Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Somalia Bans Veil

Somalia is a Muslim country. Somalia has banned women from wearing the veil. They've gone so far as to unveil girls and women in public and burn the veils. Security authorities say the veil hides the identity of the person behind it and terrorists have killed too many security troops while disguised as women to be ignored any longer. Being able to correctly identify of people on the street, out in public areas, seems to be important to Muslim Somali security forces.

MOGADISHU, May 9 (Reuters) - Somali security forces are seizing and even burning Muslim women's veils to stop Islamist insurgents from disguising themselves for attacks, authorities and witnesses said on Wednesday.

The crackdown on veils is a highly symbolic turnaround for Mogadishu after Islamist leaders, who controlled the city in the second half of 2006, had instructed women to wear them.

"Every policeman and government soldier has orders to confiscate veils from veiled women," senior police officer Ali Nur told Reuters in Mogadishu, saying various recent attacks had been carried out by people in disguise.

"Some of the remnants of the Islamic Courts have been caught wearing veils. During the war, these remnants, pretending to be women, killed so many government troops."

Somalis are generally moderate Muslims, and most women traditionally cover their heads but not faces. Officials say some suicide attacks have been carried out by men disguised under full face-veils.

Backed by Ethiopia's military, Somali government forces kicked the Islamists out of Mogadishu over the New Year. They have been facing an insurgency since then that has killed at least 1,300 people since February.

Just days ago, the government declared it had beaten most of the insurgents, but it is still wary of guerrilla-style attacks.

Mogadishu residents said government troops and police had been forcibly removing veils and publicly destroying them.

"Yesterday, so many veils were burnt by the police," said taxi-driver Abdullahi Mohamed.

A Reuters witness saw some veiled women running away from police on Wednesday.

One girl, 17-year-old Iftin Hussein, said she had left her veil at home to avoid encounters with the police.

"Government troops are unveiling women. Yesterday, I was forced to run away to escape from being unveiled. This is wrong, but we cannot do anything, we are powerless," she said.

Guled Mohamed

Why can Somalia do what is so incredibly obvious and we can't? Somalis are unveiling women not for anti-Muslim reasons, not because of any male perversion, but for security. Security. Veils have nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with security. ID'ing the bad guys is important enough for Somalia to burn veils, it should be important enough for us to dispense with political correctness to prevent any potential threat here.

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dcat said...

They are just jealous of us cute figured women!

Stupid assholes and dipshits!


Tomorrow I am warring, a see through gold lace top with a sexy little cam under it with white pants!

dcat said...

Oh wait I said fuck all moslems...Heh they probaby would be a big disapointment if ya did!

Who would want to anyway! :P

bernie said...

Let's not forget that the hijab can hide bombs. I would like to see Somali enforce the wearing of tight jeans so that nothing can be hidden from view.

Then when a Muslim says, "She's the bomb!" they won't be speaking literally.

don said...

When I was young only farm girls wore jeans. They were the baggy type with suspenders. The person who came up with designer jeans is a true hero for mankind and should be held in the same reverance as the inventor of high heels.

Indigo Red said...

Nice weapons, dcat! I'll be wearing Wrangler jeans and a brown Henley shirt. The very fashion-plate of the manly-man.

I've seen your idea of female attire, Bernie, and I could not agree more. The only Imam I like is the Somali supermodel.

The style is 'specially fetching, Don, when the jeans, suspenders, and heels are the only things the gal is wearing.

dcat said...

High heels cause fallen arches and should be banned!

Indigo Red said...

Teen boys and young men with hanging-out underwear should be flogged. Pull up your pants, fool! Nobody wants to see your drawers, especially young women and cantankerous old men.

don said...

Anybody besides me think that gal looks kind of hot in that veil?

Indigo Red said...

Don, the photo is from a Muslim dating site. No you are not the only one; I, too, think she's very lovely. That's why I kept the picture.

Michael said...

Indigo Red:
Good point you made, that veil banning has to do with security and not religion. Too bad most people don't understand that.

Nice blog you have here.

Oh, and the quote in your header is from the movie, not the book. Tolkien didn't write it.

Indigo Red said...

Really? Tolkien didn't write it...well, he should have! And it's so strong I'm going to credit him anyway. Even if only for providing the inspiation (of course, credit should also go the Billy Shakespeare who wrote something similar in Henry V.)

Michael said...

Nope, he didn't write it. It was Aragorn's speech before the battle at the Black Gate, in the third movie.

In the book, though, Gandalf did the talking, and Aragorn actually had no dialogue at all in that scene.

For the movie, though, they needed something dramatic. It's good, but it's not Tolkien.