Friday, February 16, 2007

Hillary Buys Black People

Senator Hillary Clinton told a majority Black church audience in Harlem back in January 2006

When you look at the way the House of Representatives has been run, it has been run like a plantation and you know what I'm talking about...
During a CNN AMERICAN MORNING interview that aired in November 2004, Clinton again used the plantation analogy:

Well, I mean, what can I say? It's just so typical. I mean they're running the House of Representatives like a fiefdom with Tom DeLay as, you know, in charge of the plantation.
For $210,000, Hillary has purchased the black members of the Bible Way Church of Columbia, South Carolina; well at least their votes. Senator Darrell Jackson is the pastor of the BWCC and he sold out to the highest bidder. Illinois Senator Barack Obama, also tried to buy the black vote, but lost out to the rich white lady. Besides, black people can't buy other black people; only only wealthy white folk, like Hillary or Madonna, can buy black people.

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dcat said...

Slavery takes on a new way of doing it is all! I hear ya Indigo and you bet that will be applied to all of us!

Indigo Red said...

You betcha it takes on a whole new (de)meaning. When will American Blacks stand up and say "I got my own"?

They don't need Nanny Hillary nor Miss Nancy in order to progress or succeed. They already have succeeded. If the ecomomy of American Blacks were to be singled out, that economy would outrank France and be the fourth largest economy in the world. The AmBlack economy nearly exceeds the economy of almost the entire continent of Africa. The circumstance of their arrival to the Americas is deplorable and indefensable. But, they are here and I for one am damn glad for American Blacks. I lonk=g for that day when we can all be Americans without color distinction. But, the Democrat Party and their condescending nanny statism must be destroyed first.

Americans of any color do not need to be talked down to by rich white women who believe the entertaining but hapless "darkies" need rich white handouts of expensive white castoffs.

dcat said...

I just wish the Americans that are draining the system get off their dead ass and do something constructive with their life! And give like the rest of us are giving!

For a strong America don't count on the dimmys!

Tom C said...

Guess I should have went out and got you a pic of this church on Sunday morning. One look at the parking lot and you know somebody got theirs!

Indigo Red said...

Damn straight, Tom. The AmBlcaks have oodles of money. That's why Nanny Hillary's gone a'courtin'. There's money in them thar Black churches.

dcat said...

Good Indigo!

Maybe then they can get a few of the followers off of the system!!!

Tom said...

Not only money, but power!! Just ask any black politician to play the race card - it pretty well trumps a lot of the other cards out there.

Indigo Red said...

Just as time and space are the same thing, Tom, money and power are the same thing. I've never heard of a powerless rich person, nor a powerful poor person.

One can point to M.K.Gandhi and say he was a poor man with much power. In reality, Gandhi may not have had an excess of dubloons, he most certainly had an abundance of wealthy friends around the world willing to subsidize everything Gandhi did.

There may be wealthy folk who lack power, but I've yet to know of any, so I can't even give an example.

BTW, money can and does buy happiness. Only the wealthy say it doesn't, that may be to dissuade the poor majority from enjoying the happiness money can buy.

The Founders had a different notion of happiness than we have today. Today most folks might say happiness equates with peace of mind, health, and a loving family. When Tom Jefferson wrote, "...certain inalianable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", the word 'happiness' refered to a person's ability to acquire stuff and thence derive enjoyment from that stuff. Happiness was not some touchy-feely warm-fuzzy folks today imagine it to be. It was stuff - wide screen television, Lazy-Boy recliner, 4X4 monster truck, cigarettes, booze, eggs fried in bacon fat - anything from which the owner derived satisfaction.

And money buys all of that. Can anyone say with a straight face that Donald Trump is unhappy? Can anyone say with an equally straight face the shabby street person is happy? I can't, and I dare say no here can. No one aspires to the happiness of the street person. How many of us have attended in the past year a seminar on How to be a Successful Street Person? Not many I wager as compared to the thousnds who attend the How to Become a Millionaire seminars held weekly at any Hilton Hotel near you. Call now; operators are standing by.

And what operators they are, too. These modern gurus have all made a grand living out of getting the money from your bank account into theirs while providing nothing but empty promises and wishful thinking to the attendees. "What? You didn't get rich in 30 days or less? Well, you just didn't buy enough of the books I have written that on sale now right here on this table. And today only, all books are at a special seminar price. You can normally buy this book at Barnes and Nobles for a measly six bucks. But, today you can buy each one for $19.99. Why the higher price, you ask? Well, it's because I, the author, am standing right here next to you with my hand on your wallet, that's why!"

And for hundreds of years we fallen for the patter of the huckster, the canival barker, the preacher, the politician, snake oil salesmen all. At least they offer a promise, hollow as it is, of a better life. The poor street person has got what to offer?

dcat said...

I make my own happiness!

I work and play hard but never take!

There I have said it!

Indigo Red said...

Intuitively, dcat, you understand the Founders. You have worked hard for that fast car and you enjoy it, especially on bright warm days with the top down. Then return to you nice home which you have worked hard to bring up to your standards. And you enjoy that too.

You have happiness as envisioned by the Founders. Good for you.

And so has Tom. I have seen Tom's Cabin by the water. It's a dandy place to come home to.

dcat said...

Yes Indigo you mean Tom C's home by the lake? There be more then one Tom here LOL.