Sunday, February 25, 2007

What A Conservative Should Know

What A Liberal Will Believe listed a bunch of "facts" generally accepted by Liberals and far too many Conservatives. As pointed out, none of the "facts" are true.

Semator Barak Hussein Obama, writes in his memoir, The Audacity of Hope, "The arguments of liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact." Randall Hoven, writing for The American Thinker challenges Obama's assertion and the rest of us, the "benighted conservatives", who haven't bothered to learn what is and isn't factual.

The Questions

1. In 2005, the U.S. federal government spent $581 billion on Health and Human Services and $560 billion on Social Security Administration, for a combined total over $1.1 trillion. How much did the United States spend on Defense-Military?

(a) $2.744 trillion
(b) $1.474 trillion
(c) $744 billion
(d) $474 billion
2. In 2001, public spending per capita on health in the United Kingdom, Canada and France was $1,518, $1,531 and $1,599, respectively. How much was public spending per capita on health in the United States?

(a) $168
(b) $682
(c) $1,286
(d) $2,168
3. In 2003 in the U.S., those making $200,000 or more (Adjusted Gross Income, or AGI) made up less than 2% of all federal income tax returns, yet they accounted for almost 22% of all income (AGI) reported to the IRS. What fraction of all federal income tax dollars came from those who made $200,000 or more in 2003?

(a) 2%
(b) 12%
(c) 22%
(d) 42%
4. While 140 countries have signed the Kyoto Treaty to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the U.S. refuses to do so. From 1994 to 2004, carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of fossil fuels increased by 19.4% in Canada, 26.4% in Greece, 42.9% in Norway, and 68.4% in China. How much did carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of fossil fuels increase in the U.S. from 1994 to 2004?

(a) 129%
(b) 92.1%
(c) 29.1%
(d) 12.9%
5. In 2004 in the U.S., just three years after the 911 attacks, there were 1,013 anti-Jewish hate crime offenses. How many anti-Islamic hate crime offenses were there?

(a) 100,094
(b) 10,094
(c) 1,094
(d) 194
6. In 2004 in the U.S., the cumulative total of men who had AIDS due to sexual contact with other men was 402,722. How many men had AIDS due to sexual contact with women?

(a) 43,347,000
(b) 4,334,700
(c) 433,470
(d) 43,347
7. In 2004 in the U.S., it was not known whether a weapon was present in 5.2% of the cases of rape and sexual assault. A non-firearm weapon was known to be present in 7.9% of the cases. How often was a firearm known to be present in rapes and sexual assaults?

(a) 80%
(b) 40%
(c) 20%
(d) 0%
8. The CIA's "Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD" by the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), also known as the "Duelfer Report", is the authority commonly cited to debunk the threat of WMD as an excuse to invade Iraq in 2003. Which of the following statements was taken from the Duelfer Report?

(a) "we cannot express a firm view on the possibility that WMD elements were relocated out of Iraq prior to the war"
(b) "ISG technical experts fully evaluated less than one quarter of one percent of the over 10,000 weapons caches throughout Iraq"
(c) "Iraq could have re-established an elementary BW [biological warfare] program within a few weeks to a few months of a decision to do so"
(d) All of the above.
9. In 2003 in the U.S., the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle accidents was 5,991. How many motorcycle riders were killed?

(a) 36,076
(b) 7,663
(c) 6,736
(d) 3,676
10. The intelligence of President George W. Bush is often ridiculed, especially on late-night comedy shows. What fraction of the general population is less intelligent than President Bush?

(a) 25%
(b) 50%
(c) 75%
(d) 95%
The Answers

To each question the answer is (d).

1. The U.S. federal government spent $474 billion on Defense-Military in 2005, well less than either Health and Human Services or Social Security (Table 461). In fact, it was less than 20% of all federal outlays and just 3.8% of GDP. These are historically low numbers and unprecedented for wartime.

2. Despite the U.S. health care system often being described as a "free market", the U.S. spends more in public dollars per capita than almost all other countries, including Canada and the U.K. In fact, only Norway spends more (Table 1318). Note that these are public dollars, meaning government spending. Total public and private spending on health care in the U.S. is about double that, or about 16% of GDP.

3. Households with AGI of $200,000 paid over 42% of all federal income taxes, despite making up less than 2% of all returns and just 22% of all reported income (Table 474). In fact, the average tax rate for those making $500,000 or more was 25%, while it was only 7% for those making between $30,000 and $40,000, or near median incomes. That means the richest tax payers pay more than triple the rate of the middle class. And this is well after the Republican tax cuts took effect.

4. Between 1994 to 2004, carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. increased by 12.9%, the same increase as that of France and a smaller increase than that of Canada, Greece, Norway, and China. In fact, U.S. emissions grew at a slower rate than the emissions from 143 of 213 countries (67%), including Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Moreover, North America is actually a carbon dioxide sink, meaning it absorbs more than it produces.

5. In 2004 in the U.S., just three years after the 911 attacks, there were 194 anti-Islamic hate crime offenses, about one fifth as many as anti-Jewish offenses, and only about 2% of all hate crime offenses (Table 308). In fact, anti-Jewish offenses constituted over two thirds of all anti-religion hate crime offenses, despite both the small numbers of Jews in the country and the much-feared "Muslim backlash" (meaning backlash of non-Muslims against Muslims) that appears ever more phantasmagorical.

6. In 2004 in the U.S. there was a cumulative total of 43,347 men who had AIDS due to sexual contact with women, or about a tenth as many as those who had it from sexual contact with other men (Table 177). However, since heterosexual men outnumber gay men by a factor of 10 to 100, gay men (herein meaning men who have sex with men) are 100 to 1,000 times more likely than heterosexual men to get AIDS from sexual contact.

7. In 2004 in the U.S., no firearm was known to be present in any rape or sexual assault - zero, despite some other type of weapon being present in about 8% of such crimes (Table 315).

8. The Duelfer Report admitted that dozens of chemical weapons actually were found [later determined to be more than 500], that the ISG did not search much of Iraq, that its sources were not reliable, that most suspected WMD sites had been looted or destroyed, that WMD could very well have been taken out of the country, that WMD programs could have been reconstituted and WMD produced quickly, and that Saddam Hussein intended to do exactly that shortly after he bribed enough countries using the "oil for food" program to drop the sanctions and inspection regime. Does that sound like "no threat" or "no evidence" to you?

9. More pedestrians than motorcycle riders were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2003 - in fact, 63% more, according to the National Safety Council. Of the 44,757 deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, only 3,676 (8%) were motorcycle riders. Should pedestrians be forced to wear helmets, as are motorcycle riders in many states? Why not drivers and passengers in cars and trucks, for that matter?

10. George W. Bush's SAT score of 1206 has been widely reported. The SAT score (if taken prior to 1995) can be used to estimate IQ, to compare to the general population, and to compare to occupational averages and popular figures in history. Using such estimates, President Bush's IQ is between 125 and 130 which ranks him as more intelligent than over 95% of the population, more intelligent than most college professors and medical doctors, and similar to Abraham Lincoln, Rousseau and Thackeray (comparative IQs of 128).

All of the Liberals who answer these question either will or have answered them wrong. The majority of the Indigo Red readers are Conservatives - so, how'd you do?

How did I do? Well, honestly, I didn't know the answer to many of the questions. However, knowing which answer a Liberal would choose (the worst case) compelled the opposite response. As most of us here have found, any position diametrically opposite that of Liberals is, ipso facto, the correct and factual answer. When one learns this, facts become self-evident.

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan (attributed), four-term U.S. Senator, ambassador, administration official, and academic. Democrat (they're not all stupid.)

The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Excellent stuff!

Y' question #3, I caught on that all the answers would probably be (d), whether I actually knew it or not. Yet for #7 I decided to go with (c)....dammit!

Thanks for posting this.

Indigo Red said...

Yeah, I caught on about #3 also. But, I did know #7 only because I am an NRA member getting the First Freedom magazine. Otherwise, I would have thoght (c).

dcat said...

Soooo obvious!

NRA here too Indigo :)

Mike's America said...

Well then we must ALL be in the 95th percentile because I caught on quick too.

Great find Indigo.

Wordsmith posted it at Flopping Aces so beware of any lurking moonbats.

BB-Idaho said...

"any position diametrically opposite that of Liberals is, ipso facto, the correct and factual answer"...and vice versa, heh!
From the liberal side, though, the
only 'fact' herein which I find
problematic is the wmd. My reading of the Duefler summary
indicates that one old leaker sarin
shell and a few old inert mustard
rocketheads were found and they
looked REAL hard. The report also stated that removal was 'unlikely', which I would subscribe to, given the intensity
of our effort there. So, if you should back off the wishful thinking on that one, we agree

Indigo Red said...

The issue of the WMD was not simply to destroy any WMD that the ENTIRE world, including Saddam Hussein, said was there, but also to destroy Iraq's ability to reconstitute a WMD program.

Though the Duelfer Report did say removal of any WMD was unlikely, the authors did not say it was impossible. There is evidence the WMD was removed to Syria. The Syrians shipped chemicals weapons to Sudan when the US was threatening action against Syria. When the US threatened action against Sudan, very publically, the Sudanese told Syria to take back the chemical weapons. Were these weapons Iraqi in origin? I don't know, but the activity is hinky.

So, no, I don't think I'll back off any statement. I find the Duelfer Report to be problematic and incomplete.

MonicaR said...

I am going off in a different direction here. (BTW - I was surprised by a couple of the answers!) I went and read that link that you provided to an article on SAT scores.

I'm just being a witch here, but I cannot believe that guy who got such a low score that he was told not to even bother going to college. What field did he choose for his career? Frikken education. Swear to God. This man scored so low on that test that the priests at the Catholic school he went to wouldn't even tell him the score. He then passes 25 years in public education. I'm floored.

Indigo Red said...

The sad truth of the SATs, as you know Monica, is that the test only measures what the test taker has absorbed of the dominant culture. That's why many minorities in the US, who did not grow up in the dominant white society, don't do well.

Personally, I don't place much importance on the SAT score. I passed in the top third, but so what. I also did not do well on the English portion, yet, here I am using the skill in which I did not test well.

BB-Idaho said...

The ENTIRE world said was there?..the ENTIRE world was TOLD was there. At the time, I happened to agree with Hans Blix and the inspectors on the ground.
My cynicism is based on experience as an army officer in chem/bio weapons research some years back.
The infrastructure required is complex, even in a primitive country..see for our
site with over 1200 tons VX. We
have 7 similar installations. Our
pre-war intelligence (made available) was scanty, in my opinion. Sorry to disagree, but
that's what democracies do best.

Indigo Red said...

20/20 hindsight is a wonderous thing, bb.

Yes, the best information provided by, France, Germany, Russia, China, Iran Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, IRAQ, Great Britain, etc., all said there was alot of WMD in Iraq. That it wasn't there when we arrived is another matter. AT THE TIME, even Saddam, his military, and his scientists were all saying the stuff was there in large quantity.

Thank you for your honorable service. But, pardon me if I don't hang my safety on your cynicism and faith in Hans Blix. How dead could I be right now if your judgement and that of Hans Blix were actually followed and you were wrong? Not a chance I wanted to take and not a chance the President wanted to take.

BB-Idaho said...

Fair 'nuff. My cynicism comes with the territory..explosives scientist in the defense industry for 27 years, and quite proud that my folks's stuff is in every GAU8
on a Warthog or helicopter and all the other 20-30mm ordnance used by our troops. (I may have the qualifications to be a conservative)..but heck some of us
liberals are born that way, know what I mean? But in my line of
work (retired, all fingers still on), hard cold facts pre-empted opinion. Prior to Iraq, during the
run-up, when everyone was jumping on, I wrote my congressman that there was insufficient evidence of WMD, certainly not enough to rush
off to war. I'm in a red state and got the canned reply. So,
not exactly hindsight for me personally. Those who depended on my judgement are all alive and well, but certainly in this particular argument, my intent is not to dissuade as much as offer
perspective from a different angle
nor would I want you to follow Hans Blix or my judgement if that
made you feel in jeopardy. Maybe skeptical rather than cynical would better describe my view? So, thanks for hearing me out, you are
a gentleman and clearly a patriotic

Indigo Red said...

Okay, I'll trade cynicism for skepticism any day. An explosives guy with all fingers intact certainly knows a thing or two. But, to tell you the truth, you had me at Warthog, my favorite plane - real ugly, real effective.

BB-Idaho said...

Amen, my favorite combat plane also. I've only seen them in operation at air shows, but very
impressive for close ground support. My involvement was with
the M15 and M36A2 primer, the latter being used for GAU-8 30mm.
My group manufactured the priming
'composition'. We had two complaints of firing out of register, resulting in shooting off the front landing gear: neither was a primer problem, thankfully..but as you know, functioning those bigger rounds at
70/second involves some chemical
and mechanical high speed complexity. BTW, although retired, I miss the really interesting work, having been
responsible for a couple million lbs of various primer formulations, quite a bit of which also went into commercial pistol and police ammo. Way off subject, but glad to discuss a critical, if minor, aspect of weaponry!! I've heard that the weird 'growl' of the GAU-8 sounded like a snorting
pig, hence the tag 'warthog' Heh.

bernie said...

BB-Idaho: Nice to be cautious but in the real world hesitation will kill you. A cop sees a parolee who previously had a gun and used it in a crime. The parolee is under legal obligation not to carry any weapons. The cop asks him to remove his hands from his jackets and to allow the cop to frisk him. The parolee refuses to comply with either request.

Again and again the cop orders the man to show that he is not armed and to allow inspection. The cop says unless the man takes his hands out and allows inspection he will be arrested. The parolee refuses inspection and resists.

The cop attacks the parolee who fights back viciously. After the arrest, we find no gun. The cop thought it had one, the parolee acted as if he had one, and the cop correctly and properly did his duty to preserve safety in our society.

Now we have BB come along saying well, I didn't think he had a gun, even though he had one before, even though he was acting as if he was hiding one, because I'm psychic that way and events in hindsight now show that I was correct all along.

No, you took a risky guess at the peril of our safety, and even though you might have guessed correctly we still don't know with 100% accuracy if the gun was thrown away during the fight. But even giving you the benefit of the doubt, you may have been right about the gun but you are wrong, dead wrong, to think that the cop acted in any way but the correct one.

BB-Idaho said...

Well, Bernie, regarding the parable of the parolee, let's complicate it a bit..say the cop
sees a thug throw a grenade at a bus. People are killed, the cop is an eyewitness. He chases the
guilty thug into an ally, where
another crook is hiding, the second crook has already been
punished severely (let's say by
the cop's father). This second
crook is a loudmouth, braggart and pain in the butt, but his parole officer and several cops have been keeping an eye on him all along. Why would a cop shoot the grenade crook in the foot, then empty his weapon on the second? Clearly, parables are not my forte, but they run in contraposing pairs..
"He who hesitates is lost" & "Look
before you leap"

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The Mindset said...

For #5, the link is this:
Hate Crime in USA

and the table number is 318.
Please correct if I am wrong.