Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mein Kampf and Modern Islam

Adolph Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in which he told the world everything he intended to do and no one listened. He said he would unite Europe under the NAZI banner. No one listened. He said he would cleanse the continent of all those people who were unworthy of life . No one listened. He said he would rid the world of international Jewry with a solution that was final. And again no one listened. Hitler and NAZI Germany nearly succeeded in carrying out every promise made in Mein Kampf.

Today, Hitler's Mein Kampf is second only to the Quran in sales in the Islamic world. The Islamic Mein Kampf promises much the same as the original. Uniting the world under the black banner of Muhammad, cleansing the world of infidels, and the elimination of all Jews. The above Islamic Main Kampf and the accompanying pamphlet produced through FrontPage Magazine and the Terrorism Awareness Project are excellent primers for those who know little of the history and valuable reminders of the basics for those who do know the history of modern Islamic terrorism.

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Don said...

I swear that guy looks just like the fella who washed my windshield the last time I had to stop for a red light when driving through the bowery.

Indigo Red said...

Ya know, Don, I work with a guy who's a dead ringer for Saddam Hussein. He came to the company shortly after the Persian Gulf War. One can never know what REALLY happens in the world.

Ken Hoop said...

Pat Buchanan exposes the sinister fifth column fomenting unnecessary war with Iran.

mudkitty said...

In English, Mein Kampf means "my life."

And yes, many religions have something in comman with Nazis. It's called authoritarianism. From there it's a slippery slide to totalitarianism.


And now you guys are dissing people people based on their ethnicity. Great.

You've came a long way get where you were to begin with.

Gayle said...

We conservatives are dissing people who are trying to kill us, MudKitty. Why don't you try getting it straight once-in-awhile? Ahmadinejad would chop your head off in a heartbeat, the same as he would mine.

By the way, it's not only Republicans who can see straight. The administrator of Shades of Red, White and Blue is a liberal and feels exactly the way Indigo Red does, and most conservatives do, regarding national security. I'm not going to give you her link because I don't want you driving her nuts. Nevermind, she's on my sidebar. She can take care of herself and certainly out debate the likes of you any day of the week.

Excellent analysis, Indigo Red. :)

Indigo Red said...

Actually, dear mudkitty, "Mein Kampf" translates to Engilsh as "My Struggle"; always has and it is common knowledge and easily researched. If it was the more inoccuous 'My Life' then Adie (the name his family used) would have used a word like 'Leben' which means life. But there are many other words for the different states of life and the various connotaions of the word beyond that part between conception and death, such as term life (insurance), life of the term life insurance (length of time the insurance is in force), and so on.

The German word 'Kampf' has many translations, but all have the same connotation; battle, campaign, combat, conflict, contest, fight, strife, struggle. 'Kampf' is a noun so it is always capitalized. If it was not the book's title it would be rendered mein Kampf.

Hitler considered himself in ein Kampf auf Leben und Tod, daher der Name.

Get a dictionary...a German-English dictionary.

Indigo Red said...

"And now you guys are dissing people people based on their ethnicity." mudkitty

I have pondered a reply to this for several minutes, but I can find none. That's because I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote, "Do not write to be understood, write so that you cannot possibly be misunderstood." I offer this as friendly advice, mudkitty.

Indigo Red said...

I think, Gayle, Ahmadinejad would chop your head much sooner and with far more relish because you actually understand what he's about. He would save out those like mudkitty because he needs infidels to pay jizya and do the work. They're not called 'useful idiots' for nothing, you know.

Tom C said...

Hmmm Kitty isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, is she.

Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

Indigo Red, I saw your response to my comment posted on Gayle's MRB site and thought I would pop on by and check out your Blog, and I must say, it is very good.
In regard to your post: "MEIN KAMPH AND MODERN ISLAM", you are absolutely correct in you translation of Mein Kamph being "My Struggle". Also, most people don't realize the very close connection that the Middle East had with Hitler and his Nazi regime, especially Saddam in Iraq. Many individuals in Iran/Iraq received extensive training from the German SS.

I don't know how many members of the clergy of the various Catholic and Christian denominations have been able to remain free from the stink and stain of "political correctness" as well as that of "secular progressiveness", but I sure as heck am one and I express the truth as it IS and not the way I wish it were.

People never learn, either through history or through personal experience. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 says:


People of the world, if Islam is such a peaceful and loving religion that was hijacked by terrorists, then why haven't we heard the voices of the non-terrorist moderates of Islam? Why haven't they spoken out against the vicious threats and the rape of the minds of their children?

Aunty Belle said...

My gracious,
I'se followin' Gayle all around the blogsphere, first seein' her at Hell Pig's --now found Red--real fine blog, Indigo Red. Enlightenin'.

Looky, times' a waistin' so mayahp you won't mind iffin' I jes' jump in?

Islam is a political system with a religious veneer. Islam a synthesis of heresies. Briefly, there were Jewish and Christian communities in Mecca at the time of Mohammed. He seen how they was more peaceful and cohesive than the tribal chaos of the nomadic traders that flowed in and out of Mecca, he
borrowed from them for a religion that would be filled with dissident Christian (Arians. Monophysites) and Jewish theology.

Iffin' ya'll wants a really good book to read on Islam get a holt of JIHAD by Paul Fregosi.

dcat said...

here ya go people!

Get them before they get you!

Gayle said...

In response to your comment regarding my head being chopped off before MudKitty's, it's not a very pleasing prospect, but you're probably right! Yikes! Oh well, I'd rather die fighting than be anyone's useful idiot. :)

If auty bell should return or if you or anyone else link to her or visit her, please tell her for some reason I cannot access her link. I've tried several times and windows won't cooperate! :(

Very Rev. Fr. Gregori said...

Gayle that makes two of us. I couldn't link to aunty bell either. I think it is one of those things that make you go "hmmmmmm".

Don said...

Hey Indi it is great to see more people discovering one of the best blogs in the entire blogosphere.

Indigo Red said...

Yes it is, Don. I don't know about one of the best blogs though, but thanks.

david said...

ok before you talk you should read
dont tell me you already know about the quran that you dont need to read
and look at the bible too

Indigo Red said...

And exactly how do you know, David, that I haven't read the Quran and Hadith? Or are you just guessing, hoping to trip me up?

I have read the books in question. I have two Qurans and four Bibles. I have internet access to all the Hadiths from the most reliable to the least.

I will now make a guess. I am guessing I'm alot older than you. I base that on your know-it-all attitude and the absence of correct grammer and punctuation in your comment.

Now...precisely, what is your question or objection?

Mike's America said...

Tell that muzzie "david" to take a hike.

Mohammed was a pedophile! Islam is a phony religion centered on war and butchery.