Monday, March 26, 2007

Some People Can't Be Frightened

Muslims killed her husband in the Madrid train bombing in 2004. Today she got a little revenge. Wearing a t-shirt with the cartoon image of Mohammad with a turban bomb, the unidentified woman sat in the front row of the courtroom where the bombing suspects were standing trial.

She sat there for half an hour before walking to the glass cage confining the defendants. Defiantly she stood in front of the accused killers of her husband and 190 other innocent people, then she turned and walked out of the court.

Judge Javier Gomez Bermudez asked security to identify the woman as she left the courthouse. She was then put in contact with psychologists who have been specially recruited to help the survivors and victim families cope with the trial.

We need more people like this woman. People not afraid to stand up to Muslims, thumb their nose, and say 'CURB YOUR GOD!'

Yahoo News

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don said...

Good for her. It is kinda like shining a light on cockroaches. You passed 20,000 with little fanfare.

Indigo Red said...

And cockroaches they are, Don. But, these are the kind that relish the light. Fortunate for us, a few people, like this woman, are willing to look them straight in the eye and nt flinch at the ugliness before them.

Yep, 20K. What I like about that is the worldwide range of readers. Many blogs with high numbers are concentrated in one or two countries. The readers here come from nearly every time zone that has land under it. And I'm grateful for that, Don.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

We need more people like this woman. People not afraid to stand up to Muslims, thumb their nose, and say 'CURB YOUR GOD!'

It'd be nice if more of the so-called moderate Muslims would stand up and make more noise, denouncing their radical brethren. But of course, that takes courage...and also a willingness to alienate and not feel sympathetic or secretly prideful of the jihadists for making the world tremble.

Anonymous said...

What a fascist and racist blog.

Indigo Red said...

You're quite right, Wordsmith. It would be nice, but that pride thing does get in the way.

Anonymous, thank you for the kind words. Although, Muslims are not a race as commonly understood as a group of people with similar physiological features; Muslims are every where. Neither is this blog fascist as I do not call for state control through military force of a singular nationalist philosophy; private civilian pluralism is the best way.

Mike's America said...

Oh I had one of those moderate muslim types (or maybe she's a Catholic, was hard to tell) commenting at my page today.

Apparently she was unaware that there are radicals out there who treat women like property, execute homosexuals like Rosie O'Donnel on sight and generally think it is ok to kill everyone who is not like them.

If there really are this huge majority of "peaceful" Muslims why don't they knock the crazies upside the head and take care of the problem. It's bad for business.

If this huge majority is that weak they cannot even handle that task, then they should SHUT UP and let us do it without all that bitching.

I got kind of tired of this chickie telling me that the US must "respect" other people around the world.

Finally said, you know, next time some great natural disaster or evil crazy starts killing everyone, why don't you go and call the UN?

HA HA HA HA! They'll take care of you!

Indigo Red said...

Woooeee! Just a little ticked off there, aren't you, Mike?!

The crazies are feeling their oats, what with Miss Nancy in the House. And Rosie going nuts nearly everyday on the View saying all the weird stuff that all the libs are really thinking, but can't quite put into words because they don't have dictionaries.

I'm afraid there really is no way of reaching the looney libs. The world truly is populated only by good people who only need a hug in heir world view.

Call the UN! That's a good one.

Tom said...

Good for the woman - hope it ticked off the "defendants."

Perhaps the Libs will wake up one day, but I'm afraid that it will be too late.

As far as "The Spew" is concerned, there is nothing factual or entertaining about it. Just listening to Rosie makes my head hurt...