Thursday, May 24, 2007

Al-Qaida "Torture for Dummies" Manual

An al-Qaida 'Torture for Dummies' handbook was discovered along with the tools of the trade by American forces in Iraq during a raid April 24, 2007. Also, found during that raid was an Iraqi man suspended by a chain from the ceiling. The man had been kidnapped by al-Qaida and was beaten everyday of his captivity. A week earlier, in another raid in Karmah, four men and a boy were rescued from a padlocked room. They had been tortured with "chains, cables, and hoses." For the full version go to The Smoking Gun.

That's it?! That's al-Qaida's idea of torture? Good grief, what a bunch of weenies. Here's what REAL torture looks like:

This is the 21st Century, for goodness sake! Blow-torches, drills, pliers, head vise - that is so Medieval. Al-Qaida needs to join the modern world of torture which uses unconnected electrical wires, dog leashes, and snarky comments about the prisoners genitalia. Now that's torture. At least it is according to the anti-America, blame America first, liberal leftist, black is white, up is down, good is bad crowd.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

YEAH Indigo!


Do they have any idea? Are they that stupid!?! I guess they are!

Why do they blot out a guy’s penis? It isn’t like it is something fantastic or a secret! They must all look like Ken dolls.

Is it a comparison issue? Heh! Small to tiny thumb nail size?

Yeah I don’t get intimidate easily if at all! I’m a guys worst nightmare if you get on my bad side!

dcat said...

Right on!

Mike's America said...

And no outrage at all from the same handwringers who thought Abu Ghraib was the equivalent of Nazi's operating a concentration camp.

More proof, not that any was needed, of the moral inversion which infects the "news" media.

Indigo Red said...

The loons, dcat, are on the side that promises to destroy America. I know some of the loons and they seem to think the only thing that will change here is that someone else will occupy the governmental offices, drive the police and fire vehicles - meet the new boss, same as theold boss sort of thinking. Ironically, America is so ingrained in their minds that they cannot conceive that any system would be different.

That's actually the same reason, Mike, that those same people can compare Abu Ghraib with NAZI concemtration camps. There is no real conception of what the NAZIs did, no real understnding at all.

Mike's America said...

I'm finally gettting around to doing an update on this post and comparing it with the media coverage of the release of prisoners from the Al Queda torture rooms.

linking to you at both Mike's America and Flopping Aces.

Ortho said...

great post Indigo Red. I cannot wait to read the Al-Qaida torture manual this weekend. The cartoon graphics look fantastic!

bernie said...

I sometimes wake up in a sweat in the morning after a nightmare where I am a prisoner in Gitmo and some blonde bimbo has been brushing her breasts against me, trying to make me crack. Those bastard Americans, what cruel machines of pain will they invent next?

dcat said...

ROFLMAO bernie! :D :D :D