Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Make English Official Say Hispanic Immigrant Majority

Sixty-five percent of Hispanic American adults want English made the official language of the United States of America. Of first generation US citizens, 60% support English as the official language and 79% of second generation US citizens favor English as the official language of the United States.

A poll conducted by Zogby International and published by the conservative organization The Washington Times found large segments of our population want English declared the official US language. Among the findings of those in support:

67% - non-US born;
64% - born US
73% - Hispanics with less than high school education;
69% - respondents from Mexico.

"Hola" may not be the greeting of choice among Hispanics living in the United States. Nearly two-thirds of Hispanic adults -- 65 percent -- favor making English the nation's official language, according to a survey released yesterday.

"More than three-in-four immigrants to the U.S. favored the legislation, as did nearly 60 percent of first-generation and 79 percent of second-generation Americans," the survey from Zogby International found.

Another 67 percent of respondents not born here favored the idea compared with 64 percent of those born in the U.S. Favorable numbers were highest among Hispanics with less than a high school education (73 percent), young adults age 18 to 29 years (70 percent), Republicans (69 percent) and those from Mexico (69 percent).

"Making English our official language celebrates the unifying factor in our diverse nation," said Mauro Mujica, chairman of District-based, 1.8 million-member U.S. English, an activist group seeking to preserve English usage in the government and elsewhere.

"This poll should demonstrate to legislators that their efforts to make English the official language are supported, not derided, by the Hispanic community," Mr. Mujica said.

The survey of 903 Hispanic adults was conducted Nov. 17 to 20, and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Currently, 27 states have adopted laws making English their official language. On a global level, 92 percent of the world's nations have adopted an official language, according to the U.S. Census and the World Almanac. English is the language of choice in 31 of them.

According to new figures released by the Census Bureau last month, 52 million people speak a language other than English at home; 45 percent of them say they speak English "less than very well." Spanish was the most prevalent, spoken by 62 percent; almost half of that population said they were not proficient in English.

The greatest percentage of non-English speakers are in border states, along with Nevada, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Colorado, with the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia ranked 14th, 24th and 25th, respectively, on a Census ranking of non-English speaking states.

Though 160 members of Congress recently supported H.R. 997, the English Language Unity act, which would make English the official national language, local governments are increasingly calling the shots in their own regions. Towns and counties in Maryland, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania and California are among those passing English language referendums. The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners in Georgia votes today on their own measure, which also includes a proposal to fine landlords who rent to illegal aliens.

"As an immigrant to the U.S., I am not surprised by the strong support for official English among Hispanics," said Mr. Mujica, who came here from Chile in 1965.
"The majority of immigrants understand that coming to a new country means learning the language of that country. While individuals are free to speak the language of their choice, they cannot expect the government to provide information in every foreign language."

Golly! Imagine that, the majority of immigrants, particularly those of Hispanic origins, think it's a damned good idea to learn the language of their new home country, the United States America - ENGLISH! And so many of them believe English should be legislated as the official language of the United States. One third of the countries with official language have chosen -SURPRISE! - English.

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mudkitty said...

First of all, the majority of "hispanics" don't approve of the word "hispanic", which is a made up word, recently invented, by white people. Latinos prefer the word Latino. Just ask any Latino - that is if you know any well enough to ask.

The Washington Times is now an extreme rightwing hack-rag, since being bought by Sun Young Moon...It's a Moonie cult owned paper...comman knowlage. It's also comman knowledge, that Moon holds himself above Jesus, and has declaired him self an avatar - a god in the flesh on earth. And all his reporters are as rightwing as they come.

Indigo Rose said...

Mudkitty, just a couple of pointers in having a discussion -
1) know your facts
2) if you want to be taken seriously don't come back with an "in your face" argument. This raises a persons ire.
Coming back with a pointed question or a fact based statement would have raised more discussion on the differentiation between Hispanic and Latino. And that discussion would than become an education.

In debate you need statements that are fact based; researched.

May I suggest you read Wikipedia's history of the words Hispanic, Chicano, Latino and Pachuco.

You are partially correct, but I feel (this is an opinion, not a fact as I don't know you) that you have strong feelings on this.
Hispanic is Latin based, which makes it an old word. President Nixon used it as an umbrella word for Spanish speaking peoples in America. The history is quite interesting... as I tell my children, you look it up, you arm yourself with knowledge and you will be the better person for it.

Indigo Red said...

And THAT'S why I say Indigo Rose is the smarter of the two of us.

mudkitty said...

I do know my facts. Wiki is no ultimate authority. I prefer the Oxford Dictionary.

Why is it the Hispanics I know and work with say it's a made up term that Latinos don't accept to describe themselves as it was made up by caucasians?

Skye said...

All this proves is how well you can cut and paste, my little pussy.

I do know my facts. Wiki is no ultimate authority. I prefer the Oxford Dictionary.

Indigo Rose said...

Why do you say "the Hispanics I know" and than be so derisive of others?
Hispanics are Spaniards. Espania....
Nice little write up at
a Puerto Rican publication. After reading this perhaps you can quit the argument that caucasions made up the word.

Dr. LaFarelle states, "In the end it doesn't really matter much what we call ourselves - Latinos or Hispanics
"somos todos primos" - we're all cousins anyway. "

Indigo Red said...

Excellent, Indigo Rose. That's a very enlightening article. Thanks for the find.

Imagine that - Hispanics are folks from Hispania (EspaƱa or Spain) and Latinos are folks from Latium (Rome.)

So, are you autodidactical or self-taught? I think self-taught as you make more sense than the autodidacts I've encountered.