Sunday, April 22, 2007

Terrorists Gone Sissy

The Palestinian website Dunia al-Waran is saying that Palestinian security forces have emotional issues that once were only experienced by women and children. The Director of Mental Health at Gaza Hospital told YNET News,

Palestinian infighting plays a striking role in the increase of shock, tension and depression, present in previously unseen amounts...One member of the Hamas security force came to me suffering from high tension, which was causing physical problems. He said he felt fear from the fact that he would burn in hell forever if he fired even one bullet at someone.
Al-Aqra experienced a similar case. An afflicted member of the security force told him,

...he couldn't fire at another Muslim, and that he felt pain and bitterness.
The good doctor explained that the emotional issues also stem from an altercation that occurred between Hamas and the Egyptian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

These are the feelings on both sides of the infighting, and emphasize that everyone, deep inside, rejects the civil war in his soul, rejects that which is unnatural.
It is puzzling to see the once much feared terrorists who could kill without hesitation, do the unconscionable without second thought, able to slaughter the elderly and babies with pride rather than remorse, brought low by a silly little thing like emotional issues. Have the barbarians suddenly developed moral scruples? Have they been watching American television shows about new age touchy-feely girly-men? Don't get me wrong; I'd like to see terrorist organizations destroy themselves from the inside as much as the next guy. I just don't want to have to credit Hollywood for doing so.

And just so we are clear, it is still okay to kill Jews without emotional pangs or scarring because Jews are pigs and apes, not real human beings.

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