Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Path to 9/11 Censorship

Censorship is wrong no matter who does it. The ABC television mini-series, "The Path to 9/11", is under attack. Democrat Senators and Congressmen, former President Clinton and his lawyers are using suasory pressure, threats of legalisms so far accomplishing some changes to the film that may, in fact, have been morphing without the protests, and making the Clintonista Democrats look fools. Although there is talk that the series will not air, E!Online says

the network has not bowed to pressure from former Cabinet members and left-wing groups to "dump," "yank" or otherwise pull the movie from the schedule.
Films, "docu-dramas", mini-series, and tele-novelas are not facts or history; they are movies and, as such, are entertainment. "P9/11" may be based on a true story, but so was "JFK" and "The Alamo". John Kennedy was President of the United States and, yes, he was assassinated and the movie makers got that right. The verisimilitude ends there. The Alamo truly was in Texas and the Texicans within were killed by Mexican troops under General Santa Ana. What happened to Davy Crockett and Colonel Travis is mostly guesswork. The only other part we know is one man rode out with a message to Sam Houston. It read, "Ah, Houston, we have a problem." But the line was left out only to be used in another movie based in fact, "Apollo 13".

The current controversy and movie, "Path to 9/11", is based on true events. How those events are interpreted is anyone's guess until the series is shown. I would suspect anyone familiar with the events surrounding the real 9/11 attacks will find plenty of fault in "P9/11". It may even turn out that the only "facts" will be two airliners crashed into the Towers and they fell.

What I see as the truly important aspect here is the blatant disregard for the First Amendment guaranteeing the movie makers the right to create their version of events as they see fit. The characters involved are public figures and under court decision (mostly liberal courts) are fair game for interpretation and depiction so long as the public figure is not targeted with malicious intent and the generalized depiction serves the greater scope of the story.

True or false fictionalized accounts of many historical events have helped the general public "visualize" history that may be otherwise seen as terribly opaque and eye-glazing. Jeff Shaara has made a good living fictionalizing the American Civil War; Terry C. Johnston brings to life actual events of the Old West through fiction. Hollywood has fictionalized realty for decades. "Lawrence of Arabia" is a grand move and winner of 7 Academy Awards, but is no more "true" than "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare. Depictions of Wyatt Earp are numerous, and "Tombstone" is one of the best. It is, however, not true; it's no more true than "My Darling, Clementine" or"Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter".

The point is this - movie makers and book writers have the right to produce whatever crap they damned well want. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America says so. The only place individuals are obligated to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is in a court of law.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Britain Awakens to the Threat of Jihadi Islam

After British police and intelligence services uncovered the plot to blow-up airliners over the the Atlantic Ocean and America with liquid explosive, they have now discovered a secret jihadi army and virtual terror university in Muslim schools and mosques in the British Isles. The British have awakened to the clear and present danger.

According to WorldNetDaily, British police and intelligence services have found in recent weeks:
** A massive MI5 anti-terrorism operation discovers Britain's first Islamic "school for terror."

** Al-Qaida has supplied its estimated 2,000 sleeper agents in Britain with what MI5 Director Eliza Manningham-Buller tells Home Secretary John Reid is "the most sophisticated terror manual ever found in this country."

** MI5 is checking all Britain's universities and technical schools for Middle East students with a qualification in thermochemistry – the science that includes creating liquid explosives.

** MI6, Britain's secret intelligence service, has established that Continuity-IRA, the extreme Irish terror group, is providing Hezbollah and Iran's Revolutionary Guard with expertise on how to make ultra-sophisticated roadside bombs.

No matter how you slice it, London is daily looking more like "Londonistan." Or perhaps more precisely, as Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad puts it, Britain has become al-Qaida's European headquarters "housing a secret army of thousands of well-trained guerrilla fighters ready to kill in the name of religion."

The discovery of the school for terror reveals how extensive is al-Qaida's influence within Britain's Muslim community.

It follows the arrests across London and the Home Counties of 14 radical Muslim extremists. They include Abu Abdullah, who was born in Britain, but, just before he was detained, preached at a London mosque that he would "love to see our jihadists go to Iraq to kill British and American soldiers."

Abdullah had been a regular visitor to the Jemaah Islamiyah Faith School. The tall, Gothic building stands in 54 acres on the edge of a beautiful English village that has long been a brooding presence even in its days as a Roman Catholic seminary.

It was to the school that Abu Hamsa, the hook-handed extremist preacher, "brought young Muslims to be indoctrinated in jihad," confirmed a senior MI5 officer.

Hamsa is currently serving seven years for incitement to murder. After he finishes his sentence in the high-security jail Belmarsh in south London, he will be deported to the United States to face charges of inciting to murder American citizens in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the terror manual discovered by MI5 is said to provide unprecedented details on how to create liquid explosives far more powerful than those planned to be used to destroy 10 passenger planes over the Atlantic. The precise steps to produce the bombs are set out in chilling details on an al-Qaida DVD. On one part of the disc are instructions that mimic the style of a celebrity cookbook – only it is a recipe for unparalleled carnage.

In Tel Aviv, Ehud Keinan, a world-ranking authority on liquid explosives and whose expertise is invaluable to Mossad, confirmed the details discovered on the al-Qaida DVD was of major importance in the fight against terrorism.

"It is very easy to produce such explosives once the know-how is explained," he said. "The raw materials are readily available in unlimited quantities in the High Street."

The DVD was discovered during the climax of an MI5 surveillance operation that had begun in Dublin and ended last month on the road to Chester. It was a busy month for MI5.

The search continues for Middle East students with expertise in thermochemistry. The hunt also extends to all firms in the chemical industry.

A senior intelligence officer confirmed MI5 fears a student has been recruited by al-Qaida to prepare the explosives at the center of the biggest terrorist alert in Britain.

Liquid oxygen explosives, or LOX, are considered to have been the weapon of choice for the alleged planned attacks on transatlantic planes.

One possibility being urgently investigated by scientists at Britain's chemical-biological defense establishment at Porton Down is that terrorists could have perfected not only hiding the explosive in fizzy drinks bottles, but placing it in perfume bottles or after-shave sprays.

"The pipe which allows the liquid to be dispersed through the spray nozzle acts as the timer," said a Porton Down source. "It would be activated by pressing the spray nozzle to cause an instant explosion."

He confirmed a perfume bottle sold in any High Street store could be filled with sufficient liquid explosive capable of blowing a sizable hole in the side of a jumbo jet.

"Inside the cabin the explosion would create an air vacuum, killing those in the vicinity by crushing their lungs," explained the source. "Other passengers would be sucked out of the hole. The impact of the explosion would also cause the aircraft to break up."

Known as "the Lockerbie Effect," the terrorist bomb that destroyed a PanAm flight over the Scottish town has been studied by explosive experts. They have concluded liquid explosive would achieve the same carnage.

Lastly, a link has been found between an IRA splinter group and Iran's Hezbollah terrorist organization. MI6 – supported by U.S. satellite surveillance and undercover agents in Iran from Israel's vaunted spy agency, Mossad – have tracked Irish bomb makers to three factories in the Lavizan surburb in northern Tehran.

Earlier this year, the six-man Continuity-IRA team traveled from Dublin to Frankfurt and onward to Damascus. From there they were brought in an Iranian military aircraft to Tehran, G2 Bulletin reports.

"Their arrival marked an axis of evil we most feared," said a senior MI6 officer. "This brings global terrorism to a new level."

In Washington, Alireza Jafarzadah, a former member of the Washington-based Iran Policy Committee, said the Tehran workshops where the six Irish bombers are working are "highly sophisticated." The Irish are primarily providing their expertise in how to make and disguise infrared triggering devices.

During the conflict in Northern Ireland, the success of roadside bombs left dozens of British soldiers dead or injured. The bombs were also used to topple buildings and bring terror to the streets of Belfast and other cities in the province.

More recently the black art of the bomb makers became an effective weapon for Hezbollah fighting Israeli armor. Adapted to be fired from anti-tank missiles, the bombs created fireballs when shot, often with unerring aim, at advancing Israeli tanks.

By the time a ceasefire finally came in the Middle East conflict, Hezbollah claimed it had "several hundred" more of the missiles stored in the Bekaa Valley.

The bombs are made from concave steel or copper plate. When fired they travel at 2,000 meters per second and can penetrate 10cm of armor at a distance of 100 meters.

British scientists have established the mines are precision-made weapons turned on a lathe by craftsmen trained in the manufacture of munitions.

These are attached to explosively formed projectiles, or EFPs. The weapons have pierced the armor of British and American tanks in Iran and demolished Land Rovers in Afghanistan.

These really are very disturbing developments. It is exceptionally fortuitous that Britain has finally stumbled upon the weeds growing on their garden isle. The situation doesn't look as hopeless as it did only a few weeks ago. British law allows officials to act in the best interests of the Crown even when the majority of commoners object.

God Save the Queen. God Save these Independent Colonies.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Oliver Stone Threatens the Life of Osama bin Laden

Oliver Stone, a natural born killer and one-man platoon, said,

"I'm not a pacifist."

According to Agence France-Presse, quoting the weekly newspaper Expresso, Killer Ollie threatened Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida chief who claimed responsibility for the slaughter of nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania,

"If I could I would kill bin Laden and his group myself, with my own hands."

"We have to develop a spirit of tolerance amongst ourselves, but not towards those who kill people indiscriminately."

Apparently, those parameters do not include Fidel Castro, but does include George Bush. I admire Ollie's desire to kill Laden and maybe that's a reason to see his new movie World Trade Center starring Razame de la Crackers, Harmonica Sunbeam, and Nicholas Cage about two buildings that fall down. It's a loose remake of the 1970's blockbuster movie The Towering Inferno, starring Fred Astaire and O.J. Simpson, about one building that fell down. The press on WTC indicates the script mentions that the towers were hit by airliners piloted by suicidal Islamic lunatics hell-bent on destroying Western civilization. The point is never made absolutely clear, though.

Anyway, Oliver Stone and Hollywood could do better at contributing to the killing of Osama bin Laden if they made movies supportive of the war effort and kept their private opinions private. World War II Hollywood lived and worked by "Loose Lips Sink Ships". Today Hollywood should live and work by "Attack the enemy, support the President." Publically stating a deisre to kill OBL with his bare hands, Stone is moving in the right direction. Let's see the rest of Hollywood amble on over from the Dark Side and contribute to saving the culture that gives them something to do.

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