Saturday, July 22, 2006

Occupation: What does it mean?

Our Western understanding of "occupation" when Muslims use the word is leading us astray.

We see occupation as marching into an area, putting troops there to hold the ground, maybe add some civilian settlements and doing a little shopping. In essence, an act of taking and holding. We also assume that when the troops and civilians leave, the land returned to the previous or rightful owners, the occupation has ended. We are friends again.

However, that is not how the Muslim world sees it. The god, Allah, created the earth and revealed Islam to Mo'profit. Mo has the god actually giving the world, the planet in toto, to the ummah (worldwide Muslim community.) It is not simply that Muslims live 'here' and infidels live 'there' and we are one big happy family of man living in our own distinct sovereign lands never to be violated by neighbors.

Generally, the West can live with that, but Islam claims the whole earth as their own choice real estate gifted to them by the god. In that respect, all those places in which the infidel lives must be subdued and the lands returned to the rightful owner, Islam. Until those non-Muslim lands are returned, by conversion or sword, those lands are considered to be "occupied".

Unless the Lands of War (non-Muslim) are returned the Lands of Peace (Muslim), war will ensue along with the plaintiffs cry of "oppression" because Muslims are being stymied (oppressed) by the West in their quest to free the occupied lands. All of Earth is to be in the hands of loyal and devout Muslims for the wars to end and all people must submit to the god and his messenger-boy, Mo'profit.

Note: The foregoing post was originally a comment submitted at Neo-Neocon for her post entitled Hezbollah and the "occupation" argument. Sometimes my comments are better than what I write here on my own blog, so I thought I'd borrow back my own words. Is that considered a blogging faux pas? I hope not, but if so, my apologies to Neo-Neocon.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Disproportionate Response Defended

Hezballah has been condemned for the unprovoked kidnappings and attacks upon the state of Israel by nearly every governmental organ on the planet, except Iran and Syria. Those same governmaents have grudgingly declared Israel's right to self-defence, but in the same breath Israel is condemned for conducting a "disproportionate response". What the hell is a disproportionate response?

Yaakov Watkins, Denver, USA answerered a TIMESONLINE opinion piece by Mary Ann Sieghart today, with an e-mail:

The idea of proportionate response is barbaric. Does Israel have to wait until the Arabs "catch up" and kill several hundred Israelis? How many soldiers equals a baby? Do pregnant women count as one and a half people? How many free bombings does Hezballah get before Israel is allowed to respond? If a bomb doesn't kill anyone, does it count? How many kidnappings equals a killing? When Hezballah kills Israeli Arabs, which side do they count for? For 55 years, the Arabs have been "almost" ready to accept a state of Israel. Tell you what. When they are really ready, let people know. Until then, stop lying to yourself.
You go, Yaakov! That is the best damned response I've heard to the vacuous critics of the Israeli defense of their homes, society, freedom, and existence. Thank you, good sir! We need more such clarity of thought and purpose.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back When Global Warming Was Just Summer

How does Al Gore propose to explain heatwaves before the worlds over-reliance on fossil fuel induced global warming? The Independent excerpts this from "The Perfect Summer: Dancing into Shadow in 1911" by Juliet Nicholson.

When my Grandmother was growing-up in England in the early 20th Century, she experienced the Great Global Warming of 1911. At the time folks called it summer, but what did they know?!

On 17 July, 1911, most of the country was perspiring in 80F (27C) temperatures. It became too hot to work after midday, so the managers of the cotton mills and stone quarries in Clitheroe, Lancashire, decided to shut down in the middle of the afternoon. To compensate for lost hours, the quarrymen's day would now begin at first light, 4.30am.

The managers were delighted that the Daylight Savings Bill had not yet been made law, so they were able to take advantage of the early dawn.

The Times began to run a regular column under the heading "Deaths From Heat". And the weathermen forecast that temperatures would continue to rise.

By 20 July there had been 20 consecutive days without rain, and Richard Stratton, an elderly farmer in Monmouth, reported gathering his earliest harvest since 1865.

Schoolgirl Amy Reeves, aged 10, took off her boots and stockings and left them on the grass beside a shallow pond at Longcross near Chertsey in Surrey. She was discovered drowned later that afternoon, her head caught in the weeds beneath the water.

Two days later fires began to break out spontaneously along the railway tracks at Ascot, Bagshot and Bracknell, and the gorse on Greenham Common in Newbury caught light.

In London the sky seemed unusually clear, and in King's Lynn in Norfolk a temperature of 92F (33C) broke all previous records for that part of the country.

Motorised fire-engines tested their water jets for the first time on St Paul's Cathedral. The water reached the 365ft-high dome, well above the cross.

By the end of July the combined effects of lack of rain and scorching sun had resulted in a dangerous scarcity of grass for herds and flocks. Pastures had turned brown. Farmers were being forced to raise the price of milk.

On 28 July the nature correspondent of The Times reported that even in the deepest, most sheltered lanes it was impossible to find green leaves and with a note of despair that "the crannies and rifts in walled Sussex hedgerows where one looks for rare ferns and other treasures hold only handfuls of dry dust".

Nor was that all: "The most sorrowful sign of all is the silence of the singing birds. July is never a very musical month. This year however all the sylvan music has been mute. The silence of a parched countryside."

At the beginning of August the constitutional health of England was beginning to falter badly in the continuing heat.

Only at the London Zoo in Regent's Park were there any signs of enjoyment of the oppressive temperatures. Although the keepers' thick uniforms had been replaced with special lightweight jackets, their charges were thriving in the heatwave.

The lion cubs, cheetahs, leopards and jackals in the King's Collection had become unusually active and the lordly ungulates, the rhinoceros and giraffe, strode round their enclosures happier than they had been since leaving the large sunny plains of their homelands.

The royal party had arrived at Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, for the Regatta, "an enchanting picture of gleaming sails and gently swaying masts", and the King, George V, and the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII, had taken to cooling themselves with a pre-breakfast swim in Osborne Bay.

But the press had quickly discovered this secluded place. As cameramen jostled to get their shots of the sovereign and his heir in bathing dress, a statement was issued by Buckingham Palace: "If less objectionable behaviour is not observed by the photographers they are warned that steps will be taken to stop the nuisance."

Many miles from the seashore, an infinitely more newsworthy if less obviously photogenic sequence of events was taking place.

In London on the first day of the month the temperature maintained a steady 81F, and just as the dock owners were hoping that the strike action of earlier in the summer was a thing of the past, between four and five thousand men employed in the Victoria and Albert Docks stopped work, and the place was at a standstill.

That August the striking men were at least relieved to be out in the open wider streets of central London. With its narrow alleys, cramped and airless at the best of times, the East End had become intolerable in the August weather.

In filthy six-storey tenement buildings with narrow stone staircases, four or five people might share not just one room but one bed, crammed into a 12ft by 10ft space, a baby squashed in one corner, a banana crate for its cot. The air was thick with the rankness of unwashed bedding and stale food.

Even during the stifling summer nights there was little chance of rest, according to one exhausted mother, for "throughout the hours of darkness - which were not hours of silence - the sleepless folk talked incessantly."

Across the country the sun continued to burn down, and the hum of activity in meadow and field ceased. The water pump and the well in the village of High Easter in Dunmow, Essex, both ran dry.

Taking advantage of cloudless skies, many keen but inexperienced car drivers had saved up their petrol and took their chance on the roads.

Mr and Mrs George Cain from Yarmouth, Norfolk, skidded on the hot slippery tarmacadam surface of the Yarmouth streets and struck an electric cable. The car was hurled across the pavement and Mrs Cain's sister, Miss Smith, was impaled on the adjoining railings.

At Ditchling in Sussex a newspaper delivery boy drove into an oncoming horse, his van crumpling on impact as the horse was crushed to death on the bonnet.

By late August lassitude had begun to further weaken the nation's energy, as the hot weather hung over England like a brocade curtain. The relentless sunshine seemed to have bleached the colour from life, replacing it with an oppressive haze.

City dwellers were worst affected, and that year holidays as a means of escape were in fashion as never before. Summer holidays had been increasing in popularity over the years since the 1871 Bank Holiday Act had entitled everyone to a day off on Whit Monday in May and another in early August, just as everyone was due days off at Christmas and Easter. But these new work-free days were intended for unrestricted freedom in the sun, rather than for religious contemplation.

In 1911, 55 per cent of the British population were taking the minimum of a one-day trip to the sea in the summer. Some work places, including paradoxically the railway companies themselves, had begun to introduce paid holidays longer than the customary half-day, and the double advantages of good weather and financial security for sometimes as much as a week combined with the ever-improving transport services to make England's coastline a crowded place that August.

There, in the simple, cost-free pleasures of sunshine, sand and water, a fleetingly realisable equality was to be found by the poor, the suffragettes, the trade unionists, and even the parliamentarians.

Sun-darkened skin was still considered most undesirable, the give-away sign of an outside labourer, and special creams to counteract accidental tanning were advertised in the women's magazines. The Lady helpfully advised the use of "Sulpholine" lotion, "a simple remedy for clearing the skin of eruptions, roughness and skin discoloration."

A greater hazard even than sunburn was the risk of exposing naked flesh in public. On many bathing beaches the sexes were still segregated, although at Bexhill in Sussex the experiment of mixed bathing had attracted much excited comment.

A cautious entry from a bathing-machine was the recognised means of making bodily contact with the sea, though at a shilling a time it was not cheap. In the town hall at Broadstairs, Kent, a conservative-minded town (in 1911 it was still being promoted in the South Eastern and Chatham Railway Handbook as Charles Dickens's favourite resort), a large unmissable notice in the hall cautioned that "No female over eight years shall bathe from any machine except within the bounds marked for females." It hung next to a second poster warning that "Bathing dresses must extend from the neck to the knees."

These rules were accepted unquestioningly and were clearly not seen as restrictions, for the editor of the Handbook felt able to boast that Broadstairs was "one of the freshest and freest little places in the world".

The fully enclosed bathing machine was a sort of garden shed with wheels at one end, its walls and roof made either of wood or canvas. Men and women would enter the machine from the back, while it was parked high up from the water line on the gender-segregated beach.

In the pitch-black hut, windowless in order to discourage any peering in, bathers would remove their clothes and put them up high on a shelf inside the machine to keep them dry, before struggling in the dark with the elaborate costume required for swimming.

A sharp tap from inside was the agreed signal for a horse, a muscly man or even occasionally a mechanical pulley contraption to drag the whole machine and its human contents to a line just beyond the surf.

There the bather could slip discreetly into water up to the neck, with no chance of any part of the body being exposed to the view of those who remained on the beach. At the point of entry there was usually an attendant, irrationally sometimes of the opposite sex. Some ladies looked forward to the moment of being lifted into the sea by strong local arms more than any other part of their holiday.

By early September, summer was not quite ready to release its long hold on the year.

There was a feeling that month of a youthful boldness, a feeling which stretched beyond the school walls. On 6 September Thomas W Burgess, aged 37, covered in lard and stark naked except for a pair of thick motorist's goggles and a black rubber bathing cap, stepped into the sea at Folkestone to make his 16th attempt to reach France by swimming across the Channel.

Despite numerous attempts over the last 36 years, no one had succeeded in this since Matthew Webb reached Calais in August 1875. Webb was not there to wave Burgess into the water; he had been killed in 1883 trying to swim the Niagara Falls in Canada.

Averaging a mile and three-quarters an hour and accompanied by a boat whose crew fed him a grape from time to time and 11 drops of champagne every 30 minutes, Burgess followed the irregular course dictated by the tide, a route he described as "a figure of a badly written capital M with a loop on first down stroke".

After 37 miles and with only two and a half left to swim he sensed himself entering foreign waters, and was promptly stung badly by a cluster of poisonous pink French jellyfish. To show he was in no way offended, he asked the boat crew to start singing "La Marseillaise", and to their accompaniment he landed on the beautiful deserted beach at Le Chatelet near Sangatte.

On the day of the swim the temperature recorder at South Kensington registered 92F, and people found themselves crossing over to the shady side of the street. There was still a severe water shortage in pockets of the country, wool workers in Bradford Mills being laid off because there was no water for the night-time cleaning of the wool.

On 11 September the average temperature suddenly dropped by 20 degrees and The Times forecast good news: "The condition over the kingdom as a whole is no longer of the fine settled type of last week and the prospects of rain before long appear to be more hopeful for all districts."

The Lady magazine was already devoting several pages to new autumn fashions, and sumptuous furs had arrived on the rails of Peter Robinson's. The long, hot summer was over.
Some 370 years before the 1911 heatwave there was 1540 drought that befell Europe and recorded by Delft cartographer and hydraulics engineer Nicolaus Samuelis Cruquius. Nick began recording temperature, precitation and air-pressure three times a day in 1706 later using a measuring device invented in England by some German guy named Fahrenheit. Recently, modern historical geographer and retired science teacher Jan Buisman, has dedicated much of his life to recording, investigating and analysing extreme weather conditions from the earliest European meteorlogical records. His findings include this:

[T]he year 1540 was one with an even more severe summer than was 2003. All over Europe, the heatwave lasted, off and on, for seven months, with parched fields and dried up rivers, such as the Rhine. People in Paris, France could walk on the river bed of the Seine without getting their feet wet.

In medieval times, such severe weather conditions often led to other disasters. Although the Summer of 2003 presumably led to the untimely death of some 15,000 people in France alone, death and disease in 1540 struck many countries even worse. Drought caused famine, countless deaths from dysentery and other ilnesses caused by lack of safe drinking water, and to large-scale starvation of farm animals. Another disaster usually associated with heatwaves and droughts was fire, often destroying entire villages or even towns such as Harderwijk in 1503. Wooden houses became tinderboxes, dry peat, forests and undergrowth ignited readily and led to massive wildfires.

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Dots, How they are connected is anyone's guess

After being surprised by the Israeli response to having two soldiers kidnapped by Hizballah, Nasrallah has kidnapped two foreign jouornalists. Just at the moment the international media is turning against Israel's self-defense and toward defending Hizballah and Lebanon, Hizbullah operatives kidnapped two foreign journalists in the center of the city Thursday, according to local Beirut cops.

No further details are available. Congratulations, Nas, on this really very bright decision.

The Defense Minister of Lebanon warned on Thursday that if Israeli Defense Forces enter Lebanon in force, the Lebanese Army will join Hezballah in combat against Israel.

The Lebanese Minister of Defense warned Israel Thursday that if IDF ground forces are sent into southern Lebanon, Lebanese troops will fight alongside Hezballah against Israel. The warning came a day after Israeli Troops Push Into South Lebanon. Just a day late and a dollar short, but, HEY, the Israelis were warned.

The European Union’s High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana, after meeting with Isareli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, said he believes it is "unnecessary for Hizballah to be on the EU’s list of terror organizations, but that the EU strongly disapproves of Hizballah’s actions." Whoa! Where did that come from? I bet no one was expecting that!

Meanwhile, in Spain Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero dons a kaffiyah, the fashion accoutrement of every self-abusing Islamofascist. Spokesmen were quick to say the photo was "mistake".

On the other side of the planet, it's being claimed that "[o]ne or more Iranians witnessed North Korea's recent missile tests, deepening U.S. concerns about growing ties between two countries with troubling nuclear capabilities, a top U.S. official said on Thursday."

And finally, China seems to have been behind the North Korean missile tests. The PRC apparently wanted to test the American techno-response to the launches. According to Edward Timperlake, a specialist on China’s military,
“The PRC played the United States and our allies brilliantly.”

China was able to monitor U.S. communications and missile defense system sensor activities, as well as the rules of engagement for using a missile interceptor against a North Korean long-range missile.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Islam - Where Men are Men and Women (and little girls) are Disposable

An echo of France-Echoes:

2006/04/19 - Tétouan, MOROCCO.

What is the crime of Nihad … a 6 years old girl?
Daring to walk on the prayer carpet of Moustafa LAZRAK, a “f’qih” and imam … How beautiful is the Religion of Tolerance, Peace and Love …

In Morocco the “f’qih” is an entire institution: it is a sort of imam-teacher in koranical schools, that belongs to public education. In Tétouan a “f’qih”, whose role is to teach Islam, attacked an innocent child of 6 years old. The picture speaks by its own: black eyes, bruises (?? ecchymoses in French), and multiple fractures of the noise. Not to mention the psychological consequences …

Her bruises will fade as will the memory, the broken bones will heal, and little Nihad will grow to be a woman hating America and Western culture that treats their women like whores. And why not? Western women are allowed to have opinions, to work, and drive cars! Not like under Islam in which women and girls know their place the knowledge of which is beaten into them from infancy - with the tender love of the god Allah as taught by Mo'profit, of course.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Israeli Troops Cross into South Lebanon: Seizes chance to wipe-out Hezbollah

Despite being told by the U.S. they can bomb Hezbollah for only one more week, Israel is in no hurry to break-off the offensive.

Israeli Ground Troops Enter Lebanon
July 18, 2006

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel declared Tuesday it was ready to fight Hezbollah guerrillas for several more weeks, raising doubts about international efforts to broker an immediate cease-fire in the fighting that has killed more than 260 people and displaced 500,000. The military said early Wednesday it sent some troops into southern Lebanon searching for tunnels and weapons.

Despite the diplomatic activity, Israel is in no hurry to end its offensive, which it sees as a unique opportunity to crush Hezbollah. The Islamic militants appear to have steadily built up their military strength after Israel pulled its troops out of southern Lebanon in 2000.

Israeli warplanes struck an army base outside Beirut and other areas in south Lebanon on Tuesday, killing 27 people, and Hezbollah rockets battered Israeli towns, killing one Israeli. Five big explosions reverberated over Beirut early Wednesday, and missiles hit towns to the east and south of the capital.

At daybreak Wednesday, a small number of Israeli troops were operating just across the border inside southern Lebanon, looking for tunnels and weapons, the Israeli military said. The military did not provide any more details and gave no indication that action would be expanded into a larger operation.

My Way News
Guardian Unlimited

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U.S. Picks-up Tab for Israeli/Hezbollah War and Evacuation of Hez-symps

Those 25,000 Americans trapped in Lebanon may, in fact, be Hezbollah supporters, sypathizers, and active Hezbollah terror participants. Some 7,000 are known to be residents of Dearbrn , Michigan, the largest Islamic, particularly Shia, community in America.

Writing in her blog today, Debbie Schlussel says

THE MAJORITY* OF AMERICANS IN LEBANON ARE HEZBOLLAH SUPPORTERS. (*note: 7,000 people of a total of 25,000 is 28%; not a majority, but hiberbole)

Many of the 7,000 plus Detroiters in Lebanon are active in Dearborn's Bint Jbeil cultural center (the Lebanese American Heritage Club also features mostly Hezbollah fans). Bint Jbeil is a Hezbollah-dominated city in the South of Lebanon, a frequent destination of Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who is very at home there. Bint Jbeil is a frequent source of shellings on Northern Israel.

Bint Jbeil natives now living in our country so strongly support Hezbollah that they got
Republican Congressman Joe Knollenberg (and his then top staffer, Paul Welday) and then-U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham to give Hezbollah forces in Southern Lebanon about $86 million of our tax money, no strings.

...several Shi'ite Muslim Lebanese U.S. citizens from Dearborn have been indicted and/or convicted of laundering money to Hezbollah, is it a good idea to rush to bring 25,000 such persons back to the U.S. at a time when Hezbollah is at war against the strongest U.S. ally? Does the fact, that Hezbollah numerous times--and especially now--has announced veiled and not-so-veiled intentions to attack Americans on U.S. soil, necessitate urgently bringing these terror-sympathizing Americans back to U.S. soil?

...These are people who hold U.S. citizenship but support a group that murdered over 300 U.S. Marines and civilians, some through torture; a group that is part of the Al-Qaeda network; a group that trains insurgent terrorists against our troops in Iraq, giving them IEDs to blow our soldiers up; a group that worked with Qaeda to bomb the Khobar Towers. Americans who support this group are not American. They merely possess the proper paperwork.

...UPDATE, 11:08 p.m.: Even more outrageous, our government has now relented and will not charge these people for exorbitant, tax-paid transport back to the U.S. $3,000 per person on the U.S. taxpayer dime. This is ABSURD! And unprecedented (in other airlifts/evacuations, Americans must pay). Who told them to visit Lebanon? Not us (State Dept. warned against travel to Lebanon). Just Sheikh Nasrallah. Let him and his Iranian/Syrian patrons pay.

...These people went to Hezbollah-dominated Lebanon of their own accord. And they were safe there because they support the terrorist group. Now, their fortune has changed. Tough. It is not the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers to rescue terrorist-supporters who voluntarily went to a dangerous area . . . just because their whines are loud and annoying. We are picking up the tab for this unfortunate rescue. U.S. funds used to rescue terrorist-sympathizers.
Take heart my friends, not all is lost. Reuters is reporting:

The FBI is trying to ferret out possible Hizbollah agents in the United States amid concerns that rising U.S.-Iranian tensions could trigger attacks on American soil, FBI officials said.

Relations between Washington and Tehran, which soured after the 1979 Islamic revolution, have deteriorated further recently over Iran's nuclear program and its support for Hizbollah, the militant Islamic group whose capture of two Israeli soldiers last week prompted Israel to launch retaliatory strikes in Lebanon.

American law enforcement officials are concerned the Lebanon-based Hizbollah, which has so far focused on fund-raising and other support activities inside the United States, could turn to violence in solidarity with Iran.

"If the situation escalates, will Hizbollah take the gloves off, so to speak, and attack here in the United States, which they've been reluctant to do until now?" said William Kowalski, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI in Detroit.

Detroit is home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States.

"Because of the heightened difficulties surrounding U.S.-Iranian relations, the FBI has increased its focus on Hizbollah," said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson in Washington.

"Those investigations relate particularly to the potential presence of Hizbollah members on U.S. soil."

The CBS Evening News tonight, was showing a story about the American students evacuating American University in Beirut. One young woman turned to the camera and said, "This is all Israel's fault!" Dollars to doughnuts, she will be returned to Dearborn at taxpayers expense. Disgusting bitch.


Bernie at Planck Constant writes:

"And to those who think I am just a flat out anti-Muslim Islamophobe and that I cannot ever see a good Muslim, you are wrong, here are a few good Muslims:
followed by some pictures of good Muslims.

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Hezbollah Wants Their Child Killer Returned

Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah last week said the current kidnappings and armed confrontations had been planned five weeks ago. But, he didn't say why. Nasrallah today has explained the actions. Hizbollah wants an exchange of the Israeli soldiers for a child-killer held in Israel for the past 28 years. Nasrullah and his gang of sick bastards consider the killer of little 4 year old Einat Haran to be a hero.

Israeli media and eyewitness accounts of the incident provide much more detail. Kuntar was one of a four-man group that crossed into Israel by sea, sent on the mission by the Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), an affiliate of Yasser Arafat's PLO.
In the coastal town of Nahariya, the terrorists shot dead a policeman and forced their way into an apartment building, where they captured Danny Haran and his daughter, Einat, 4.

While the terrorists rampaged through the apartment, firing weapons and detonating grenades, Haran's wife Smadar hid in a crawlspace above the couple's bedroom together with their other daughter, two-year-old Yael, and a neighbor.

In an effort to prevent Yael from crying out and alerting the terrorists to their whereabouts, Smadar kept her hand over the child's mouth, and accidentally smothered her to death.

Meanwhile Kuntar and his group took Danny and Einat Haran to the beach.

"There, according to eyewitnesses, one of them shot Danny in front of Einat so that his death would be the last sight she would ever see," Smadar wrote later.

"Then he smashed my little girl's skull in against a rock with his rifle butt. That terrorist was Samir Kuntar."
Read the rest of the story here.

Would someone please explain to me how the killing of a child by a Muslim "freedom fighter" is any different from the NAZI guards at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belson and Burchenau who held little Jewish children by their ankles and bashed their little heads against the sides of the barracks until blood and brains flew out? How is this heroic? How can anyone think it is civilized behavior to crush an innocent child's skull with a rifle butt after forcing her to watch the killing of her father?

Had Israel not abolished execution for sick bastards, Kuntar would not be alive today and the Muslims would be trying to kill Jews for some other feigned reason. But, to willfully, knowingly, and gleefully bash a child to death is beyond human forgiveness and charity. Kuntar should have been dead years ago. Jews are much too good a people and apparently much better than I am.

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U.S. Bogged Down in Lebanon says LA Times

The United States isn't involved directly in the fighting in Lebanon, but the MSM already has us bogged down.

From the Los Angeles Times
U.S. Rescue Bogs Down in Lebanon
By Megan K. Stack, Times Staff Writer
July 18, 2006, 7:54 AM PDT

BEIRUT — Thousands of Americans whose vacations and business trips to Lebanon have degenerated with sickening speed into stints in a battle zone remained stranded here under Israeli bombardment Monday, their frustration and anger mounting because the U.S. government hasn't gotten them out faster.
The war has been going on for 58 years, people! What the hell are you doing there in the first place? If you morons had any sense whatsoever and hadn't moved into an active warzone, you wouldn't be in the middle of a war!

Hard to believe that 25,000 Americans wouold choose to vacation and study in a warzone when they could have come to California to do the same damn thing. But, wait! California has earthquakes; can't go there, too dangerous. Now 25K stupid Americans are stuck in a warzone and complaining because if they want to get out with the aid of UNITED STATES MILITARY PERSONELL, EQUIPMENT, AND PROTECTION they will have to repay the government for the expense of rescueing their sorry asses.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel at War: Live Blogs and News

The War in Israel continues and as the hostilities rage, there are bloggers who are posting live.

J-BLOGOSPHERE provides this handy list -

Live from Israel:

BokerTov Boulder
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Lazer Beams (Ashdod)
Rock of Galilee (Northern Israel, currently at Jameel @ Muqata)
Shiloh Musings (Shiloh)
This Ongoing War (Ramot)
WestBankMama (Samaria)

Live from the World:

A Balaboosteh (Australia) [PICTURES]
Life-of-Rubin (New York) [VIDEOS]
Meryl Yourish (Virginia)
Yeshiva World
Atlas Shrugs (New York)
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Israellycool (Australia)
Middle East Crisis Page at The Truth Laid Bear

Israeli News Services:

Israel National News
Jerusalem NewsWire
Jerusalem Post
YNet News
Israel News Now
Israel English News Aggregator

I have chosen not to blog directly about the War for Israeli Survival (like that is really in question!) because Israeli wars tend not to last long enough for anything other than rumors to be discussed. The facts are always in the past and by the time the facts are recognized as such, the situation has already long past. Trying to keep up with the Israeli Defense Forces is a futile endeavor as is fighting the IDF.

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Border Patrol Vets: How to do it

Illegal migration had dropped 95 percent by the late 1950s after Operation Wetback. Several retired Border Patrol agents who took part in the 1950s effort say the deportation of illegal aliens could be repeated today. Former Border Patrol agent Walt Edwards, a Wetback veteran says,

"Some say we cannot send 12 million illegals now in the United States back where they came from. Of course we can!"

"When we start enforcing the law, these various businesses are, on their own, going to replace their [illegal] workforce with a legal workforce."
While Congress, the Courts, and the White House dithers with Valerie Plame and argues whether or not the homicidal Muslim maniacs at Gitmo are entitled and deserve to be treated better than the average American prisoner while their Muslim Brothers commit atrocities upon the persons of U.S. Soldiers, the Wetback vets think more important actions of greater priority should be taken.
1. End the current practice of taking captured Mexican aliens to the border and releasing them. Instead, deport them deep into Mexico, where return to the US would be more costly.
2. Crack down hard on employers who hire illegals. Without jobs, the aliens won't come.
3. End "catch and release" for non-Mexican aliens. It is common for illegal migrants not from Mexico to be set free after their arrest if they promise to appear later before a judge. Few show up.

B.P. Vets also advocate a legalized guest worker program, allowing foreign temporary workers in their home countries for work here. President Eisenhower had a program permitting 400,000 FTW's per year to enter the U.S. for jobs lasting from 12 to 52 weeks.

The Christian Science Monitor

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Operation Wetback: Ike's Plan to Repatriate Illegal Aliens

We are constantly being told it isn't possible to round-up and deport 12 million, 30 million, 50 million illegal aliens from within the borders of the United States and send them packing.

Ike did. Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower did it with one tenth of the Border Patrol manpower numbers we have today. If we did it once, we can do it again. Oh, and it doesn't matter if we start today or next year, it can be done because (old canard, but it fits) if we can land a man on the Moon, we can certainly deport all the illegals to wherever they came from.

How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico
By John Dillin
The Christian Science Monitor

WASHINGTON – George W. Bush isn’t the first Republican president to face a full-blown immigration crisis on the US-Mexican border.
Fifty-three years ago, when newly elected Dwight Eisenhower moved into the White House, America’s southern frontier was as porous as a spaghetti sieve. As many as 3 million illegal migrants had walked and waded northward over a period of several years for jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, and points beyond.
President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents - less than one-tenth of today’s force. The operation is still highly praised among veterans of the Border Patrol.
Although there is little to no record of this operation in Ike’s official papers, one piece of historic evidence indicates how he felt. In 1951, Ike wrote a letter to Sen. William Fulbright (D) of Arkansas. The senator had just proposed that a special commission be created by Congress to examine unethical conduct by government officials who accepted gifts and favors in exchange for special treatment of private individuals.
General Eisenhower, who was gearing up for his run for the presidency, said "Amen" to Senator Fulbright’s proposal. He then quoted a report in The New York Times[!!], highlighting one paragraph that said: "The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican ‘wetbacks’ to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government."
Years later, the late Herbert Brownell Jr., Eisenhower’s first attorney general, said in an interview with this writer that the president had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration when he took office.
America "was faced with a breakdown in law enforcement on a very large scale," Mr. Brownell said. "When I say large scale, I mean hundreds of thousands were coming in from Mexico [every year] without restraint."
Although an on-and-off guest-worker program for Mexicans was operating at the time, farmers and ranchers in the Southwest had become dependent on an additional low-cost, docile, illegal labor force of up to 3 million, mostly Mexican, laborers.
According to the Handbook of Texas Online, published by the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas State Historical Association, this illegal workforce had a severe impact on the wages of ordinary working Americans. The Handbook Online reports that a study by the President’s Commission on Migratory Labor in Texas in 1950 found that cotton growers in the Rio Grande Valley, where most illegal aliens in Texas worked, paid wages that were "approximately half" the farm wages paid elsewhere in the state.
Profits from illegal labor led to the kind of corruption that apparently worried Eisenhower. Joseph White, a retired 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol, says that in the early 1950s, some senior US officials overseeing immigration enforcement "had friends among the ranchers," and agents "did not dare" arrest their illegal workers.
Walt Edwards, who joined the Border Patrol in 1951, tells a similar story. He says: "When we caught illegal aliens on farms and ranches, the farmer or rancher would often call and complain [to officials in El Paso]. And depending on how politically connected they were, there would be political intervention. That is how we got into this mess we are in now."
Bill Chambers, who worked for a combined 33 years for the Border Patrol and the then-called US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), says politically powerful people are still fueling the flow of illegals.
During the 1950s, however, this "Good Old Boy" system changed under Eisenhower - if only for about 10 years.
In 1954, Ike appointed retired Gen. Joseph "Jumpin’ Joe" Swing, a former West Point classmate and veteran of the 101st Airborne, as the new INS commissioner.
Influential politicians, including Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D) of Texas and Sen. Pat McCarran (D) of Nevada, favored open borders, and were dead set against strong border enforcement, Brownell said. But General Swing’s close connections to the president shielded him - and the Border Patrol - from meddling by powerful political and corporate interests.
One of Swing’s first decisive acts was to transfer certain entrenched immigration officials out of the border area to other regions of the country where their political connections with people such as Senator Johnson would have no effect.
Then on June 17, 1954, what was called "Operation Wetback" began. Because political resistance was lower in California and Arizona, the roundup of aliens began there. Some 750 agents swept northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day. By the end of July, over 50,000 aliens were caught in the two states. Another 488,000, fearing arrest, had fled the country.
By mid-July, the crackdown extended northward into Utah, Nevada, and Idaho, and eastward to Texas.
By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 illegals had left the Lone Star State voluntarily.
Unlike today, Mexicans caught in the roundup were not simply released at the border, where they could easily reenter the US. To discourage their return, Swing arranged for buses and trains to take many aliens deep within Mexico before being set free.
Tens of thousands more were put aboard two hired ships, the Emancipation and the Mercurio. The ships ferried the aliens from Port Isabel, Texas, to Vera Cruz, Mexico, more than 500 miles south.
The sea voyage was "a rough trip, and they did not like it," says Don Coppock, who worked his way up from Border Patrolman in 1941 to eventually head the Border Patrol from 1960 to 1973.
Mr. Coppock says he "cannot understand why [President] Bush let [today’s] problem get away from him as it has. I guess it was his compassionate conservatism, and trying to please [Mexican President] Vincente Fox."
There are now said to be 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the US. Of the Mexicans who live here, an estimated 85 percent are here illegally.

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