Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Johnson Wants Apology From Edwards

Monty Johnson is a good ol'boy who owns a gun, has a sign saying "Go Rudy Giuliani 2008" that John and Elizabeth Edwards see every time they pull into their driveway, and he's a guy who doesn't hold a grudge. He says he harbors no ill feelings toward the Edwardses for calling him a "rabid, rabid Republican". He does drive a Ford F-350 "just like George Bush's" and he's proud to a Republican. But after Elizabeth called his property "slummy", well, that was too much. Johnson wants an apology.

I think she owes me an apology. And I won't feel right until I get it. If this is how they treat people in the White House, America is in for a helluva time.

Well, Monty. Good luck with that. Elizabeth Edwards has cancer, you know. That makes her a more sympathetic character than a gun-toting, truck-drivin', good poor ol'boy Republican. She's also alot richer than common folk; she doesn't have to apologize when she insults the vulgar citizen to whom her husband must appeal for votes.

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Mike's America said...

Too bad a group like the NRA doesn't buy Monty's land to build a gun training center for young hunters.