Thursday, February 22, 2007

Never Think Ahead Says Hillary

"I never think ahead," Senator Hillary Clinton told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She was in Nevada on an early voting state walk through. This was in answer to a question as to whether or not the First Whorehound would have a West Wing office in a Hillary Administration.

"I never think ahead."

The Senator added, "I'm like the person sitting in the dugout. I don't want to talk about it during the game."

"I never think ahead."

Hillary admitted she not much of a gambler, but has dropped a few bills at the blackjack tables. An honest admission of vice from a Clinton, any Clinton, is refreshing.

"I never think ahead."

When asked about mining in Nevada, she said environmental protection is "critical", she does not oppose any large mining operations in the state. Hillary said mining has a role to play and she isn't against any industry. "I just think everybody has to be held to certain standards because the world and our beautiful country, particularly here in the West, is a common good that we all have a stake in trying to preserve."

"I never think ahead."

The original AP news story focused on the gambling in a gambit to gloss over that one small seemingly insignificant quote. The AP even started their story with, "Here's a good bet."

"I never think ahead."

That's the story; that's the money quote - "I never think ahead." Is this what we really want in a President of The United States of America? The nominal leader of the Free World who doesn't think ahead? A Presidential candidate of either sex, any shape, or color who doesn't think ahead?

"I never think ahead."
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Carson City, Nev. Feb 21, 2007.

Or just a coy ploy to counter the agenda driven schemer image?

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don said...

You need to be a little more balanced and fair Indi. Just like a soldier going into combat, Hildebeest should be given the proper weapons to accomplish her mission. She doesn't have the equipment required to think ahead.

Mike's America said...

Interesting idea Don.

But I see it a bit differently. I think she DOES think ahead and is simply doing what David Geffen said the Clinton's do better than anyone else: LYING!

She's already got the measurements for the oval office drapes, heck, she probably still has the drapes, not to mention the furniture, that she stole when she left last time.

So, she's probably thinking less about redecorating, or whose office goes where and about the best way to implement her policies.

We all know that another Democrat administration will be a clone of the previous Dem administrations. Can we afford another Carter-Clinton clone surrendering in the war on terror, neutering the military and killing the goose that lays the economic gold eggs with another huge dose of socialism?

Hillary IS thinking ahead. The question is, are we?

dcat said...

You just shot me I can't think of what I was about to say!!!

I guess it wasn't important. Just like hillary isn't important.

Tom C said...

eeewwwwhhh. I saw a faux pic of her topless. It's why I'm blind in one eye!

Indigo Red said...

Hillary is ill equipped and she is lying. However, I do take her at her word if one assumes she may think ahead, but has no real concept of the consequences beyond her own utopian view. Any outcome outside the scope of that utopian ideal must be, in Hillary-think, the result of the vast right wing conspiracy.

We must be careful not apply the same biases to Hillary as she applies to the world outside of herself. Hanlon's Razor, is an adage stating:

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity; or:

Never assume malice when stupidity will suffice.

While every conceivable and inconceivable outcome is possible, Hillary is biased only to those outcomes that fit the preconceptions. In this way, she can reasonably "never think ahead" as everything is going to happen exactly as she imagined the outcome.

When the outcome varies from Clinton utopian thought, the reaction is angry and uncontrolled, as we have been informed by many of the Clinton insiders like Geffen and Dick Morris.

Indigo Red said...

Maybe LAZIK surgery could help, Tom. Using a laser to cut Hillary right out of the universe would solve many problems at once.

Tom C said...

Yep, and keep me from having to thumb my other eye!

bernie said...

She was misquoted. What she said was, "I never think of head" which is why Slick Willie needed to have his wee willie smoked.