Friday, May 11, 2007

Apple Kills

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but not any more. Apple iPods can send heart patients to the ER or even kill. Their signal can interrupt the workings of heart pacemakers causing aberrant signals to the heart and has actually made one pacemaker to stop all together.

My father has a pacemaker implanted in his chest and recently had it replaced. Without it, he would die and that's not something our family wants. He and millions of others are alive because of the miraculous pacemaker that sends electricity to the heart muscle from a battery telling the heart to beat in rhythm. There are many dangers that confront heart patients who use pacemakers. Apple iPods shouldn't be one of them.

The potential danger posed by iPods was discovered by US high school student, Jay Thaker. His father is an electrophysiologist and mother is a rheumatologist. Young Mr. Thacker studied only the effects of the Apple iPod, but since other devices operate on the same technological principles and design, it could be assumed that other portable media devices could cause similar concerns.

Apple’s iPod interferes with the electromagnetic functioning of heart monitoring devices, according to a study carried out on 100 pacemaker wearers with the average age of 77.

The study, led by Jay Thaker, a US high school student, whose father is an electrophysiologist and mother is a rheumatologist, concluded that iPod interaction with pacemakers can lead to a misdiagnosis in heart function.

No other portable media devices apart from the iPod were used in this study, which was carried out at the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute at Michigan State in the US.

Results found that 50pc of the time electrical interference was detected when the iPod was held two inches away from the pacemaker wearers chest for a period of five to ten seconds.

In a few cases the iPod was still causing interference when held up to 18 inches from the chest, and in one case the pacemaker stopped working completely.

Dr Krit Jongnarangsin, senior author of the study, said that this kind of test had never been carried out before because it was never really an issue, being that most pacemaker wearers tend not to have an iPod.

A study carried out in 1997 showed that mobile phones can cause temporary interference with a pacemaker and even cause irregular heart rhythm.

With advances in pacemaker technology users are generally told by mobile phone manufacturers that they are safe to use, only to avoid placing the handset in a shirt pocket where it could rest directly over the pacemaker.

Elderly iPod users skip a beat
By Marie Boran
Silicon Republic

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Gayle said...

Oops! This is definitely scary news for people wearing heart monitors. I'd be afraid to walk around a shopping mall, and even going to a grocery store could be dangerous.

I hope this gets out to the MSM. Maybe they'll publish it. At least it's not political and they sure do like to go after big companies. At least in this case they'd have ample reason to.

Ortho said...

Great post Indigo Red. I read this story in my local paper. It's scary to think about how dangerous all of the techno-consumer gizmos most Americans blissly use are. Ipods, cell phones, computers, beepers, and blackberrys are all potential terrorist devices. It should not come as a surprise that multinational corporations produce each of these devices.

In a post-nation-state world we shall pledge allegiance to multi-national corporations.

dcat said...

I use mine at the pro club! Ouch!

It's that or tune into the liberal ass CNN!!! UGH!

Indigo Red said...

I kinda doubt there's loads of old folks with pacemakers at the pro-club. That's sort of why they have the pacemaker in the first place.

dcat said...

You would be shocked in how many older people there are Indigo.

If someone next to me has a monitor on it screws up my rate on my machine. It happens quite a bit.

dcat said...

Yes you are correct and that is why I won't worry about it. That and the flight to some area is the only time I have an Ipod.