Friday, July 28, 2006

Muslim Attacks Jews in Seattle

A 31 year old Muslim attacked the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle in Washington state today at 4:00 PM. Shouting, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," he began firing his weapon at Jews preparing for Shabat Shalom before attending synagogue, reports KING5, the local NBC affilate television station.

A spokesperson at Harborview Medical Center said the five shooting victims were in satisfactory condition. Three had been arrived in critical condition, and a 43 year old had reportedly been shot in the abdomen. The ages of the victims - 23, 27, 29, 19 - were given, but their names are still unknown. One of the women, 17 weeks pregnant, had been shot in the arm. The Associated Press has reported one person dead, but confimation has not been released.

Only days ago, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's #2, promised in the latest al-Qaida taped message that attacks on Americans in America would begin soon. Is this the beginning of the attacks or just a random act of Muslin normal behavior? How many Hizb'allah US citizens were returned to America after the recent Lebanon "Dunkirk"?

It will be difficult to know if there are organised attacks as Islam has no formal hierarchy. The subsequent terror organs as they've developed after 9/11 are likewise without a formal chain of command. It's a very much do-it-yourself franchise. All one need do is attack and claim terrorist affiliation. The American ummah will not point out the bad guys in their communities, because of agreement with the terror aims or fear of the terrorists. Either, it is not a community that can be expected to help law enforcement ferret out the vermin.


One of the five women shot by the MUSLIM was killed in the attack.

"There's nothing to indicate that it's terrorism related," said David Gomez, head of the FBI counter-terrorism unit in Seattle.

I do hope the FBI's judgement is official rhetoric and not the conclusion of idiots...OF COURSE IT WAS TERRORISM RELATED!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

All this and world war, too.

Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, a Canadian United Nations observer, was killed July 25, along with three other U.N. observers at the southern Lebanese village of El Khiam during an attack by Israeli warplanes that U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said was a "deliberate attack". The Major wrote an e-mail July 18, 2006 telling his commanders of Hizb'allah tactics:

What I can tell you is this, [w]e have on a daily basis had numerous occasions where our position has come under direct or indirect fire from both (Israeli) artillery and aerial bombing.

The closest artillery has landed within 2 meters of our position and the closest 1000 lb aerial bomb has landed 100 meters from our patrol base. This has not been deliberate targeting, but rather due to tactical necessity.
Major-General MacKenzie explains,

What that means is, in plain English, we've got Hezbollah fighters running around in our positions, taking our positions here and then using us for shields and then engaging the (Israeli Defence Forces.)

MacKenzie, a U.N. veteran of the Bosnia civil war near Sarajevo as the first U.N. commander, offered that Hizb'allah was purposely establishing camps and bases near UN posts, hospitals, mosques, and orphanages. That's the yellow Hizb'allah flag flying next to the U.N. blue flag in the photo.

From July 18, 2006 to July 25, 2006, Kofi Annan was made aware of the tactics used by the Party of God (table for one) and yet, he chose to ignore the dispatches. It couldn't possibly be that the good Mr. Annan wanted Israeli munitions to fall on the blue helmets just so he could condemn Israel, the most comdemned U.N. member state, again.

Howard Dean, Democrat Party Chairman, while screaming at a group of Florida business leaders said, President Bush is

the most divisive president probably in our history.

Historical clues for Howard: Abraham Lincoln,

and American Civil War.

Mother Cindy Sheehan, still feeding off the bones of her dead son...what's his name? he was killed in Iraq trying to rescue fellow soldiers and died a hero ... damn what is his name? oh, yeah, Casey... has used more of the insurance money to buy 5 acres of land in Crawford, Texas. Paragon of Motherly Love Sheehan says,

I can't think of a better way to use Casey's insurance money than for peace, and I am sure that Casey approves.

Oh boy, aren't we all so glad Casey is dead! Otherwise, Mother Sheehan would only be a poor trailor trash bitch, not the rich trailor trash bitch she is today.

You were a good son, Casey. I'm sure your mother thanks you every night for giving the last full measure of devotion her.

Ayman al-Zawahri, bin-Laden's Number 2 (yes, there's a pun there!), confirms WWIII when he echos Shakespeare,

all the world as a battlefield open in front of us.

The Egyptian doctor implored Muslims to join in jihad:

My fellow Muslims, it is obvious that Arab and Islamic governments are not only impotent but also complicit...and you are alone on the battlefield. Rely on God and fight your enemies...make yourselves martyrs...It is a jihad for the sake of God and will last until religion prevails ... from Spain to Iraq. We will attack everywhere.(I'm not feeling the "inner sruggle" kind of jihad here.)
Calling upon the "downtrodden" the world over, not only Mohammadens, to hook-up to do battle against the

tyrannical Western civilization and its leader, America...Stand with Muslims in confronting this unprecedented oppression and tyranny. Stand with us as we stand with you against this injustice that was forbidden by God in his book (the Quran.)

It's hard to imagine right now, but Zawahiri begging for help from infidels to join the jihad against themselves may be our first sign that we have won WWIII. All that's left is the fighting, killing, and destruction.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The War Must Go On and On; The War Must Expand

Ali, the writer of the blog A Free Iraqi posts:

As horrible as it may seem I do wish the war between Israel and Hezbollah goes on and on, that it spreads to involve Iran and Syria. I feel terrible for the losses among the innocents, Lebanese and Israeli, but I think that this is the only way for them, and us to finally have some peace.

…I say let it rage and rage until it burns all dictators and terrorists in the region. Just like I wished for war in my country I wish it for the Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians. God be with them and get the good souls out of it safe. This war is just another battle in the war on terror and we won't see peace in Iraq, we won't see democracy anywhere in the ME until this war is fought the right way, with full determination.

We have all read and heard arguments like this:

…I just don't like the fact that it is costing my country billions of dollars and over 1,500 lives for you to get your freedom. Because it has nothing to do with your freedom, it has to do with oil, if you really think the government of the United States gives a big far rats ass about you and your freedom, you're sadly mistaken. It’s the oil sweety, that's what it is about. And the second they figure out we won't be getting any of your oil the U.S. will be out of there.
Of course, this war is about oil! And power, and freedom, and democracy, and revenge, and peace, and a hundred other things.

This war is about life - how we will live our lives, how we worship, how we will earn a living, how we will get to our jobs, how we will produce the things that make living in the 21st century possible, how we will produce all the foodstuffs needed to feed the planets growing population, how we will care for and cure the sick. All of this, all of it and more, depends on OIL.

While there are people in the world who wish to use oil money to fund terror and terrorist organizations versus the people who wish to use oil money to produce the goods that are used even by the terrorists in their vain attempt to bring us to the 7th century, there will be war.

While there are people in the world who insist their philosophies are better without demonstrable proof over the philosophies of others whose proofs are readily apparent, there will be war.

While there are people who are determined to obtain by arms and conquest what others have obtained through ingenuity and hard work, there will be war.

It does not matter one whit who occupied the White House twenty years ago, who occupies the White House today, or who occupies the White House twenty years from today, this war was going to be fought, it is being fought, and it will be fought to its bloody conclusion.

How we fight this war and what it's conclusion will be is totally within our grasp. Do we stand with those people who would light the candle of liberty in the darkened room, or do we stand with those who would blow out the flame of freedom, destroying the room and its inhabitants completely?

The choice is ours; the future awaits our decision.

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Welcome to the Third World

The Washington Times reports today that the Democrat Party is demonstrating the people's support for the party and issues by obtaining criminals and drug addicts to hold signs and chant the chants. The FEC (Federal Election Committee) says there is nothing illegal in the practice. There does seem to be something just a little misleading about using and perhaps paying people to support positions in order bolster a weak position.

Josh Rales, a Democratic candidate for Maryland's U.S. Senate seat, paid a drug-treatment center in Baltimore to drive its recovering addicts to last week's debate in College Park, where they held signs supporting his campaign.

About 20 patients from the I Can't, We Can (ICWC) drug-treatment and counseling center in northwest Baltimore attended the debate, said Adrian Harpool, president of the 21st Century Group, a Baltimore public-relations firm hired by the Rales campaign to recruit volunteers.
Read the rest here.
At first glance this may appear as politics as usual. Until very recently, hiring of demonstrators was a practice unheard of since the 1920's when the practice was common among all parties. The logical next step is paying for votes. Another former common practice abandoned long ago.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Sign of the Times

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