Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Need to Tolerate the Intolerable

This post started as a comment reply to Gayle from My Republican Blog, concerning my previous article "Unintended Consequences of Alternative Fuel and Elephant Dung". As happens so often, the comment just grew to be more than a reply and here it is as a full fledged post or rant as is your wont.

How it began -

Gayle: are being very reasonable here so I don't think many liberals will agree with you. You can give them all the facts in the world and they will ignore them. It's so darned frustrating!

Me: Fortunately, Gayle, I write this blog for my own amusement and for like minded individuals such as yourself. The few liberal moonbats, knuckle-draggers, and assorted elite loons who venture here, I generally find annoying and worthy only of being voted off the space island we call Earth.

I do this in the absolute certainty that the truly smart people, those who reason with facts will out-breed the moonbats who practice a secular religion that involves the killing of their young. The pathetic moonbats will be rendered to street corner conversions to increase their herd. Throwing facts in their faces is much like pouring water on the Wicked Witch; it is grand sport watching them melt.

Gayle: So I take it you don't like moonbats, Indigo? LOL! I hear you. I visit some conservative blogs where the moonbats change the subject and in general absolutely take over the blog. I don't understand why the administrators of those blogs let them do that.
I struggled with that question myself, Gayle. I came to see that what I was doing by allowing the crazies to spout-off was not so much adhering to freedom of speech and liberty as one sees it, nor was it an act of tolerance. It was really an act of fear - fear of being called racist, fascist, hater, un-American, NAZI, or any of the other labels the anti-lablers like to plaster about. Too many people are frightened from speaking out for fear of being branded a racist, etc. Being branded a coward by one's family and peers is preferable because they will understand and will love us anyway, is not what the Founders had in mind. Those brave souls pledged thier "lives, fortunes and sacred honor" to the cause in which they believed. Shouldn't we be as brave, or at least a little bit as brave as that?

It is none of those ugly labels to say that some speech is unacceptable, that some commenters are unwanted. The 1st Amendment's Freedom of Speech actually applies to speech between the citizens and the government not between citizen and citizen. There are many laws restricting C-C speech and expression - libel, slander, yelling fire in a crowded theater. Liberal celebrities take advantage of these laws as suits their needs. The concept of tolerance has not been reasoned or debated, but simply imposed upon an unwitting society.

Tolerance is 'forbearing or lenient treatment'. It is synonymous with charitableness, charity, forbearance, indulgence, leniency, but nowhere is the word defined as chaos, anarchy, absolute personal freedom to do as one chooses regardless of consequences to one's self, to others, or property. There are limits. Those limits are defined by what the majority of people deem tolerable, acceptable, and bearable. We could end all crime in 15 minutes if we decided all acts currently defined as criminal to be tolerable, acceptable, and bearable. Done, all crime wiped out, aren't we all righteous and just people!

Islam claims it can do just that - eliminate all crime, all poverty, all want, all disease, all disagreement, if we all define our lives as enslaved to the one true god of the universe, allah the merciful and benevolent, the god who has not been able to provide his followers with one single straight up victory in 700 years, nor bring his people out of the 7th century. "If allah is willing" the adherents say, but they haven't realized allah isn't willing, so, PLEASE, curb your god.

The Democrats also claim they can eliminate all personal, societal, environmental, and civilizational problems if we all rendered more unto Caesar than we do to our own well being and that of our family. The secular god of benevolent government is insatiable, and since we've run out of virgins to sacrifice (praise be to the government god of education), then more and more money from the electorate will have to do. But, the electorate isn't willing, so, PLEASE, curb your god.

There are things that are intolerable, unacceptable, and unbearable. Chopping off of heads is intolerable. Forcing people to believe something as true and eternal which many find abhorrent is unacceptable. Stoning women for being rape victims is unbearable. Listening to my fellow citizens defend a Muslims right to do such things is intolerable. Demanding that a woman's right to choose only includes the choice to abort is unacceptable. Attempting to restrict my right to bear arms is unbearable. Witnessing Western Civilization being dismantled by the wreaking ball of tolerance is intolerable.

Those who speak of the absolute need for absolute tolerance are really nothing more than spoiled children decrying the fact they can't go the party where alcohol, drugs, and sex will be available. The word "No" as it applies to them is not in their lexicon while the rhetoric of "Yes" prevails. They want people to respect them when they are being disrespectful. They want respect for ideas that have no gainful purpose, do not advance the individual or general welfare, nor enhance the well being of society. They want respect without doing the hard work of earning it. They want credit where credit is not due. They want love when they themselves pander to the voices of hate, division, and nullification. They want...they want. They will manufacture "facts" to suits their need at the moment, abandoning that "fact" if it has no purchase in favor of another - it's global cooling, no wait, global warming! That's the ticket. Anything that comes close to substantiated fact is anathema, like daylight to Dracula, or kryptonite to Superman.

"All men [and women] are created equal" liberals throw in our faces, 'it's in the Constitution', they will cry, not knowing the phrase is not in the Constitution. Neither does the phrase mean that all men are equal throughout their lives. We start from the same line and what we do with our lives is up to us as individuals. Life is fair that way. The idea is that, in a Republic, the vast majority of people want the same thing. By allowing individuals to vote their conscience, an equitable solution will result and we will know it to be so because everyone will disagree with the result, but will find it tolerable, acceptable, and bearable.

So go ahead and call me intolerant, racist, fascist, hater, un-American, NAZI, or any of the other epithets favored by the dead-end tolerant liberals. I can take it. However, I still reserve the right to decide what I will bear on my own blog and in my own life. I will continue to resist the politically correct nonsense in my society and the intolerable threat of backward thinking religions to Western Civilization. If that is not acceptable, well aren't you just the intolerant, racist, fascist, hater, un-American, NAZI one.

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


Gayle said...

WOW Indigo! My little comment brought forth all that? Well, all I have to say is "good for me!" ;)

Seriously, that's a wonderful rant, and good for you! You are absolutely correct. I say the same thing only it's a bit shorter: I don't allow behavior on my blog that I wouldn't tolerate in my own home.

When I first began blogging I conducted an experiment where I ran a post called "An Experiment: Can There be a Meeting of the Minds?" LOL! Did I ever learn fast! The trolls practically drove me nuts. It was an abysmal failure but it taught me a lot about the complete idiocy of the left. Comment moderation has been enabled ever since. :)

Slightly off topic: there's a new video up top on my blog that I think you will be interested in as you said "There are things that are intolerable, unacceptable, and unbearable." I believe it takes about 5 minutes to run. I know you don't need to see it, it's the deniers who need to watch it, and I wouldn't even post it if the MSM would run it, but they won't. They want to keep up blind and dumb!

Ortho said...

Indigo Red, this is a thought provoking post. Everyday I try to avoid assigning labels and categories to people. Some days I succeed; other days I fail.

I find all categories and labels trite. However, I find it interesting how some individuals who harp at others for using categories and labels are so eager to categorize themselves and others. It’s a mind-bending mystery. I try to defy categorization. My life, not a category, shall define my existence.

By the way, Gayle also inspired one of my posts:
However, my post is not as thought provoking as yours.

I look forward to read more of your insightful commentaries.

Indigo Red said...

Gayle, we never know what we'll say or when that may set some elses brain a-twirling with unbounded thoughts. It's a mystery of life.

Thank you, Ortho for the kind words. I, too, have tried to defy catagorization. I founf, however, that by defying catagorization, I actually catagorized myself into the defiant and uncatagorized catagory. Labels are not bad things if you choose your own labels rather than allowing others to do so for you.

Henry said...

This is fantastic, Indigo!

I was commenting on the same subject of blogs and comments over the weekend.

I've drawn the same conclusion that the age old tactic of guilt and/or shame are being used to force people to provide a platform for demented views not held by the blog owner. It's actually funny that these people try to make as if there are rules or codes of conduct that we all must abide by in cyberspace.

To them I say, "Get lost or get your own blog."

Indigo Red said...

What's really amazing, Henry, is the methods used in the blogs by the loons is the same as it is in real life. It is a time proven method written into the communist handbook of psy-ops tactics. Redefine all concept words and reframe every question. In the end no one knows what is meant by anything, so everything now seems reasonable.

But insist upon the actual definitions and don't budge and they just go ballistic. Witness the Supreme Court this past week returning the a full term baby aborted late term back to human status and the pro-baby killing crowd went nuts.

Ortho said...

Indigo, could you provide a reference for your statement, "It is a time proven method written into the communist handbook of pys-ops tactics". I would love to read the tactics and strategies that the communist elite encourage the multitude to employ. It appears to be a somewhat effective strategy. Perhaps we can use it to control the "moonbats" we encounter in cyberspace and our daily lives.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you return soon.

Indigo Red said...

I appreciate the request, Ortho, but sadly it isn't information that I have learned in one place. I've read similar accounts related to the VietNam War and the college campus protests, Tom Haydon and Jane Fonda, also the Winter Soldier activities of John Kerry. I do recall that the Winter Soldier stuff was talked about by the Russian KGB agent who wrote the book (literally) for the negative propaganda diseminated by the media and activists.

If I had in my wildest dreams had thought that I would be communicating to a larger audience than just myself, I would have footnoted every bit of data I've ever read or heard. But, it's always been only for my own edification.

Not long ago, I wrote an article about progress in Iraq and added my own notes explaining the statistics that had been published in the newspaper. I always provide the sources I have used, but that time I closed with, "Sources for my own notes: Stuff I already know. If you don't trust my knowledge, go look it up yourself."

I know a lot of stuff, but I don't normally catalog what I learn. However, in trying to answer your request I have done a short search of the internet and have come up with an article originally published Apr 6, 2000 by J.R. Nyquist, In it he speacks of the KGB and GRU propaganda during the VietNam War.

Two quotes stand out:
"The GRU and the KGB, " wrote Colonel Lunev, "helped to fund just about every antiwar movement and organization in America and abroad."
"U.S. military victories were negated by communist propaganda victories in the United States. While the communists were being slaughtered in futile offensive attacks against Vietnam, the American people were being systematically convinced that the war was hopeless." (SOUNDS FAMILIAR.)

I know this isn't exactly what you asked for, but as I said I don't catalog what I know. Like Mulder said, "The truth is out there."

Ortho said...

Indigo, thanks for your response and leads. When I have a few free hours I shall attempt to track it down. I love to learn about tactics and strategies for mind control.

Speaking of reading and notetaking. I read 4 to 6 books a week. Take many notes while I read and produce a 2 page analysis of every book I read. I want a permanent record of every book I read.

I enjoy reading your blog. However, I don't take notes while reading it. Perhaps I should...

Indigo Red said...

4 to 6 books a week! Wow. One of those Evelyn Wood readers are ya?! I don't read hardly that much.

A lifetime of book reports is such a fabulous idea. There's probably a bunch of folks whho do the same. I read about a man who recorded the names of every person he met with short notes about each. At his death, hhis book provided many people with fascinating reading.

Mike's America said...

Ortho: You haven't heard of that commie tactic before?

It's a classic which Lenin and later Stalin exploited.

Now, the topic at hand....

"I don't understand why the administrators of those blogs let them do that."

I've been criticized for letting the moonbats litter my comment pages with their foul droppings.

But as I've pointed out they do serve a purpose.

First of all, no one would believe me if I told them how warped the thinking of some of these lefties are. But the moonbats aren't shy about sharing their delusions and utopian fantasies with us, so we get a good, documented life lesson.

Also, it can be a good stress release to vent on some of these mindless clowns. It can also be frustrating as they will rarely if ever concede how very wrong they are about nearly everything.

I'm blaming my current moonbat infestation on Wordsmith who insisted I remove comment moderation.

Indigo Red said...

Let's not forget, Mike, moonbats increase blog traffic and stimulate conversation. It's only when they become pedestrian, vulgar, and abusive do they become unwelcome.