Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Incidents, Two Heroes, One Solution

- condemn the hero.

Tam Brown of Tayside Fire Brigade, Perth, Scotland committed a breach of the Fire Brigades union rules. A 20 year old woman was drowning in the River Tay and hero Tam waded into the river to rescue her, because that's what firemen do - rescue peple. Therein lies the rub - Scottish union firemen aren't allowed to rescue people from water, only Scottish water rescue union guys can do that.

Firemen in such situations are to use the "talk, reach, and throw" technique. This union approved method advocates talking the panicked drowning victim into grabbing onto a proffered rope or pole to be hauled to safety. Or if no ropes and poles are available, just tell the poor soul not to worry because, after all, they're not on fire.

Tam Brown told the Sunday Mail, picked up by Breitbart

We had seconds to act. The girl was losing consciousness. We had one harness, so I put that on and went down 20 feet on a safety line, grabbed her and held her up out of the water. My colleagues tried to pull us towards the steps but the current was so bad and the rope was pulling so hard, it snapped.

With the young woman firmly in tow, Tam Brown swam to the river's edge where they were both pulled from the grip of watery death. Now Tam and his watch manager David Wallace, who agreed to the rescue, are under investigation by the Fire Brigades.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the warming globe...

Reverend Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party in Australia, says Christians are sufferng persecution at the hands of the ever swelling numbers of Muslims allowed into the country. He has called for a 10 year moratorium on Muslim immigration. He proposes that Christian immigrants fleeing Muslim persecution in their home countries to be given priority.

The Rev. Nile told the Australian there has not been any study as to the effects of the already estimated 300,000 strong Muslim population on Australian society. He wants a comparison study done with the Netherlands and France where the Muslim population has already begun to "flex its muscle". Speaking on Southern Cross Radio, Nile said

The same thing is happening in our city of Sydney ... they (Muslims) concentrate and virtually by population numbers they dominate that actual community...They [Egyptian Coptic Christians] say to me, `We feel tension building up, we came to this country to get away from ... discrimination and persecution and we feel the same sort of spirit is growing here.'

The Australian Embassies employ Muslims on staff who often discriminate against Christians for visa applications. Nile says he does not want

Muslims working in our embassies overseas dictating who comes to Australia, let's give priority to persecuted Christians...Muslims aren't persecuted in Muslim countries, Christians are.

Although Mr. Nile advocates tolerance and he admits that Muslim immigration is an easy target for polititians, he does have genuine concerns about the numbers of Muslims entering the country. MP Lee Rhiannon of the Greens Party, however, has concemned him and has called upon all major parties to publically repudiate an immigration moratorium and cancel any preferencial deals with the CDP. Rhiannon says

Rev Nile's statement makes NSW [New South Wales] look ugly and racist...All public figures should distance themselves from such an unacceptable policy.
In a world that just keeps getting dumber everyday, we must now plan our accidents. If one has an inappropriate accident in an inappropriate place then one might be plumb oout of luck. 'Sorry, wrong injury. We can't help, though we do know how. Union rules, you know.'

At one time we could plan our countries and societies, but no longer. 'Christian immigrants? Sorry, wrong religion. Can't come in. Muslim? Ah, yes. Right this way, please. You may, of course, do whatever you wish without fear of interference because w are a tolerant people. What's that? Destroy our culture? Why, of course, you may! It is part of your religion and trying to stop you wouldn't be tolerant, you know.'

And what would happen if Muslims did take over the country? If your house was on fire late at night and you were to run from the flames in immodest bedclothes, can you count on fire and rescue teams to save you and your loved ones? No, not if the rescue guys are Muslims. A Muslim fire brigate might just push you back into the flames for insulting Allah. That's what happened in Saudi Arabia at the girls school.

On a beautiful surf holiday at Bondi Beach, you suffer an accident that demands aid. Can you depend on the world famous tanned and buffed surfer-dude life guards? Nope, not anymore. You'll just have to drown because that is the will of Allah.

Not a pretty world we are making for ourselves. If Muslims want to live in the free Western world, then they must accept the socoetal structures as they are. If not, why are they coming? The strenghen their numbers so the Muslims can take over just as Mohammad says to do, wait until your numbers are large before striking at the infidels.

What's a decent person to do?

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


dcat said...

Sandmonkey had something about blocking the brotherhood.

Now we need something like that eh?

pommygranate said...

The Tam Brown incident beggars belief doesn't it.

The Incredibles comes to life.