Friday, March 02, 2007

Swords and Ex's

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. - A man armed with a 3-foot sword broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend on Thursday apparently because he thought she was with another man, sheriff's deputies said.

Little did he know the ex-girlfriend's roommate, Louis Delgado Hernandez, was not only home, but is an avid sword collector as well.

En garde.

Hernandez grabbed a sword from the wall and a duel ensued, according to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

In the end, it appeared the roommate was more adept at sword play.


Hernandez disarmed Elvis Javier Polanco, 18, of 60 Blazing Star Lane, shortly before deputies arrived, sheriff's Capt. Toby McSwain said. Polanco was cut on the arm in the process. He treated at Hilton Head Regional Medical Center before being taken to the Beaufort County Detention Center.

Here's how the swordplay unfolded:

At around 2 p.m., Polanco and another unidentified man went to the apartment on Genesta Street off Palmetto Bay Road.

It appeared both men had been drinking alcohol, according to McSwain.

Polanco is thought to have broken a second-floor window, climbed onto his friend's shoulders and jumped inside the apartment, according to McSwain.

Hernandez defended the home while the ex-girlfriend, whose name was not provided, called 911.

A deputy was nearby and arrived within minutes, but not before the other suspect drove away in a white vehicle of unknown make and model.

Polanco was charged with second-degree burglary and high-and-aggravated assault and battery. He remained in the jail Thursday night, according to the jail's online log.

Hernandez won't be charged, McSwain said.

The Island Packet
Break-in ends in sword fight
Published Friday, March 2, 2007

Say, don't we know someone living on this idylic isle?

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Don said...

Yeah I want to hear Mike's take on this. Do they still go out on the dunes and have duels?

Tom said...

When the Libs take away the guns, I guess we'll have to get swords to defend our homes...

Indigo Red said...

More and more dueling is looking like a better alternative to the current justice system to me, Don.

After they get the guns, Tom, the Liberals will take away the knives like they've done in Great Britain.

dcat said...


I refuse to eat stake with plastic utensils!

dcat said...

"Steak" ;)

Indigo Red said...

No worries, dcat. You do have those claws!