Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam Hussein to be Hanged by the Neck Until Dead, Dead, Dead

Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi dictator, whom the Times Online discribed as a "strongman" as though he were a "body builder, muscle-head at Muscle Beach in Venice, Cailfornia, will be executed, hanged by the neck until he is dead, by the end of January, a senior member of Nouri al-Maliki’s Dawa party predicted today. MP Haider al-Abadi said

I don’t think it will drag on beyond January of next year," said MP Haider al-Abadi, who is a confidant to the Iraqi Prime Minister.
The 69 yr old murdering bastard was sentenced to death Monday in Baghdad. Saddam was found guilty of ordering the massacre of 148 boys amd men in the village of Dujail in 1982 after an assassination attempt on his worthless, wasted life. An automatic appeal of the senrence has been filed and the first trial will be reveiwed for any infairness, breaches of the law, so on and so forth. No one wants to make a mistake and kill an innocent man.

Many in the press still don't have a clue. In the White House pressroom Sunday, November 5, James Taranto writes in Opinion Journal about Tony Snow and the "press gaggle"

Q: Do you think [Saddam's] death really matters, in a country so mired in turmoil?

Snow: What do you mean, does his death really matter?

Q: You know, the death penalty. I mean, wouldn't a guilty verdict have been enough? Does he have to be put to death? And does it really matter in a country like Iraq?

Note the dismissive way the unidentified reporter refers to "a country like Iraq," as if the 27 million people there just aren't worth bothering with. Snow had a good answer:
Well, I'm not going to second-guess the people of Iraq. You might want to keep in mind that this is a guy who's on trial right now for killing, in a separate incident, 180,000 people, and killed hundreds of thousands of his own citizens. And there are people who will forever bear the scars, real and psychological, for the way he brutalized the country over a long period of time.

I think we owe them our respect for having conducted a trial of this sort in an orderly manner, while there were threats of violence throughout on both sides. And the judges are going to be releasing all of the evidence and all the deliberations that led them to this verdict, so that their own process will be completely transparent. I think we ought to respect that.
The media and the world is missing the story here that this has been an Iraqi event totally run and sponsered by Iraq under Iraqi law. For Iraq to mete out domestic justice so soon after the overthrow of the dictatorship of the Hussein Gang, is a major miracle. After the execution of Saddam, the best opportunity to establish a real country again may present itself.

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