Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Faye Turney Says Ta-Ta to Ahmadinejad

Faye Turney flummoxed a "shallow" Ahmadinejad, she told The Sun. Turney, the only woman in the group of 15 Royal Sailors and Marines kidnapped by the Iranian tyrant, was quickly the face of the hostages. She wrote the letters and spoke the words that were dictated. She did so because she was ordered by her commanding officer, Captain Air, and because Turney wanted to see her three year old daughter grow-up. Turney was in constant fear of being shot to death by her captors.

Of the 15 hostages who were met by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at their departure, only Turney's remarks were not broadcast by the ever anxious Iranian press for supportive soundbites. Why weren't her words broadcast? Well, helpless little mommy Faye Turney proved to Iran's midget tyrant that she is anything but helpless and giving Ahmadinejad a valuable life lesson - never get between a mother and her child.

GUTSY Faye Turney turned the tables on Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he freed her in front of TV cameras — making him SQUIRM.

She was the first of the 15 hostages ushered forward during the cynical stunt in the madman’s own Tehran palace garden.

As Faye stood in front of bearded Ahmadinejad he asked her through a translator: “How is your daughter?”

Faye fumed in response: “I don’t know, Mr President, I haven’t seen her for 13 days — remember?”

The Islamic fanatic stuttered: “Oh yes. But haven’t you been allowed a phone call to her?”

Faye replied: “No I most certainly have not”.

Taken aback by her forthright response, Ahmadinejad was momentarily lost for words. Red-faced, he then muttered: “Er, well, good luck in your life and your future”.

And with that he nervously signalled to flunkies to move Faye on so he could meet the next hostage.

An aide then gave her a children’s doll as the president’s personal present for her only child Molly, three.

Faye said of Ahmadinejad: “He looked really embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.”

She has nothing but scorn for the tyrant whose brutal underlings stripped her to her knickers, threw her in a freezing cell and made her believe she would be killed.

Faye continued: “My feeling was he’d started to regret taking us, and he was trying to say to us, ‘No hard feelings, guys’.

“To me, that just defined the sort of man he is — shallow."
Many people have criticized the Royal Sailors and Marines for their acquiescent behavior, especially Faye Turney for her letter writing. They complied to the degree advised by the commanding officer as best they could without revealing secrets or operation information. Faye Turney, being the only woman, and being singled out by the pirates for special propaganda use,did a superb job knowing she may never see her child again. She chose to continue to provide a better world for her child and her country. Her parting words are proof enough of the worth of women in the defense of country, freedom, and right.

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don said...

These people are such idiots. Captives are going to say whatever their captors want, until they are freed. Don't these fools realize that the truth will come out as soon as they can speak freely?

Indigo Red said...

Yes they are idiots on this one. But, somebody decided to record the comments during the whole ordeal and Iran is going to air a series of programs about how well the HMS Cornwall crew was treated, how they want to come back, how some crewmen said they actually had fun. Muslims will eat-up this stuff. They won't hear what the crew is saying now. Iran doesn't care what we hear and learn; it's all for local consumption.

And that is why the crew should be able to tell their stories in the West. The PR war is far more important than the trigger pulling. And we are losing the PR war.

Jason Bo Green said...

I'm disappointed, I admit - I'm one of those idiots. I'm not Rambo here - I'd wear those Ahmadinejad jackets if I was beaten. But I'd need a bunch of beating to put on that headscarf.

Her devotion to her child Molly is excellent. However, the outpouring of sympathy over her "plight as a mother" is anti-feminist in my eyes. She is not deserving of extra compassion because she has a child at home - she's deserving of the same that a man with a child at home gets. She shouldn't be in the military at all, in my personal opinion (nor should several of her crew members).

Indigo Red said...

Thank you, Jason. These are excellent points that many peole do support. And I have struggled with them myself.

I agree 100% that her status as a mother has been played for all it's worth by all sides. She is deserving of no more than her crewmates because of it. But, then there remains that undeniable fierce protectiveness of a mother that isn't as strong in the male.

The sympathy that has been bestowed is even simpler than anti-feminism, it is down right sexist and I for one resent it. I agree that she should not have been in the military to the point that if she didn't think she might be in combat, she was foolish.

Since women are in the military and will remain in the military, their place and standing must be fully understood as that of a trained killer and bullet stopper just as the men are.

Mike's America said...

Let's hope the Brits start a training program for all personnel in war zones instructing them in future to avoid allowing themselves to be used in propaganda campaigns.

Better yet, change the rules of engagement and tell them to shoot first and ask questions later.

kris said...

good post! And refreshing concusion.