Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bush Vetoes Bill; Nancy Sends E-mail

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker (ad nauseum) of the House of Representatives, sent this e-mail to me after President Bush vetoed (GASP! HOW DARE HE!) her bill requiring the United States of America to abandoned the people and government of Iraq to certain murder, mayhem, mischief at the hands of al-Qaida and their various franchisees in order to score points with the cheese eating surrender monkeys in the French government.

(Note: The blackened words within brackets are mine. The bolding of words is also my doing. Indigo Red.)

Dear [Indigo Red],

Voice Your Outrage and Visit the Iraq Resource Center

I had hoped that President Bush would accept my offer to work together on a New Direction in Iraq and sign crucial legislation holding the Iraqi government accountable.
[Since when was this piece of legislation intended to hold the Iraqi government accountable?! It was intended to hold President Bush responsible for not funding the troops in harm's way while the Democrats could say they provided the money in the bill the President vetoed, The only intentions were to embarrass and hamstring the President, and kill more American service members. Since the 2006 election, when Miss Nancy promised to outright end the War in Iraq, but didn't, every death has been on her head. She promised and reneged on that promise.] Instead, the President chose to continue to isolate himself from Congress, the international community, and the American people by vetoing the Democratic plan for change in Iraq.

The President isn't listening to the American people's call to end this disastrous war. What further proof do they need than the timing of his veto? The President vetoed our bill that would end this war and bring our troops home the week of the fourth anniversary of his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech that declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq. Four years after that misguided speech, the President keeps making the same mistakes in Iraq.
[A bald-faced lie, if I ever heard one! The President is not responsible for when legislative bills are delivered to his office for action - the Legislature is responsible for deliveries! The Democrat leadership in both the House and the Senate held the bill over from last week when they voted on it with the express and expressed intention of delivering the bill to the Presidents desk on this specific day intentionally to embarrass the President. HOUSE SPEAKER PELOSI, YOU ARE A LIAR!]

Our bill achieved exactly what the American people elected us to do in November 2006. [Another bald-faced lie! The American people (read - liberal Democrats) voted to END the war, not set a "date-certain" for withdrawal or even suggest a date to cut-and-run. The Liberal Democrat vote was to END THE WAR NOW! ] It would have fully funded troops on the ground, started to bring them home responsibly, held President Bush accountable
[Hold on here, didn't you just say Miss Nancy, that this legislation was to "hold the Iraqi government accountable"? So which is it - hold Iraq or President Bush accountable?], and ensured our veterans get the treatment they deserve back home.

Congress has responded to the will of the American people. President Bush has not. The President is clinging to his failed stay-the-course strategy in Iraq, while brave servicemen and women risk their lives for his mistakes.
[Congress has not responded at all to the will of the American people. (And stop saying "the American people" - who the hell else would we be talking about? It's such a stupid phrase!) President Bush has said he would prosecute this war to the end, as the electorate voted him to do and that is what he has continued to do. As the situation in situ has changed, the strategy has changed, but the goal has remained the same - a full function, independent Iraqi government capable of defending itself. ALL of the brave men and women risking their lives have volunteered to defend ME and your right to be a dumb-ass, Miss Nancy. Furthermore, you haven't earned the right to call them BRAVE as you support neither the mission nor the troops, so keep your slimy condescending words to yourself. AND, it's not a failed strategy. We haven't lost despite what Harry "The War is Lost" Reid would have us believe.]

House and Senate Democrats offered a plan for change in Iraq that gave the President every penny he requested for soldiers on the ground and more. But it also gave him something he's tried to avoid: accountability. [The President is already accountable as Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America; he doesn't need your permission or approval. Your "offer" (read demand) was for the President to lie down before you and beg forgiveness for keeping your sorry butt alive for sure as shootin' the Islamic extremists would come for you in the first go 'round. And right now, there would be a lot of Patriots pointing the way.]

President Bush may have the bully pulpit - but we have you. Close to 60,000 of you signed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)'s petition to the President telling him not to veto our plan. The American people are with us and the fight for a New Direction in Iraq is not over - we hope you will continue to stand with us. [CLOSE to 60,000 people, huh. Not even 60,000. Oh well, that's a lot of people anyway. Until the total population is factored in. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 05/02/07 at 01:00 GMT (EST+5) is 301,742,264. Your close to 60,000 signers is a paltry sum not even 1% of the total. What a joke! Either the other 99.9% couldn't care less about signing your petition or they simply don't agree with you. Either way, you are still a fumble-bum bunch of losers.]

We are counting on you -- and millions of Democrats across the country who are united and energized as never before -- to help build an unstoppable Democratic Majority and put a Democrat in the White House in 2008. [You are counting on me, Indigo Red! What a bunch of fools, I haven't been a Democrat for 8 years and despite repeated notices from me, you haven't gotten it through your thick skulls. You can't even get that right and supposed to assume you'll get the war right?Apparently, the Democrat party believes, like Muslims, once a Democrat, always a Democrat. Well, not this one. I saw the light, I've been to the mountaintop, I got me a brain, I thunk a thought and got the facts. You lose.]

Thank you for your continued dedication. [Thank you. I assume, Miss Nancy, you are referring to my continued dedication to the cause of individual rights and liberties; low taxation, gun ownership, freedom of and from religion,; secured borders, illegal foreigners are not welcome, but immigrants are welcome; enforcement of laws, punishing the criminal not the victim and holding the criminal responsible not society; teaching the ethics and morality of AMERICAN citizenship, America's special place in the world; though homosexuality may be natural it is still not normal, marriage is one man/one woman; and the total destruction of the Democrat party. But, I could be wrong.]


Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House of Representatives

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

I just put up some video's of her at my place LOL!

Gayle said...

She's worse than a moonbat... not all moonbats lie so easily, but her lies trip off her tongue like drops of saliva from a sweating dog!

Off topic: Due to horrible weather here in Texas my plans for going anywhere have changed. I'm hunkered down and waiting for a break in the weather. It's been really bad!

Indigo Red said...

The best thing about getting theses e-mails from Miss Nancy, DCCC, and other Democrat leaders is that I get to read and publish what is intended to be inner Democrat communications, but the DCCC accesses 'Indigo Red' to read what I've written. It probably doesn't make them real happy.

Gayle said...

LOL! It's a wonder they haven't stopped sending you e-mails.

I had You Tube ban me! Am I honored or what? They did that because I advertised Qube TV, a conservative video site (although you can't download videos from them yet). After I posted that, it wasn't three hours later when I went to You Tube and saw the message: "Your account has been canceled!" So I re-re-registered with different user information. LOL!

Perhaps you should delete this message, or at least the You Tube part of it. They might see it and ban me again! Paranoid? Probably... liberals made me that way. :)

Gayle said...

That was supposed to be "re-registered." I didn't have to do it twice... at least not yet!

Indigo Red said...

Good for you, Gayle! It's hard to keep a good girl down, or a bad girl if she's a conservative.

dcat said...

Yeah just don't let them know who the hell you are ;)

Tell squeaker of the house to shut that whole in her face! She is making some of us nauseous!

Margrit said...

Thank God there are still "sane conservatives" like you Indigo Red that help keep the rest of the country awake with a realistic perspective. The ding-dongs in Washington and the average non-thinking American public don't realize that regardless of what Pres. Bush has done or failed to do, the terrorist problem remains REAL and leaving Iraq as unfinished business will not help the cause of international safety. This problem will not just go away if all our troops are withdrawn. As a military mom I'd love to see all our loved ones return from overseas - - but we sure don't want to see the terrorist threat creep further upon American soil!!! Wake up people. Remember 9-11 when the creeps came calling at our doorstep. They know the way over here & will return unless they are wiped out for good. Wishing problems away "a la Nancy P" will not make it so.

Mike's America said...

You know when Neville Nancy and Congressman Tom Lantos said they were formulating a "Democrat alternative foreign policy" I think what they really meant was that they were formulating an alternative reality.

You'd have to be living in some parallel universe to swallow the hookum that Pelosi is pusing in that email.

But she knows she can count on fellow Democrats, who long ago learned from the master, Bill Clinton, that reality was something which could be shaped and molded to suit their purposes.