Friday, April 27, 2007

Tehran Praises Pelosi/Reid Bill of Surrender

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid deny their actions in passing a bill to "redeploy" US troops from Iraq is, in fact and deed, playing into the hands of the enemy, here is what one enemy is saying:

Tehran Times Opinion Column, April 28, By Alireza Davari

Vietnam flashback

TEHRAN, April 27 (MNA) -- The U.S. Senate recently passed a bill according to which U.S. military forces would have to leave Iraq by March 2008. However, President George W. Bush has repeatedly stated that he would veto the bill.

But it appears likely the U.S. will be forced to leave Iraq in a far more humiliating way than the Soviet Union left Afghanistan.

This would be a major defeat for the United States almost as bad as the Vietnam debacle.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have cited the increasing unrest in Iraq as the main reason why U.S. forces should be withdrawn from the country.

The Democrats in Congress believe that stability can only be established in Iraq through a political solution, although such views seem overly optimistic, like the White House’s claim four years ago that U.S. troops would be welcomed as liberators. However, U.S. citizens are worried about the White House’s mismanagement of the war since it has become evident that maintaining stability in Iraq is almost impossible.

Many U.S. officials have even admitted that the implementation of Bush’s ambitious policies in Iraq over the past four years has been a miserable failure. Iraq has become a smoldering ruin while Bush is trying to prevent a total collapse by calling for the deployment of even more troops to the region.

Yet, after a meeting with Bush, Reid told journalists that the United States had lost the war and that a troop surge would not help. He went on to say that success in Iraq would only be possible through political and economic means, not war and bloodshed.

Yet even this relatively honest senator did not tell the whole truth about how much the Iraqi people have suffered over the past four years of occupation.

On the other hand, the fact that the U.S. media occasionally mentions the terrible conditions the Iraqi people are experiencing indicates that U.S. citizens are apprehensively following the Iraq story.

U.S.-style democracy seems to mean only endless pain for Iraqis. The violence that came with the occupation claims the lives of about 100 Iraqis every day, on average. Two out of three Iraqis do not have permanent access to clean drinking water. Hundreds of thousands of children suffer from malnutrition and many of them are dying from preventable diseases. The health system is falling apart.

So far, four million Iraqis, or in other words, one out of every seven citizens, have felt compelled to leave their homes. Should the current trend continue, the tide of refugees will turn into a regional tsunami with significant political consequences, which, of course, would not be in the best interests of the U.S.

Despite all these problems, the Bush administration refuses to acknowledge the terrible humanitarian disaster brought on by their mistake and is pretending that they can handle all the problems in Iraq. However, the reality tells a different story.

Half of the displaced Iraqis have fled the country. Jordan, with a population of six million, now hosts 750,000 Iraqi refugees, and Syria, with a population of 19 million, hosts 1.2 million refugees. Jordan has officially declared that it will no longer allow Iraqi men between the ages of 17 and 35 to enter the country. According to the New York Times, Kuwait has completely shut its borders to Iraqi citizens. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is building a border barrier costing $7 billion to prevent Iraqis from entering the country. The U.S., which is the main cause of all this misery, has accepted only 500 Iraqis, mostly just the educated asylum-seekers.

The Bush administration has lost more than the military battle because the consequences of the U.S. occupation are far-reaching.

Bush and his warmonger supporters have failed to realize that establishing stability in Iraq requires political strategies, not military ones. The new plan to increase troop levels in Iraq has met much opposition so far while there has been a rise in suicide bombings and other violence since the U.S. implemented the new Baghdad Security Operation, which is a joint effort by U.S. and Iraqi troops.

Indeed, the recent assessment of the first months of the ongoing Baghdad Security Operation by high-ranking U.S. military officials like Peter Petraeus and William J. Fallon is vague.

It should be noted that U.S. casualties in Baghdad have increased by 21 percent since the Baghdad Security Operation was launched on February 14.

U.S. officials claim that the decline in violence in certain areas of Iraq, particularly Baghdad, is due to the new U.S. military strategy, but the real reason is that certain groups have chosen to take a hiatus.

As Bush and other U.S. officials are calling for a troop surge and constantly defend their new Iraq strategy, the Democrats are trying to find appropriate ways to limit Bush’s power.

Democrats in the U.S. Congress have also said that they will vote against Bush’s bill requesting an additional $93 billion for the military. This would undermine the plan to deploy another 21,500 troops to Iraq.

From a wider perspective, the miserable conditions in Iraq and the dispute among White House official show that the U.S. will soon find itself forced to withdraw from Iraq, just like the Soviet Union was forced to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Thus, U.S. officials should draw up a timetable for withdrawing their forces, as Democrats in Congress are demanding, in order to end this war, which is becoming increasingly unpopular in the United States.

Publish date,Tehran: 2007/04/27, 23:17

The leadership of the Democrat Party cannot connect the dots, cannot learn the lesson of their failure to support the Vietnamese that resulted in millions of deaths and refugees, cannot learn the lesson of appeasement of NAZI Germany that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, and cannot learn from the "failure of imagination" of the 9/11 attacks that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

The failure of the Democrat Party has been unconscionable and oft times criminal. Individual Democrat leaders have committed what in past times would have been considered treason. As a group, the Democrat Party is approaching actual treason and the destruction of the Union, as well as Western Civilization. Their blinkered and myopic view of events unfolding around them at a pace apparently too fast for their comprehension, signals that the complete and absolute destruction of that once great party is of the utmost importance. The dual philosophies of radical Islamists and pacifist Democrats is far too dangerous to allow continued existence.

How difficult can it be to listen to the enemy? Especially when that enemy, on an hourly basis, demonstrates their fealty to idea of detroying everything non-Muslim. If the Bush Administration cannot be believed, then listen to our foes or get the hell out of the way.

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Gayle said...

To quote the article: "This would be a major defeat for the United States almost as bad as the Vietnam debacle." And that's exactly what most of the Dems want, another Vietnam! They consider the era of Vietnam their glory years. When America loses they consider it a victory. How warped and twisted is that? Never mind... you don't have to answer that. It's an impossible question. We can't even begin to understand the way they think because our minds don't work the way theirs do, thanks be to God!

Mike's America said...

" the decline in violence in certain areas of Iraq, particularly Baghdad, is due to the new U.S. military strategy, but the real reason is that certain groups have chosen to take a hiatus."

If your plan succeeds, those "groups" currently being trained and funded by Iran will no chance to come back and commit their acts of evil.

If Reid and Pelosi win, Those "groups" will come back.

What a shame Reid and Pelosi will never be held to account for their hideous idiocy.

P.S. Did you see the story about the British "7/7" bombing mastermind we captured in Iraq coming over from IRAN?

I thought Al Queda wasn't supposed to get along with Shias?

Someone tell Harry Reid if he wants to fight Al Queda, there are plenty in Iran.

Levi said...

The author of that drivel tells half truths and total lies. It is no wonder the USA is losing the propaganda war! This kind of crap is all over the world. I know this is having an affect on our warriors in that den of murderers and thieves. Alas, I pray such as the author's blathering will reach the people of Iraq's ears and minds and instill them to rise up against the insanity of their bretheren. Semper Fi, Levi (LevisAct)

dcat said...

Oh shit pelosi!? Not her again!

Tom C said...
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Tom C said...

Indi, They know the lessons but as long as they arn't doing the dying and it gets them back in power so be it.

Indigo Red said...

Gayle, you are right that the Democrats want another VietNam - the vocabulary is already there and they don't have to think too hard.

Like Mike says, if the dems get their way, "...those groups [the terreorist, et al] will come back." Yeah, I saw the story of the 7/7 guy. Seems he was held for about a year in what the Brits are calling a "ghost prison". The CIA says he gave up intel with the use of conventional methods. Now he's in Gitmo with the other guys he ratted on. Good luck there. Also, dispite the Brit's protests about Gitmo, they want the Americans to ask specific questions and are not demanding his release or transfer to Britain. They don't have to go to the prison themselves thereby saying there might be a legitimate purpose for the facility

Sympathy for the Drivel is what the dems are all about, Levi. Knowing what the enemy is saying and what they are reading is of utmost import in PR battels. With the internet it is very easy to find their crap, and easy to counter, but we are losing the PR war. Actually, I'm not sure w've ever done a very good job at it, not even in WWII. The truth is not as sexy as lies and half-truths. That's why Hollywood does better making fictional propaganda than documentaries - truth is boring.

War and combat have a tendency to concentrate the mind and as liong as the Dems are not part of the fight, Tom, the results are only as you state them - return to power. Too bad for the Dems when they find out that even if they do regain the Executive, they still are not in "power". The power ressdes in the Constitution and the people. Any elected group only administers that power within the confines of those who hold the power - the Constitution and the People.

Indigo Red said...

Oh, and dcat! Yeah, her again. But only for a short time.

dcat said...

You promise!? Because frankly I am sick of her sorry self!!!

Indigo Red said...

I'd like to promise , but I can't. There's just no telling what abuse an electorate is willing to bear.

bernie said...

The democrats are surrendering now for fear that by 2008 the situation in Iraq has improved and they lose the elections. There only hope is for an American retreat before there is any chance at victory.

I am against the death penalty except for Liberal Traitors, although traitor is redundant.

bernie said...

"their only hope" not "there only hope" - I must be falling asleep.

Indigo Red said...

Wow, Bernie, a spelling error. I was beginning to believe an imposter had hijacked your name.

I agree completely. That is the same reason they didn't do anything after the 2006 elections. It is preferable to lose a war than to lose an election.