Saturday, March 17, 2007

Illegal Irish in America

Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, after presenting President Bush with the traditional St. Patrick's Day shamrocks, suggested that the US should allow the approximately 50-to-70-thousand illegal Irish immigrants in the United States "to step away from the shadows and into the sunshine."

Fifty to seventy THOUSAND illegal Micks in America?! Good lord! As we celebrate St. Pats Day by drinking green beer and eating green corned beef, there are Irishmen working and living outside the immigration laws of our fair land. They may have even taken the waiter jobs from good Americans in the very bars and pubs serving the green beer.

This situation must be remedied. I.C.E. should raid the bars and pubs, hauling off the illegal Irish for deportation to wherever they came from (which would be Ireland.) And I say, 'Good riddance to ya! Go back to the Emerald Isle and take your potatoes with you! And your Lucky Charms, too!'

And they weren't even Irish shamrocks; they were American grown shamrocks.

Short reading list for further information on the illegal Irish invasion:
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Tom C said...

Hmmm... The back o me hand an the sole o me boot to ye lad! K I can understand the Mexicans, but the Irish? Guess I thought it was better over there though I do know a lazy scott!