Tuesday, December 19, 2006

1 Kilt, 15 Soldiers - Situation Bollocksed

Great Scot! More than 5,000 Scottish soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, men who serve combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, must share only 320 kilts. Proud Scottish combat troops who wore traditional Highland tartans in battle as late as World War I, now cannot parade to the skirl o'the pipes for lack plaid.

Lt. Col. Willy Macnair, of the now defunct Queen’s Own Highlander Regiment said,

The kilt is psychologically important for the identity of Scottish soldiers. It may mean that some soldiers in this (new) regiment, by the time they leave, may never have worn it.

After centuries of service, all of the Scottish Regiments were combined into a single regiment in August 2006. The controversial mergers were done over the objections of Scottish lawmakers and veterans who had served in the S. African Anglo-Boer War and World Wars I & II. The Ministry of Defense has failed to award the tartan contract in a timely manner leaving thousands of Scottish soldiers butt-naked. The planned kilt deployment will take two years and 15,000 yards of fabric.

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