Monday, May 14, 2007

What Did You Learn in School?

The Graduation Season is upon us and many graduates feel compelled to tell what they have learned. Craig B. Goldberg is far more anxious as he has only finished his third year of university. But, what he has to say about what he has learned thus far is well worth reading. Mr Goldberg is an eyewitness to the degraded state of education in America.

What I have been taught in college

Craig B. Goldberg

Today I finished my third year of college. This time next year I will graduate with a degree in history in secondary education. What have I learned over the past 3 years? Well, I'll tell you.
*I've learned that Iran isn't a big threat to Israel or the United States, and that it's all right for them to have nuclear bombs simply because we do. It's only fair. I've learned terrorism is overrated, and that it really isn't a big threat. Bush, on the other hand, uses the same tactics as Hitler and is just as evil and dangerous.
*Universal health care will be successful in America if the mean, evil conservatives would just allow the ideal to prosper. Cuba has full health care coverage and 100% literacy. We should model ourselves after them. Fidel is just a good idealist and if it weren't for the embargo they would be a success.
*Of course, Bush lied, people died. Bush, Cheney and his lackeys went into Iraq for oil and disregarded the fact that that every federal department and the international community knew he didn't have them. He created terrorism, 9/11 was an inside job, and he is profiting off the death of US soldiers, who are rapists and murderers anyway.
*The US is a torturing nation, and we treat prisoners so inhumanely. Never mind the beheading of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl; we are the ones who are barbarians. The only reason why the terrorists did that is because we torture. It was their way of responding. We should understand their grievances.
*I've learned the media is a mouthpiece of the Bush administration. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and Murdoch are the biggest threat to the airwaves. PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, and NPR are all on the lap of the neo-cons.
*Global warming is 100% real and it is Bush's fault that it has gotten this bad. The air sucks, the water is no better than drinking dirt, and polar bears are dying off faster than the ice caps.
This is only the tip of the iceberg of what I have learned over the past 3 years in academia. These people who live in the prism of liberalism, which don't see anything but their sick isolated worldview. God forbid you have a different opinion; you are some kind of criminal.

If you believe in God you're a delinquent, but if you believe in Marx you are noble. If you believe in conservatism you're on the fringe, but if you're a liberal you are just what is. If you say the word terrorist you're an Islamophobe, but if you say freedom fighter you're being courageous.

I thought liberals were supposed to be open minded and tolerant. I see more and more each day that it is not the case. So long as academia indoctrinates students in to believing socialism, neo-liberalism, and Marxism is all right and should be tolerated, I am nervous for the future of this country. These people sieve power so to indoctrinate and we need a conservative movement to let them know they are wrong, and radical anything is never justifiable.
Far too many college and university students and graduates today are academically stupid. Today's students have been trained in careers that will help in business, computer program technology, and various fields in the service industry. But, few can speak outside their own specialties. The uniqueness of America, they are taught, is solely in our ability to conquer the world without realizing it, they are unable to say whether "pursuit of happiness" is from the Constitution, Gettysburg Address, John Kennedy's Inaugural Address, or a WalMart advertisement (it was the Declaration of Independence.) That our government is a Republic, not a Democracy, has totally escaped the notice of most graduates.

I am gratified that a few students like Mr. Goldberg still exist and even plan to teach History in our schools as it should be taught, unless of course, Mr. Goldberg is beaten down, drowned out, or drummed out of his current sanity. WE, the people, wish you well in your fourth year Mr. Goldberg. Be strong.

The American Thinker

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Michael said...

A most sobering post. Sounds like universities have gotten worse since I graduated 10 years ago.

don said...

You hear the same story over and over again. How ironic that our institutions of higher learning lead to our dumbing down. It makes me want to puke.

Indigo Red said...

Consider how much higher education has lowered, Michael, since I graduated from university 30 years ago.

You'll be interested to know, Don, that recently ateacher was fired for using the term "dumbing down." It's not a phrase that pays in education facilities today. I suspect that it could apply to students and teachers equally.

Gayle said...

I don't think I could attend college in today's world, Indigo. I believe I would lose it! I can't imagine paying good money to have to sit in a classroom and listen to such hogwash.

Mike's America said...

The U.S. is a "torturing" nation and Cuba is a model of goodness.

You should see the Fred Thompson video in reply to a Michael Moore screed that City Troll posted.

Maybe we should start treating dissidents like Castro does so morons like Moore will know the difference.

Michael said...

Indigo Red: Consider how much higher education has lowered, Michael, since I graduated from university 30 years ago.

Scary, isnt' it? A whole generation that does not know how to think.

Indigo Red said...

That's a dandy response, Mike. For the full challenge and Fred Thompson's video response provided by City Troll:

and you get to hear "Islam's Not for Me".

An entire generation, Michael, plus a large part of the one before, and working on the second, and third generations. Factor the whole program out and it's plain that Marx wins.

jack rensimer said...

Sadly, this is a shining example of our young people, who receive a 'college' education, and still can't think for themselves...

Henry said...

I suggest reading "The Closing of The American Mind".

A great explanation of how we got here.