Friday, June 15, 2007

China Rescues Hundreds of Adult and Child Slaves

Poisoned pet food, contaminated rice, adulterated toothpaste, hundreds of thousands of people displaced to make way for the 2008 Olympic, and now slavery on an industrial scale - China is having a very difficult time joining with other advanced nations in the 21st Century.

The Daily Telegraph of Australia is reporting that Chinese authorities have discovered and shut down a slave labor racket that currently enslaved up to 1000 children. Police have rescued and freed 217 people thus far.

UP to a thousand children were sold into a brutal life of slave work in a labour "prison" in China, police have revealed as the shocking racket was exposed today.

The victims endured maiming and brutality in primitive brick kilns, Chinese media have reported amid an expanding scandal about official neglect.
The owners ran the prison-like kilns with fierce dogs and thugs who beat the children at will, state television said. One accidentally killed a child with a shovel and buried the body at night, it said.

An army of 35,000 police in central China had so far rescued 217 people, including 29 children, the official China Daily reported today.

But state television said many more may be trapped, making bricks for little or no pay in brutal conditions in Shanxi and Henan provinces.

As many as 120 suspects had been detained.

"Now our conservative estimate is that at least 1,000 minors from Henan have been trapped and cheated into back-breaking work in these Shanxi brick kilns," a reporter from Henan said on the current affairs program Oriental Horizon.

The program showed workers who had been recently rescued – ragged, emaciated and mute and some bearing injuries.

But even amid the high-profile rescue effort, criticism is rising of official indifference to the poor farming families.

Local media reports and websites have cited what they say is a petition from fathers of boys kidnapped from Henan.

They complained that Shanxi police were unwilling to help Henan authorities to find and rescue the children.

"We are too weak and our children face constant threats to their life. We can only beg the government," said a copy of the document.

The China Youth Daily noted that local officials had apologised for failing to rescue the workers.

"But we have even more reason to ask why was it only after the case was widely reported by the media and shocked the central leadership that the local government then thought to apologise to these poor rural workers," it said.

"What were they doing before?"

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Indigo Rose said...

Do you think the U.S. will boycott the olympics if these slaves are connected to the building of the olympic arenas? Or will the government, and the athletes, turn a blind eye, buy the American teams clothing cheaply to help build the Chinese economy and proudly wear the "MADE IN CHINA" tag under our many gold medals?

Indigo Red said...

You know, Rose, I don't think anything will be done about the slavery and Olympics link. This particular groupu of people probably have nothing to do with the Games, but in China, slave labor is connected to so much.

I was very surprised to learn the other day while listening to NPR that the Olympic Games in the late 20th century has displaced some 2 million people who were simply in the way of a nations image. Thousands in China are currently being thrown out of the homes to make way for the mant venues.

On the other hand, the Chinese are very sensitive about what outsiders think of them. The government has outlawed the eating of dogs just as happened in the Korean Games. Homeless people have been moved out to the hinterlands or into prisons. No doubt some have been sentenced to "organ donation" for wealthy Arabs.

All in all, no. China is too important on the world stage to boycott the Games. Business agreements would be damaged, Taiwan would be under greater threat, China would allow N. korea to do more stupid stuff (the NK missile and nuke tests benefitted China more than any other country by showing how we react). Much of our clolthing and appliances are in fact made in China though the label reads Made in the USA as allowed by the label laws.

One would think there would be much less strife between the Sleeping Giant and the Sleeping Dragon.

City Troll said...

yes yes just more triviality we must not upset our favored nations...

Indigo Red said...

Unfortunately, Troll, that is is the truth. The Germans call it Real Politik, but we know what it really is - real money. It would be happening even if China had not the lardest military to field and more nukes to shake a stick at.

Slavery exists in the Sudan, but the country is Muslim and we can't upset the umma. The Saudis have slavery, but they have the oil. Russia has near-slavery, but the have more oil and more nukes.

Out liberal leaders and educators tells us that we are no better than any other society. We may not have slavery per se, but the minimum wage is a non-living wage, so that's the same thing, and we employ illegal immigrants - we all know those people are abused and exploited. They must be because they're so poor they could only afford to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers to get here, but couldn't afford the much fewer dollars to come legally.

Slaery is trivial when compared with the anthropogenic climate change and the plight of Paris Hilton in jail. Who Cares?

dcat said...

Never mind about the abuse to others in like Iran... "women"

Sicko's are all over the place and the world needs a rotor rooter to rid it of all the built up shit!