thank you, President Bush. Thank you Sen. Feinstein. Thank you Sen. Kennedy. Thank you Sen. McCain, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Biden, Sen. Obama. I extend my gratitude to every Member of Congress and Administration official who have supported, support, and will support illegal aliens. But, please, stop scamming us; we all know nothing is going to be done about the 12 mil - 20 mil border crashing criminals and nothing is going to be done about closing the border. We also know that you all know that we all know it.

As for my car, the insurance that I carry for uninsured motorists will cover the damage. Eventually, I will pay for the cost as will all those who are insured by the same company, and farther down the line, all of us will pay for the damage to my car through higher premium payments, taxes, and lives lost.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Don said...

Hey Indi, sometimes the frustration just about overwhelms you doesn't it? My great hope is that Fred comes out swinging with both hands. I am sick and tired of moderating politcs. The first party to have a candidate tackle the five major issues....
the Iraq war
will run away with the brass ring.

Tom C said...

Thus far I like Duncan Hunter..... So did you give her a job or did she get deported?

bernie said...

I hope this teaches you to be more careful when you are stopped at a traffic light. Had you gone through the light, as illegals do, you would not have been there to have that accident.

So don't look for sympathy from the rest of us.

dcat said...

Sounds like my story Indigo however the bloke was lucky that I didn't kill him and that he had a rental car that had insurance paying for my new bumper for my Z4! I had a police report and a witness.

What a drag! Follow her if she has a job have the checks garnished! If she has a shack maybe you can own it! You can make her life hell legally still! Don’t give up and make your insurance people fight for you!

I got money back this year so did Mr. on our insurance coverage.

LOL bernie I had a car in front of me when it happend to me. How about you Indigo?

I still think of that Middle Eastern guy that hit me! Yes living in China but with a New Zealand driver’s license. What he is saying about: “watch you’re driving when in USA!

Avoid accidents with American women that are at your car door in a matter of seconds ready to rip you out of yours screaming and very scary looking!

Then if that isn’t bad enough everyone around starts in by, saying “I’ll be your witness” to her. Volunteers come out of the trees and from all over!

This is what you needed to have when you got hit Indigo! I hope you screamed at her too!

If the law protects them put the fear in God in them!

I still think they should be sued but if they don't have a pot to piss in how then can they have that car I wonder?! Cost of gas...etc... take that from them too! Damn it!

Yeah Don I'm with you!

Indigo Red said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Bernie. You always know the right thing to say. I'm just glad the assailant was just a Mexican and not some Polish atheist Jew!

It does look like Fred will come out swinging, Don. Maybe it won't be too late to put things right again.

I would have liked to have seen Hunter with a better showing, but I don't think, Tom, that Duncan Hunter is electable. Without actually running yet, Fred outpolls all of the Dem candidates and all bu Mitt Romney on the Republican side.

Dcat, had I called the Santa Ana cops, I would have got Officer Garcia and Santa Ana is a de facto sanctuary city simply by the having more illegal Hispanics than other cities, so nothing would have been done.

dcat said...


Anyway that would mean you would be a victim of discrimination! We do have laws and if they can't play we can fire!

don said...

I think Bernie is right. You insensitive types who clog up traffic by stopping at lights could make people late signing up for their welfare.

dcat said...

LOL Don :D

Indigo Red said...

I apologize. You are right; I was wrong to stop for the light behind all those other cars. I see now that I was just in the way and should have ran the red light like all the new citizens do.

The world changes and I mut change with it.

Gayle said...

Sorry to hear that you were a victim of this stupid system, Indigo. I admire the way you're able to joke about it here in the comment section, but I know it's not a laughing matter.

When we were in Florida my husband stopped at a four way stop sign, then slowly crossed because it was foggy and he couldn't see very well. A woman (black, not Mexican) crossed without stopping and it was proven that she was speeding. She hit our car on the driver's side and my hubby could have been killed. The police were called, and Walt heard her friend who was with her say to her "he looks rich. Look at the car he's driving. Take him to the bank!" She actually tried to do that but lost all the way around. Turned out she was on welfare too.

dcat said...

God gayle isn't it amazing they don't realize that folks work for that nice car!!! Damn!

I think people need to get involved more! I stopped for this guy that got hit by a 3X's sex offender (I did an investigation on his name when I was to go to court to testify) and a drunk/drug junkie. No one else would stop!!!

Now there is a serch for his arrest because he didn't show up in court! Clearly his fault and no insurance... "White guy". Told me to: "mind your own business bitch!"

The guy I stopped for was a republican and now good friends with "he his wife and little girl!

Sorry this had to happen to you Indigo!

Gayle said...

They don't care that we work for what we have, Dcat. They want what we have without working for it!

Thanks for your kind comment on MRB, Indigo. I appreciate it. I'm a "road warbler" too, and also a "shower warbler". By your comment it sounds like you appreciate the same sort of music I do.

Blessings and thanks again.

dcat said...

Yeah gayle but they are the ones that are miserable little lowlifes!

We need to make a law that will make "who ever" sells a car to these kind of people or what insurance company that hasn't "reported" someone who dump thier policy held liable! Soon as someone quits thier insurance have the cops come and take the car for auction!

Indigo Red said...

That's right Gayle. What term as "a sense of entitlement", Mexicans are taught in schools and through the government that what is here in America literally belongs to them, so go get it.

That would be nice, dcat, if criminals actually obeyed laws. Laws and enforcecment officials only react, they cannot preempt, at least, not often. It's taking billions to preempt terrorists. How many more billions to catch potential traffic violators are we willing to spend to prevent a few hundreds of dollars worth of car damage? Not any, I would guess.

Mike's America said...

Glad you were not injured Indigo.

Can you sue the illegal?

Interesting that the Senate today rejected the Cornyn Amendment which would bar convicted felons, suspected terrorists, drunk drivers and other undesireables from benefitting from this immigration bill:

As you said, we're all going to pay for these people who seem to break the same law with impunity.

If you didn't have insurance or a license, you'd be paying big time by now.

Indigo Red said...

I would be happy to sue her, Mike, but the last time I sued after a collision amny years ago, the guy was a legal, it took three years, and I got only $7000. It wasn't worth it then and even less now against an alien with every opportunity to flee or change to any of a thousand name options.

I heard about the Senate amendment at lunch today. Finally something in the Not-an-amnesty Amnesty Bill. Maybe a few more like that and I might support the proposal rather than the bill of sale we have now. Indeed, where's the fence?